5 Profitable Businesses You Can Launch For Cheap or Free

Becoming an entrepreneur or businessperson is something most of us dream. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money we think that would be necessary to venture into business. However, the Internet now makes it possible for almost everyone to launch a profitable online business for cheap or free. Let’s dive into profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free.

Cheap or Free Business?

Of course, there’s nothing that’s really cheap or free business. You’ll definitely be investing a little money on some equipment or stuff and of course, putting your own invaluable efforts. Yet, when you compare these expenses with costs of setting other businesses, these would well qualify as cheap or free. 

Profits or income from these cheap or free businesses can be amazing too. Provided you handle these enterprises with utmost diligence and exert extra efforts. 

If you’re among those millions of people that dream of setting up own profitable businesses for cheap or free, here’s some time-tested and proven ideas.

Profitable Business You Can Launch For Cheap or Free

These profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free need depend a lot upon your skills. And equipment necessary for setting them up would most likely be already at your home. Or you can buy it cheaply. 

Dropshipping Marketplace

Dropshipping is a fairly simple business you can launch cheap or free. You’ll need a website or a marketplace on Facebook, Etsy or Shopify or other eCommerce platforms. These are available at very affordable subscriptions or even free. Setting up an online marketplace on Facebook, Etsy or Shopify is fairly simple.

As dropshipper, you’ll have to tie-up with manufacturers or wholesalers in different countries to supply stuff at very economical rates. You’ll sell this stuff at a higher price, after adding your profits. Whenever you get an order, you’ve to pass it on to the supplier along with the payment. The supplier ships the goods directly to your customer.

You can give these products your own brand. However, you’ll need proper returns and refunds policy if a customer is dissatisfied with the stuff for any reason.


Blogging is yet another profitable business you can launch for free of cheap. You’ll require excellent writing and presentation skills to become a blogger. You can open your own blog by purchasing an excellent domain name and hosting from sites like Godaddy, BlueHost etc. An own website doesn’t cost as much as you’d imagine. Also, acquire some digital marketing skills through free or paid online tutorials.

There are different ways you can make money through blogging. The most common is Google AdSense- a free resource from Google. You can subscribe free to Google AdSense once your blog meets their specifications. Once your subscription is active, Google displays ads on your blog site. Should anyone click on these ads, you get some money.

Affiliate marketing is another way by which blogging fetches your money. Join excellent affiliate marketing programs of Amazon, eBay, and other companies. Whenever anyone buys the product using your affiliate link, the company pays you some commission.

The third way blogging gets money is through paid posts and paid advertisements. Some companies or small businesses can ask you to write their reviews or post their content on your blog. And they’ll pay you for that. You can also accept advertisements for display on your website and charge for the service.

Online Advice Columnist

Do you have that special knack for solving all sorts of problems? Become an online advice columnist. It is one of the most profitable business you can launch online for cheap or even free. In the UK and certain other parts of the world, Online Advice Columnists are also known as Agony Aunts or Agony Uncles. As these terms suggest, they advise people facing various real-life circumstances.

Online advice columnists earn in different ways. You’ll need a good website and provide an excellent write-up of your problem-solving skills for this. People with problems can ask you questions online. And they’ll pay for your answers. Otherwise, you can provide a telephone number and charge per minute for the chat and advice. 

If your skills are really good, a local TV channel, radio station, news website, magazine or newspaper can hire you to write columns. And they’ll pay you for the column you write.

Online Remote Assistance

A lot of people, especially the elderly, require remote assistance to fix their computers and laptops. If you’re adept at fixing software glitches, open an online remote assistance business. You get paid by the hour or per assignment, depending upon the difficulty of the task at hand. 

In any case, this is an excellent business to set up for cheap or free since profits are very high. You can advertise online remote assistance services through social media and other platforms. Or join groups and small firms that outsource the service from experts like you.  There’s a lot of money to be made by opening an online remote assistance business.

Advisory Services

Lawyers, physicians, financial experts, and engineers can open an advisory business online for cheap or free. Online advisory is one of the most profitable businesses you can launch anywhere in the world and especially in USA. People look for legal advice for all sorts of things such as buying a home, creating a will or claiming insurance. And also if they’ve violated any laws.

Similarly, victims of various ailments want advice on best medical consultants they can visit, second opinion about diagnoses and preventive measures for any disease. Financial advisory, as you’ll most likely be aware, is the highest paying. You can promote investment plans for one or more companies and banks and get commissions. You’ll also get paid by the hour by the client who needs your services.

In Conclusion

These five profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free; depending upon how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. These five businesses are also evergreen and aren’t expected to go redundant anytime during the foreseeable future.