Best Budget Laptops for Video Conferencing

In the modern era almost every business is using an online system to interact with customers and other team partners. Video conferencing is now common because of its increased demand in recent years. It keeps you connected with your work as well as family and friends. Video conferencing is now a safer way to communicate with your co-workers.

It not only saves your travelling time but also is the easiest way to complete your tasks like discussions and presentations. It decreases your expenses as you just need a laptop or other electronic device with high quality microphone, speaker and webcam that may be built-in or externally used and a good wi-fi connection. There are some features that are essential for getting a nice video call experience. Let’s look into important features if you are looking for the best budget laptops for video conferencing.

Important Features in The Laptop for Video Conferencing

While buying a laptop keep following specifications in your mind that would provide you an exceptional video calling experience.


Intel processor or a Quad-core processor would be best if you want to have a video conference with-out any fuss. While buying a laptop especially for your business needs look for a high quality processor which will help you not only in completing your work smoothly but also getting a remarkable video calling experience. Powerful processors ensures the smooth working of different applications you are using to get your job done.


In addition to a fast and powerful processor, enough storage is also important. Large storage capacity helps you to save all your data including audios, videos and other heavy work volume. Storage enables you to complete your work and save it efficiently.

During video inferencing, sometimes you have to locally download some applications like zoom and software, store different files and record your video call. You must need large amount of storage for this purpose so that you can accomplish your tasks without any trouble.


RAM is another important feature which is kept in mind while buying a portable computer for getting a smooth video calling experience. Almost 8 GB of RAM is required along with high-quality and powerful processors for processing your data and running and efficient working of different applications and software and saves your time.

It makes navigation through different windows easily so multitasking becomes easy by having adequate RAM. If your laptop has RAM less than 4GB, it is not able to be used for a longer period of time especially when you have to deal with larger files in your daily routine.


Large screen with better resolution makes it easy to have a clear and effective video conferencing. A 13inch display is good enough to go through all your data and read your files and save your eyes from irritation. Large screen enables you to view different windows, use different files at a time to complete multiple tasks in less time.

 High-quality graphics and vivid screens make your data clear to deal with them easily. Large screen has many built-in software and applications needed for your job and entertainment purposes and higher configurations. All these features increase the price of the laptop a bit and make it heavy.

Low weight

Sometimes you have to move with your portable device from one place to another according to your ease of getting good internet signals. A heavy laptop is difficult and exhausting to move, harder and uncomfortable to carry with you every time. Lightweight laptops are easy to carry, during the travelling too.

If you are buying a laptop for video conference or other jobs, consider a laptop which has light weight but all necessary requirements for your job. A light weight laptop usually has a faster and powerful processor than many heavy weight portable devices. While getting a portable device you should make sure that it is lightweight, easy to carry and highly adjustable to fit in small space but fit in all your data.

Video quality

Camera is the most important part of your device for video conferences and enables you to start or participate in a video call. The higher resolution camera provides you a better few of all participants in a video chat and gives you an exceptional work experience.

Always choose a laptop with HD camera which is good but 4k cameras capture minor details giving best video quality.

Audio quality

Zoom, meet and other video conferencing services use a microphone built-in to your laptop to capture your voice. It is important for all participants to listen to your music clearly so microphone’s quality matters. Some high-quality microphones block the background noises too.

Speaker enables us to listen to our team members in a video chat. External devices like headphones can also be used instead of built-in speakers but it is better to use headphones in crowded places to maintain privacy. Make sure the audio system of your device is good enough.

Best laptops for video conferencing

In this article we have reviewed five different laptops that are budget friendly and give you the best video calling experience. These laptops are:

1.       Dell Inspiron

Dell Inspiron is one of the best laptops you can use for excellent video conference experience. Its wide 15.6inch HD view gives you an amazing and clear view of videos and pictures. This laptop comes with 500 GB storage and a 4 GB RAM that enables you to download, record and save video and process all your data.

With its powerful and high speed 3.5 GHz core i7 processor you can use multiple applications simultaneously for your multitasking demands. The processor is reliable even when working with heavy files and programs. You can save your time with this high-speed device.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphic processor clarifies your videos and gives you a bright and vivid screen time. Its integrated microphone and HD webcam are good enough for video calling and reduces the need to buy external devices.

Dell Inspiron is the best choice for working people as well as students because of being inexpensive. It has a light and comfortable design to use and can be adjusted easily. So, you can definitely buy this device to stay connected with your work.


