Detailed Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

When people hear about Passive income and what it means, they make a perception that it will  earn them money without even doing work for it. That’s not exactly the case. Passive income will earn you good amount of money but you will have to work for it in the start. Passive income actually means to earn money through some idea, product or any strategy and have to put in a little work to it and then you can start earning on it even when you are not doing anything for it. There are a lot of different ideas to earn money through passive income  and since passive income is a really vast topic with a lot of options to pursue, here Passive Income ideas for beginners will be discussed which will prove to be good to kick start your career in Passive Income.

How to Choose Which “Passive Income Ideas for Beginners” is Best for You?

To choose what’s best for you and what are the best passive income ideas for Beginners, you need to first analyze your likes and interests and then see what options are available around which would require your interests. It’s usually recommended to choose some of options rather than just one and start working on it except just one because then you can know which one is actually really useful and by which means you are earning more and after that you can keep your focus on that particular one and start earning some real amount of money on that one.  Having multiple approaches has helped a lot of beginners and will surely help many others provided one has keen eyes for observing with scrutiny and the thrill to get things done with prioritization.

Following are the passive income ideas for beginners which if applied correctly give fruitful results:

1. Give off things or spaces for rent

Giving your extra things or spaces such as your garage which could turn useful for many purposes or an extra room or some kind of equipment or gadget that you have or you can simply rent out your car as there are a lot of services available today that would require your car for a lot of different purposes. You can look around and see a lot of things around you that you do not use often but will be very useful for others who are looking to get those things on rent. You just have to have the keen eye required for this business. This option for passive income is one of the best passive income ideas for beginners, as it requires no complexities and prior availability of money and you can start earning right away without any heavy investments. It prevents you from having to go through the troublesome workup of estimating the investments and benefits that one has to do before starting any setup in this time of era.

2. Starting your own blog

You can start your very own blog and post content on it according to your interests and motives that would surely help others. One very interesting thing with this idea is this you could relate to the audience on their personal level and once they feel connected with you ,you realize you have true audience that appreciates your content. The more the traffic you get on your blog, the more chances of earning a large amount of money on it. This one of the passive income ideas for beginners is usually preferred by many because it involves minimal amount of risk of money and consistent effort can prove to be of great value. The main point which needs to be kept in mind while starting the blog is to check whether the content you are working on is being done by other people or not because the less the competition the better it is. Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the authentication of the work that is being done, if the audience feels like it is taken from or inspired from another source they could easily lose their interests and once that is done its very difficult to regain their trust. If you are doing writing a blog on different products then linking it to Amazon would get you more market income. Monetizing your blog can give you a good opportunity to earn money Google Adsense. 

get paid to write online - passive income ideas

3. Writing your own e-book

Everyone is good at something. Be it related to some subject like science or math or be it related to your abilities of art and craft and knitting and stuff. No matter what, you can always write it down in a book and publish it on your own to reach a larger number of audience.

There are options like Amazon Kindle Direct Publish which lets you publish your own book so that you can use expertise and reach a larger number of audience. Or you can publish it to your own audience or release it on your own website. This one of the passive income ideas for beginners requires a bit of your time and effort but once you are done it pays off really good and you can keep earning on it afterwards. Publishing a book is a long term commitment, make sure you really have that kind of dedication and passion.

4. Making your own Online course

If the area where you have the most experience in requires a breakdown then making an online course on it would be a better option. There are websites which let you upload your work so that others can benefit from it while you earn from it. These websites include skillshare, Teachable, etc.

If you have any area of expertise than this would be one of the most useful passive income ideas for beginners.

It is basically for those professors and teachers in schools and colleges who have mastered their lectures and knows what they are teaching the students and have all kinds of knowledge that is necessary for that particular subject. So if you are a college or school professor and you are looking for something to do in your off time then this option is the best one for you because you can start earning on what you already do and on what you have complete knowledge on. 

5. Selling your photos online to websites

There are stock photography sites which buys your photos and gives you a handsome amount of money for it. You do not have to be a professional for it. Just your normal pictures from your phone would be good to go. A camera is a plus as it will earn way more money than the normal one. As this is one of the passive income ideas for beginners, you do not have to be a professional photographer to sell your photos. Even if you have a little  thing for photography then you can absolutely earn through this genius idea.

