Top Performing Apps Similar to Embee Meter CX

No question Embee Meter CX is one of the world’s favorite app to make passive income, thanks to its quality working and effortless usage. But what if you are in search of some other apps similar to Embee Meter CX to earn money right from your phone without any investment? Learn about phone farming here.

The solution is right here. Following is a list of some of the highly ranked apps similar to Embee Meter CX.

Panel app

There is almost no difference between the Embee Meter app and Panel app as each works just the same. Available both for iOS and Android, all you have to do is use your phone. There are no requirements other than a stable internet connection, and the GPS should be turned on.

The app doesn’t interfere with anything in your phone either. Instead, it runs silently in the background and tracks and collects information about your location. However, the Panel app’s best thing is that the minimum cash-out rate is only $1. The payments are in the form of gift cards which you can also increase by taking different surveys and inviting other people to the app.


Brave is different, but only as of the source. Instead of having an app running in the background, this time you will be using a web browser to add to your income. Stated, Brave is a relatively simple search engine that allows users to visit websites, blogs, pages, manage web applications, and view content online.

There are no charges to download it, and it can be used on either Android or iOS systems. It doesn’t block ads and is also made to run Google Chrome extensions. Lastly, other than offering better services than other web browsers, Brave also pays you up to 70% for viewing advertisements online. 

Mobile Performance Meter

You won’t be disappointed with this one, not because it is one of the best apps similar to Embee Meter, but also because Embee itself hosts it. The labour includes nothing but letting the app run in the background while you use your phone, scroll social media, or shop online.

Each day will add to your points which in turn will pay you via gift cards. Mobile Performance Meter’s privacy policy is highly strict and doesn’t collect any of your personal data. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that it cannot run on iOS.


Do you like walking? This can include anything from walking your dog in the evening or going to the mall because all Sweatcoin requires is that you lift your feet and take a step. You can also use it as a fitness app that monitors your steps and pays you as well. After each day, your number of steps taken will be converted into ‘sweatcoins’ which you can receive through PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Designed to work both on iOS and Android devices, you can choose the free or paid version as per your ease. The former’s rates are 5 sweatcoins for up to 5000 steps per day, while the latter goes for 10 sweatcoins for 10,000 steps each day.

Microsoft Bing Search app

This is another one of the best apps similar to Embee Meter, you can easily earn a passive income effortlessly with it. However, earning from Bing search app requires a little more than just letting the app do its work in your phone background. And that is to search on the search engine.

This is how it works: you search anything on Bing and get a reward for it (two searches will make up for one credit/reward). These rewards can later be replaced into game vouchers, gift cards, and movie tokens. Available both for Android and iOS devices, you can use it both on your phone and PC, with credit points 10 and 15, respectively.


Here we come to MobileXpression, an app that works just like Embee Meter. In simple words, this app can be defined as a consumer research panel to gather a better picture of users accessing the web and internet connections.

It is free to use and won’t cause you any further charges as well. Also, MobileXpression sometimes encourages its participants to take part in voluntary polls. You can use it on any device, whether iOS or Android. The earning process is the same: you have to engage in MobileXpression’s community, and the active participation will earn you points that you can later exchange for gift cards.


Slidejoy works a little differently, but it also pays more than other apps similar to Embee Meter. The two-way process requires you to download the app on your phone, displaying the most recent news and advertisements on your lock screen.

Just that! You are expected to view the information and get paid in ‘carats’ by simply unlocking your phone to win these points. Also, you can get this app only on the Android system. Lastly, you can also benefit from the referral program Slidejoy offers by recommending the app to other people.


You can call S’more another version of Slidejoy, as it’s working also includes showing advertisements on the lock screen. This can consist of news, polls, videos, and different deals that you will be asked to view to earn money.

In case you are thinking about what to do with these ads, you can unlock the screen and swipe up to make the ad disappear. You will earn 10 points in one day that can be redeemed with gift cards, or get them in monetary form.


Paribus is the kind of app that pays you for free in real terms as it requires nothing but to monitor and analyse deeply your payments, transactions, and departmental outlets for products you purchased that have now dropped in price.

If something like this happens, they immediately give you money for such a discrepancy, excluding a minor charge. However, they haven’t launched an Android version yet, and you can only use it on iOS.