This laptop is budget friendly, easy to use and adjustable and supports high speed internet connection. Its large, anti-glare monitor and high-quality audio, video system helps you a lot.


Screen resolution is not very good on this laptop. Battery does not last for much time So, you have to charge it twice a day for full day use.

2.       Acer Chromebook R 11

For professional purposes, getting a laptop with high quality specifications for video conferences is important. If you want to buy a best portable device for your work that would fit in your tight budget then acer chromebook R11 is there for you.

This incredible laptop has a sleek and stylish design and more than 10 hours long battery life time. It makes it ideal for long time use without worrying about power supply. Charging time of this portable device is less as it just takes 2 to 3 hours to charge fully and can be used for whole day. This makes it easy to use devices online as well as offline.

Responsive touch technology makes it easier to use than using keyboard keys or touch pad. Its flip provides a 360 degrees rotation making it easy to open and move. Keyboard is large enough for comfortable movement of your fingers to type with ease.

This laptop has a play store through which you can easily access many android applications without costing you something. You can download games and play at a higher resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The 12.5 inches large vivid HD display enables you to view your data on a large screen and Intel HD graphics card gives a clear view during video call and saves you from any fuss.

Acer Chromebook R 11 has 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage helping you to download and use large amounts of data. Video call recordings can be saved in it easily to use later. This portable device weights just 2.5 pounds, easy to carry with you and fit in small places. Working at home as well as at offices has become easier with this device.


This laptop comes with touch technology and amazing design. Long battery life and affordable price makes it better than other laptops.


Built-in systems of this device are not very good so usage for a longer time is not possible.

3.       Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface laptop has been a tough competitor to MacBook. This versatile portable gadget comes with higher quality specifications and system making it best for users. Its excellent features enable you to fulfill your video conference completely.

This device is budget friendly and gives you an efficient video calling experience that makes it the best choice for users. You don’t need to spend much money to buy this device for your work or connection with your friends and loved ones. The built-in systems are good enough as you don’t need to buy external appliances for improving the system’s quality.

The latest Intel Core i5-8265U processor is fast and powerful for efficient working of your device. It is also useful for video editing purposes. 8 GB RAM and 512 GB storage capacity is adequate for downloading heavy work volumes including pictures, videos and documents without any trouble of deleting something to add a new one.

A 13.3-inch wide colorful display provides a clear view of videos during video chatting and enables you to work efficiently in less than no time. Built-in webcam and microphone work remarkably giving you the best video and audio quality. Pre Installed window 10 enables the smooth working of all software and programs. If you choose Microsoft surface laptop over others.


Its highly efficient components like webcam, microphone and monitor gives you a reliable working experience. More than 11 hours of battery life and easy to use design ensures the best working time for users.


The powerful specifications of this laptop have increased its price a bit. Type C USB slot is missing making wired connection unavailable for it.

4.       Apple MacBook Air

The stylish design and best quality programs have made Apple MacBook Air the best laptop especially for video calling. Its attractive interior as well exteriors give a modern look and efficient working experience.

The latest 8th generation Intel Core i5 along with intel UHD Graphics 617 works efficiently giving you fast and best quality work output. All the programs and applications give incredibly fast performance of your device.

It has 8 GB of RAM for smooth working of your device. The built-in 256GB storage is not much for recording all your videos. You will surely need an external storage device for saving all your data. This laptop is understood as the GBU with the CPU.

High quality display and graphics of MacBook would never disappoint you. the 13.3-inch Retina display is good for a comfortable and easy view. Use the maximum brightness level to prevent eyesight problems.

It weighs only 2.75 pound making it lightweight and easy to carry. Battery lasts up to 12 hours which is amazing.


This laptop has incredible retina display, best quality of audios and videos, powerful processor performance and amazing battery life.


This laptop is much more expensive than others in the list.

5.       Microsoft surface pro-6

It is one of the most used laptops for best quality video conferencing. The amazing specification and features are making it popular and increasing its demand day by day. 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage is enough for saving your audios, videos and other heavy work volumes. Its processor and memory provide you a better long-term experience.

The Microsoft surface pro 6 comes with a 12.3 inches LED display and higher 2736 x 1824 resolution that helps you to view and edit your data efficiently. The 13.5 hours long battery life helps you to work for a longer time. Stay connected with your work and family with this amazing device.


Microsoft surface pro is easy to carry and easy to use.


It is a bit expensive.


In this article we have reviewed different laptops with amazing features needed for video conference and other job requirements. Buy the one that fits in your budget and has all your required specifications. Getting a laptop mentioned in the list would never let you down.