Sell your photos online

You can sell your stock photos on visual society and it lets you earn 100% of your profits through that photo unlike other websites that keeps some of your money with themselves. This is a better option for the photographers because it gives them a chance to choose their own price for the photos and it even lets you print your photos on canvas, photobooks and even or things like shirts, phone covers and mugs.

photography passive income ideas for beginners

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What is Blind Shipping – All You Need To Know About It

What is blind shipping

In 2019, the e-commerce industry is slowly picking up the pace. In this type of economic weather business models like blind shipping and drop shipping sound more appealing to entrepreneurs.

Among the two, blind shipping is a hot topic in the trading community. With the increase in international trading, business models like blind shipping are an ideal choice for many. Blind shipping simplifies the shipping process and also maintains the anonymity of the parties involved.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole trading space is extremely complicated. I don’t blame you if you feel a little lost. The process may be new and difficult to understand, but it’s nothing you can’t wrap your head around. Let’s dive in and start at the basics.

What is Blind Shipping All About?

So we have already established the fact that the blind shipping industry is growing rapidly. The question is, what is blind shipping? So let’s simplify the concept a little. The term blind shipping refers to the fact that the parties involved are not aware of who the shipper or the receiver is. This means that they are blind to the people involved in the process other than themselves. It can also be described in a manner that the customer is unaware regarding where is the shipment is really coming from. He will receive it as the seller sent it, but in real seller is using a company to blind ship the product to his customer.

So where is blind shipping most effective and why do sellers prefer it? The answer lies in the fact that in blind shipping, the hassle and grunt work is minimized. This is an obvious plus point for most of the sellers who do not wish to deal with the grunt work that comes with directly shipping the goods to the customer. The “grunt work”  is dealing with warehouses and stocks. In addition to that, they have to deal with additional distribution channels. Most sellers would prefer to avoid that if they could. The good news is, through blind shipping, they can!

Most importantly seller does not need to invest in the stock, so his risk is minimized. He will just be concentrating on the marketing aspect, to increase the sales.

Blind shipping is also helpful in concealing the involvement of a third-party vendor. This is done by replacing the vendor’s information with the seller’s information. What this does is that now the buyer knows the product came from the seller, and not the vendor. Through numerous tips and tricks, the end goal is always to maintain anonymity.

The blind shipment method could be referred to as a “blind date” but in a business setting.

How Blind Shipment Works

As mentioned before blind shipping is preferred to minimize the cost and grunt work that goes into completing the shipments. In fact, most sellers prefer blind shipping because of its simplified process and the lower cost value associated with it. To make the process clear here is a little example.

Let’s assume that we have company A which is based in the USA. Company A is the manufacturer, offering blind shipping in this scenario. It will be manufacturing a product that will be sold to others. Now we assume that there is a seller A who is based in Ireland. This seller is going to buy the aforementioned product from company A and further sell it someplace else. This leads us towards customer A who is based in Russia. This customer is going to buy the product from the seller A. The same product which was initially manufactured by company A.

In this scenario, the seller A is the one utilizing the blind shipping method. The seller buys the product from the manufacturer and sells it to the customer A. So each of the party involved benefits here. Company who’s offering blind shipping, does not have to worry about selling to customers directly, It will be done by sellers. Sellers don’t have to maintain stock, and their customers receive the product as if seller sent it. Customer will have the product which he wanted to purchase. So it is a win-win for all the parties.

This method also conceals the identity of the manufacturing company A. If the customer finds out the company A he will not buy the product from seller A. The customer will now be getting the same product at a lower price than before. This will effect seller A’s livelihood. At the same time, the vendor/customer will be benefiting from this. This way you can understand how the process works and the damage caused once the anonymity is breached.

To summarize how blind shipping works; all you need is a website, it will have products from your vendor, who’s offering blind shipment. You will advertise those products, generate some sales. When a product is sold, you will send the details of your customer to your vendor, and he will send it as if you(the seller) sent it. Seller will have his own prices, more than what he’s getting the product for, of course. That margin will be seller’s profit.

Pros of Blind Shipping

One of the most obvious pros, which you might have already realized by now, is efficiency. Blind shipping is cost and time efficient. This method will make you save time and money as the distribution channels and the grunt work is minimized. Most seller prefer this because this method does not require any sort of inventory and warehouse. This allows the business owner to solely worry about the marketing aspect of the business. Focusing on search engine optimization and online advertisement becomes easier when the work load is distributed. Once the responsibility is off of only one person’s shoulders the process becomes easier to manage. Now, the shipping aspect is controlled by some company and the marketing is done by you. Hence, things are easier to manage.

