Best Apps for Learning English

Are you looking for best apps for learning English language? There are many websites and applications available for learning English quickly in the current era. You can enhance your English reading, writing, and learning skills easily anywhere at any anytime merely using your mobile phone. There are so many options available. Whether you want to learn English from scratch, or improve your previous skills, below reviewed are the finest apps for you.

These applications enable you to learn English without any need for a mentor. Download any of these on your android or iOS and increase your fluency and learning. Some of these are free to use, whereas some will cost you a tiny amount, but those will be worth it.

Best Apps to learn English

Below are the reviews of some of the best apps for English learning. You can choose any of these according to your level and requirement.

Learn English with Duolingo

With over 300 million downloads worldwide, Duolingo is the most popular English learning application. It is highly recommended, and you can quickly learn English by spending as minimum as 20 minutes per day. It is free to use and compatible with all mobile devices. This app is for easy learning using a wide range of activities.

There are short games based on various topics to learn a maximum of 7 words a day and increase your vocabulary. It also enhances your English abilities by learning new phrases, spellings, and grammar rules. This app keeps track of your daily progress, and you can view your progress report later.

With each progress, you can get some reward in the form of virtual coins. These virtual coins help you to unlock new levels. The Duolingo message boards help you get the answers to your queries from your fellow learners inside the app. Download it from the Google play store on android or the app store in iOS and start learning. 

Duolingo Plus is the paid version of this application that allows its users to save their lessons for viewing offline. This option is not available for free users. Being the most widely used app, it is one of the best apps for English learning.


Preply gives you a classroom experience to learn English with a face-to-face learning experience. This is a paid application. You can use its tutor search feature to choose what you want to learn and pay accordingly.

An online video chat learning option allows its user to have a face-to-face interaction with the mentor. You can choose your tutor, considering various factors like availability, pay rate, and qualification. This app also has options to refund your fees if you are not satisfied with your tutor or change tutor for free.

Once you have signed up for this application, you must test your level and give you an estimated study time for upgrading to a CEFR level. The price is as minimum as 5 dollars per hour and varies by the total time of study and tutor you have chosen.

This app focuses on your English speaking and vocabulary. Users are free to choose their duration time for classes, and you can also schedule them at any time. If you want to cancel a lesson, it is necessary to notify approximately 4 hours ago to get a complete refund.

In preplay, you learn with an actual speaker who highlights your mistakes and gives you instant feedback. The tutor will wait until all the students have completely understood the lesson. Speaking practices are the best way for learning a language, and replay gives you an unlimited opportunity.

Rosetta Stone – Best App to Improve Vocabulary

If you are a pioneer learning English from scratch, Rosetta Stone is here for you. This award-winner English learning application helps you learn English by starting from basics and slowly proceeding to the higher level. Audio lessons are available for the users for improving pronunciation, accent, and listening or understanding abilities.

A few years back, it was an expensive application out of range for many users, but now the subscription model has paved the way for learning for many users. There are various subscription options like monthly, yearly, twenty-four months, or lifetime subscriptions, and the price varies according to the package you have chosen.

This app helps you learn English in English rather than translating phrases in your native language like an old Turkish practice. You learn the essential words through pictures and then use those words to make a simple sentence. You slowly learn all the grammatical rules and make even longer sentences. You get immersed in the language you are learning and become proficient eventually.

Use Rosetta Stone on your desktop or download the mobile app. There is speech recognition software in this application that helps you improve your accent. You can also play some light games or chat with your fellows to share your learning habits and get some tips to improve them. You have to be committed to learning to get a satisfactory result with this app.

Babbel – Learner App

Babbel helps you to learn your desired language with exciting topics that makes it interesting and understandable. The whole course is divided into lessons of short time duration that save you from getting bored. There are lessons for students of different levels, and you can start with your level of understanding.

You can learn using different practices like speaking, grammar, and learning new words. The flashcard section enables you to memorize new words and sentences. All the practices are well-balanced, making this app best for slow learners. You get realistic conversation practices. The voice input software of babble helps you for making your pronunciation better.

Babbel reminds you of the lessons you have learned and will notify you for revision before you forget them. Topics for learning vary from easy to complex. You can choose any of them according to your interest. You can subscribe to any of its packages of several models like a month, three months, six months, or a year. Choose any of these and start learning today with babble.

Memrise – App for English Learning

This application emphasizes the users’ vocabulary and helps you term a lot of new words daily. It has introduced some new techniques for learning instead of playing games. You can play with words or read some memes for learning and memorizing the words for a long time. Further revision and using those words in your daily conversation helps you remember them permanently.

There is a comprehensive collection of flashcards that you can choose from and start learning at any level. This app is free to use, and the user can also subscribe for some additional features by paying some fee for monthly or yearly subscriptions.

If you have subscribed to the paid features, you can get voice recognition that enables you to practice and improve your pronunciation. There are also videos of the native mentors for the paid users that keep you motivated and learning.

This app is unsuitable if you know nothing about English and want to start learning from scratch. You cannot get fluency by just using this app. It is advised to combine it with other suitable applications for the pioneer users. You can spend as little as 20 minutes a day getting through its lessons and learning new words.

This application also keeps track of what you have learned. So, in case you have forgotten any word or its meaning, you can review it and revise it. This app is highly recommended for easy learning and increasing your vocabulary.

FluentU – Best Learning App for Speaking

FluentU is just like YouTube but for learning a language. There is a wide range of English videos like TV commercials, talk shows, or news along with subtitles in English that helps you to learn English. You see an unfamiliar word in than video; you can tap on it to find its meaning.

All the videos are available at any time, so you can rewatch them as many times as you want to. These videos are divided into various categories, and you can choose any of them according to your requirement. After every video, a quiz pops up that helps you to know your understanding level.

All those words you have learned are available in the form of flashcards for revising later. One major drawback of this app is that it is only available for native Spanish, Korean, and Japanese speakers. It is used by many users worldwide as they find it easy and comprehensive.

This app is a bit expensive because you can also switch to YouTube to watch videos in English and read the subtitles. But the other options available on this app make it much better than YouTube. You get many tips to improve your English by spending a suitable amount. Free trials for two weeks are also available for making the right decision about choosing this app.

Final words – Learning English Language with Apps

Other than the apps reviewed above, there is also a wide range of options available for learning English. Some of these apps help you play simple games, watch videos, flashcards, or various other options. Subscription packages are different for each app, and you can choose any of them according to your need and budget. We have reviewed some of the best apps for English learning in this article; you can download any of the above listed apps. Invest little and start learning and become a master in English language.