6 Reasons Every Cyclist Needs Bike Insurance

If you cycle as a way of exercise, getting to the destinations you need to visit, and as a general way of life, you can probably imagine or maybe even know first-hand just how devastating it can be to have your bicycle stolen or damaged. If you use your bicycle as a main means of transport, it makes sense to protect it financially in the same way that you would protect your car. You can do this by getting bicycle insurance, which is designed to cover you financially if you are involved in a collision, if your bike sustains any damage, or if it is stolen. 

Here are the main reasons why every cyclist should consider bike insurance. 

Easier Damage Repair

Bicycles can often be quite easily damaged. If your bike is damaged through the actions of another person or even by accident if you hit a bump or a pothole in the road, it could be a while before it is repaired and ready for action again. In severe cases of damage, you may even find yourself needing to completely replace your bike, which can be a very expensive venture. Costly damage repair is the last thing that you want holding you back if you use your bike as a main means of transport. Bike insurance means that you don’t have to wait until you can afford to repair or replace your bike – all you need to do is make a claim. 

Protect Against Theft

Bikes are unfortunately quite easy targets for thieves, and bicycle theft is on the rise. Even people who use tracking devices and other anti-theft features will often be lucky to find their bike in the same condition if it is stolen and recovered. Bike insurance from Velosurance provides you with peace of mind around getting your bike replaced quickly if it is stolen. The additional financial stress of replacing your bike is not something that anybody wants after being the victim of this crime. Along with a range of bike insurance policies to suit your needs, Velosurance also offers a lot of handy advice on how to choose a bicycle and more to get you off to the right start. 

Cycling Recovery Service

Knowing how to choose a bicycle that is ideal for your needs will help you avoid problems and breakdowns, but sadly this isn’t completely unavoidable. The good news is that just like many auto insurance companies, bike insurance policies will also often offer an option to add an extra recovery service to their policy, providing you with peace of mind that if you find yourself broken down and unable to ride anywhere, somebody will be there to help you out. Some problems can easily be repaired on the side of the road, or alternative transport can be arranged to help you get to where you need to be. 

Liability Protection

When you’re riding a bicycle, accidents can happen out of nowhere. And no matter how careful you are as a cyclist, there is always the risk that you might end up colliding with somebody or scraping somebody’s property. If you cause damage or harm unintentionally to another while you are riding your bike, you may be held liable for covering the cost. A good bike insurance policy provides you with liability protection to pay out for any damages that you’re required to cover. 

Legal Coverage

If you’ve ever been involved in a road accident either in a car or on your bicycle, you will know that it is not always straightforward to prove who was at fault. This is especially true if there is no hard proof of the event unfolding from traffic cameras or dash-cam footage from drivers. In these cases, cyclists might find themselves caught up in a legal battle to prove that they did not cause the accident they were involved in. It’s definitely worth taking out a good bicycle insurance policy that includes covering the cost of any legal fees that you may incur. Your insurance company will likely work in partnership with experienced lawyers who can take on the case for you. 

Peace of Mind

Finally, even if you’ve been lucky so far and had a relatively easy ride as a cyclist, don’t assume that nothing is going to happen to you. Today, the roads are riskier than ever for cyclists and the chance of being involved in an accident is getting higher. And, with theft on the rise, you can never be certain that your bike is not going to get stolen no matter how many preventative measures you might take. Getting a good bicycle insurance policy that protects you financially against anything that might go wrong while you’re on or off the road is the best way to get complete peace of mind. 

Getting insured when you’re on the road isn’t just important for drivers. If you ride a bicycle, it makes sense to protect yourself financially too.