Along with these pros, there is one that no other method provides. This is the anonymity of the third party vendors/manufacturer involved.  The information of the manufacturer is concealed by the seller’s information. The makes the customer remain unaware of the origin of the product.

The blind shipping method comes with a number of pros but just like any other method, it is not perfect. So let’s look at some of the cons.

Cons of Blind Shipping

The whole shipping industry is fairly complicated. Despite the numerous pros offered by this blind shipping method, it has its flaws. Let’s talk about some conditions where this method does not perform as well as it should. Usually, the documentation for blind shipping is carried out through email. This is done to prevent and atone for any mistakes that might occur along the way. The most common mistake is the usage of an incorrect bill of lading.

What is a bill of lading, you might ask? Well, it is basically a legally binding document that will help in reassuring the parties involved in the process that they will process the delivery correctly. In each contract almost two bill of lading are required. Both of these bill of ladings will be prepaid. The bill of lading or BOL for short holds a lot of importance.

Failing to use the blind bill of lading can compromise the efficiency of the blind shipping method. Maintaining the anonymity of the parties involved is a plus point for blind shipping. If the final bill of lading is not switched, it can compromise the anonymity of the parties involved.

Most of the time the people dealing with blind shipment state that if something goes wrong they will not be held responsible. When cases like these do occur the routing mistakes are not handled by the people dealing with the shipment. This is why the most prominent con of dealing with blind shipping is the fact that the people involved have no control over the process. If not managed properly the product packaging and the time needed for the delivery is compromised. Such blunders are bound to affect the business of the people involved. These mistakes, however severe, can be managed and prevented by being careful.

Not having to invest in the stock is an advantage, but at the same time it comes under disadvantage as well. As you will be unaware of the quality of the product. And at times product will be out of stock, that can hurt your sales and credibility.

Risks Factors That Comes With Blind Shipping

We have talked about the pros and cons associated with blind shipping. It important to address that although this method comes with a few cons, they are still preventable. The blind shipping method comes with its fair share of pros, so the cons should not stop you from adopting this method.

The good news is, there is a legal method to prevent or manage any mistakes. This can be done via a letter of credit. Letter of credit? Yes! It is basically an agreement between the banks of the parties involved. Once the banks get involved almost is everything is set in stone. No one can go back on their word and if they do, there are consequences. The agreement being that the payment will be fulfilled once the task is completed successfully.

What this does is that the parties can remain anonymous and banks will act as a mediator to secure the payment.  Dealing in an e-commerce ecosystem makes one prone to getting invovled in financial scams. Blind shipment can come with some financial risks if one does not know what they are getting themselves into. It is always better to know ways that can act as a safety net in time of crisis. In this case, definitely look into getting a letter of credit. Dealing in an e-commerce ecosystem makes one prone to getting involved in financial scams.

Drop Shipping And Blind Shipping – Are They the Same Thing?

If you are here reading this article, you are probably familiar with drop shipping. Blind shipping is basically a branch of the whole drop shipping shenanigan. The question is if blinding shipping different from drop shipping. Well, yes…and no. The concept behind both is pretty similar but they are still different than each other. Let’s weigh out the similarities first. Well for starters they both do not need a warehouse for storage of products. The person managing the business does not have to deal with managing the orders etc. Along with this in almost both of them, the third party company deals with most of the technical processes.

Now let’s move towards the differences. In drop shipping, the address and name of the warehouse or the distributor are mentioned on the associated documents. On the other hand, in blind shipping, the address, and name of the warehouse or the distributor are kept anonymous for maintaining anonymity. This is the only thing that differentiates the two. This is also one of the most obvious reason for why one is favored over the other.

Start Blind Shipping Today

There are many platforms that provide blind shipping services. The most notorious and successful of them all is Evereadyexpress. Evereadyexpress is by far one of the only reliable blind shipping platforms. The platform is easily accessible to all. Along with this, it requires a minimal fee to kickstart the process. The services provided will allow you to have maximum anonymity. You will remain anonymous throughout the whole process. For extra security, you can also track the shipment. What else could you ask for? The other one in the list is AliExpress.

 It is essential to carefully choose the platform you are collaborating with. Putting your trust blindly into a company that deals with blind shipping is never a good idea (pun intended). Do your research and choose wisely.

