5 Various Ways Tesla Has Changed the World

The automotive industry has grown and transformed through the last century. From Ford creating the assembly line to introducing electric cars over a decade ago, the automotive industry continues to reshape and strive for improvement.

However, the one automotive brand that has made extreme efforts to stand out through innovation is Tesla. Here are five various ways that Tesla has changed the world and how it’s still making waves.

Creating Better Electric Cars

Electric cars have existed for over a decade, but Tesla swooped in and took the industry by storm. Its first-ever model, the Tesla Roadster, was its first mass-produced, all-electric car, which could travel more than 200 miles on a single charge.

From there, Tesla created the Tesla Model S, its first electric sedan; the Model 3; the Model X; and so many more. It also created public charging stations with faster charging times, allowing drivers to get back on the road more quickly. Lastly, Tesla vehicles are rated among the highest for safety for drivers as well as for the environment.

Incorporating Solar Energy

Solar energy is considered one of the most abundant energy sources on Earth, and the demand has never been more prevalent. Technology is becoming more affordable and efficient, but the only notable downside is that solar panels aren’t aesthetically pleasing. Thankfully, one of the various ways that Tesla has changed the world is by creating reliable, high-quality, attractive solar panels. Tesla offers multiple styles that help energy-generating devices seamlessly blend into architecture. Tesla also offers a roof made entirely of solar panels for a more eye-catching design.

Creating Job Opportunities

If there’s one thing that society continues to demand, it’s job availability. Luckily, Tesla currently employs hundreds of workers at its Nevada factory and 14,000 others worldwide, and it plans on creating even more jobs. Tesla believes in training its employees in the clean energy industry and sharing its wealth with eager workers.

Releasing Autopilot Features

A vehicle with autopilot features is something every driver dreams of having. With the release of Tesla’s Autopilot feature in 2015, that dream got one step closer to becoming a reality. Tesla vehicles aren’t fully autonomous yet, and the company still advises drivers to remain cautious, but this exciting feature is a breakthrough for drivers everywhere. Many other automotive companies have expressed their interest in rolling out their own semiautonomous and highly autonomous systems.

Providing Visually Pleasing Vehicles

When electric cars rolled out to dealerships, it was no secret that they weren’t the most visually appealing. Even in today’s market, this still rings true for some models, which are often squat, unsightly hatchbacks with unusual design features.

However, Tesla decided to incorporate more pleasing designs for its vehicles. The Model X, for example, is a recognizable luxury car that features a classic sedan look with an emphasis on sleek, futuristic accents. Tesla kept this vehicle looking futuristic without going overboard on design or being tropey.

Tesla has already done so much for the automotive industry, but it is also dipping dip its toes in other fields, including space travel. Keep a close eye on Tesla; you never know what it’s planning to take over next.