Blind shipping is an excellent opportunity for those who are dealing with inventory and branding issues. With the help of platforms like evereadyexpress and aliexpress, you have no excuse to procrastinate and think about the resources you lack. So pick up your e-commerce game and start blind shipping. If you have any more ideas to add to this subject then comment down below and help others out.

How To Make Money With Art Skills

how to make money with art skills

It is a common misconception that pursuing a creative field can never get you a stable job and that you will have a hard time making money with art skills.

“There is no scope in arts”

“What are you going to do with an arts degree?”

If you are an artist or studying to be an artist then it is common to have heard these and similar phrases from people around you. You aren’t alone.

The truth is that real artists don’t starve. Art is an extremely vast and exciting field with a variety of routes to pursue.

Allow me to walk you through a few methods through which you can make money with art skills. These methods can be used by both beginners and professionals who wish to make a few bucks without breaking a sweat. You are probably already aware of some of these methods; some you might even be practicing but I hope that you walk away learning something new about how to make money with art skills.

Sell Your Art Online

How do artists make money? That’s a no brainer, by selling their art of course! The most effective way to make money with art skills is through the digital medium. An artist can sell their art digitally in more than one way. Some of these methods offered by the digital medium will help you make a passive income through only one art piece. Interested? Let’s start.

The first method that comes to mind is selling art by yourself. As easy as it sounds, it is quite hard if you have never done it before. It is always advisable to gain some extra experience before you delve into handling things by yourself.

Selling prints on websites is the easiest way to get started. Most artists that illustrate or paint can make use of the digital medium by selling prints of their artwork. This method is also cost-friendly from a consumer point of view. Buying an original irreplaceable art piece is costly as the artist has only one piece to sell and the laws of supply and demand are at work. Buying a print, on the other hand, is not as costly and relatively affordable.

Print on Demand

There are numerous websites that allow you to make money with art skills. Selling online prints but the most popular of them all is RedBubble. You can upload your artwork on RedBubble and people can buy the printed form of that artwork.

 So where does the money come in? Well, RedBubble offers a base price for each available print and the artist decides the markup price. The markup price is what the artist gets each time their print makes a sale. The website handles all the boring and technical stuff like managing orders and shipping. The artist just gets to enjoy their time and create art. What else could you ask for !? Of course, sharing the price sounds rough but trust me it’s worth it!

When you are just starting out all of the technical stuff that goes into managing a startup can literally suck the life out of you. The process can wear you out quicker than you think. You might catch yourself thinking, “this isn’t what I signed up for”. This is why such sites can help you focus on honing your craft instead of worrying about the business. Below are a few other websites similar to RedBubble. Be sure to understand the rules and regulations of each one beforehand​,,

Stock Art

You can make money with art skills by selling stock art. By far the easiest method I’d say. Stock art is professionally photographed pictures of landmarks, sceneries, objects or people used for commercial purposes. These images can be sold online and each time someone buys your image, you get money straight into your pocket.

It is not only photographers that can use this method to make some coin but  Graphic designers too. Graphic designers can sell images, artwork, vector designs and more. Although the profit is slow, it is better than nothing. Most stock artists sell their art on a variety of different websites. The most popular websites are iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and pixabay. Posting your artwork on these websites is like making an investment. It is only going to make you money. It will hardly ever cost you anything.

 A stock artist does not have to deal with questions regarding their art or any of the bargaining sessions. The artist can upload his or her photography, illustrations, vector art and logo designs on these websites and become carefree from that point onwards. You can make money with art skills by selling stock art.

Commissioned Artwork

Artists can make money with art skills and make commissioned artwork. Commissioned artwork is art made on a request. The artist will create the requested art piece for their client. The client can be a private individual or organization. Most artists can sell their art by taking commissions through their website. Creating your own website is possibly the best step you can take in your career as an artist. This allows you to tell the world that your art is unique and branded. Branded art is on a whole other level as compared to the other art available.

 Making a website business work is requires extreme levels of patience. Business might be slow in the beginning but once you are all set up, the business will be booming in no time. Most artists who don’t own a website of their own make money with their art skills through taking commissions by e-mail and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In 2019, the number of Instagram based artists are growing and most consumers also prefer their dealings this way.

how to make money with art skills

Offering freelance services

Freelancing is a great method to make money with art skills. Freelance gigs can allow you to make some instant coin in no time. Freelancing artists sell commissioned art on request as well. These freelancing sites are filled with a skilled professional in design and art. You can find almost every skill available for sale here.

Numerous design tutors, strategists, and marketers offer their services here. It’s a great way to kick off your business without a personal website. Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr are amazing to gain a presence in the community. This is why when you get around to making your own website and business you will already have recognition among clients.

Selling Digital Art Products

If you would like a more art oriented platform to sell your art then CreativeMarket might be right up your alley. This website has every type of theme, templates, and fonts you can imagine. The artist gets seventy percent of the total profit made from their art. Sweet deal, if you ask me!

Creative Market is the consumer’s first choice to go to if they need all things creative. Creative Market has a remarkable market momentum and is one of the most preferred websites for artists and art consumers alike. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are other great options for you to explore as well. Making money with art skills was never this easy before.  the digital medium has opened a lot of opportunities.

Teach an Online Course

Not everyone is meant for selling art the traditional way and if you feel that teaching is your calling, you may want to consider teaching online classes as a way to make money with art skills. Most people who find teaching in-person nerve-wracking opt for this. Many beginner artists seek out knowledgeable teachers in the art community. Even if they are not a beginner, even professionals need to polish up their skills from time to time.

Most mature artists seek out a secure way to make with their art skills while at the same time enjoy their job. Creating online courses on websites can help you make money with art skills. These courses are a one-time investment for both the artist and the consumer. Since these courses are digital the consumer saves some money on travel and tuition. On top of this, the consumer can learn and be productive in the comfort of their own homes. Digital courses can cater to more people, in turn, bringing in more customers.

There are platforms to help you get started on your mentoring journey.,, Udemy, Teachable and, Academy of Mine are some great websites to name a few.

Start a Blog and Become an affiliate

Blogging! Yes, blogging is one of the best ways to make money with art skills. Blogging is a great method to accumulate an audience and build a following. This is all good but…how does one make money from this? There are more than one ways to make money through blogging. Since having a blog means you have a dedicated audience, your sales are bound to increase as the years go by. If you become a favorite of many then let the “word of the mouth” do the trick. If people like you they will talk about you on social media and try to help you out by giving you shoutouts.

 Affiliate marketing is becoming popular nowadays as well. Hmm? you don’t know what that is? It is basically where you sell other people’s products on your blog which has an increased following, and they give you some share from the sales you help them make. There are places you can go wrong with affiliate marketing.

It is wise to do your proper research regarding the product you are promoting. Most influencers get in trouble for promoting scams without realizing. Affiliate marketing makes you make money with art skills reputation and you barely have to do anything. Your audience and good reputation do all the work for you.

Hold a workshop

Following up on the teaching niche we have educational workshops. If you are one of those people who enjoy teaching in-person, then this is for you. Some people think that online courses are better than workshops, but hear me out. Some teachers perform well when they get in-person feedback and engagement from their students. Some beginner artists also feel like workshops are more effective than online courses for them. So the sentiment of online courses being better than workshops is eliminated here as there is an equally large audience for both.

Hosting a workshop is a great method to make money with art skills. Most calligraphers and hand letterers are popular with hosting workshops. You can offer a workshop for any skill you have mastered. There is bound to be an audience out there for you. If done correctly, workshops can earn you a lot of profit. Making money with art skills gets easier once you know your way around how the system works.

Final thoughts on How to make money with art skills

It is getting harder to keep up with the economic climate of our world in this day and age. Most people are striving to achieve stability in their respective fields. Most generations right now, specifically the millennials and the X generation, are trying to find stability in fields they truly enjoy. Many people think that in order to achieve financial stability one must kill their ambition of doing something they enjoy. This sentiment is evolving slightly as even the consumers are becoming non-conformists and support those who are of the same views.

 Keep in mind that the world is your oyster and people are willing to spend on things that provide value to them. If there is something you can share to the world, then what are you waiting for. DO IT! If there are any more ideas for how to make money with art skills then drop them down in the comments below. Help others out.

How To Prioritize Quality In Digital Marketing

how to prioritize quality in digital marketing

Digital marketing is now more important than ever before, with modern businesses finding it necessary to take to the web in order to drum up any positive buzz for their business. Despite the increased relevance of digital marketing in the modern world, however, many advertising gurus and aspiring marketing professionals are focusing too much on the scalability of their efforts and not enough on prioritizing quality. Producing lackluster marketing content is the best way to ensure your investment is totally wasted, so it’s worthwhile to review the steps necessary to churn out great content.

Here’s how to prioritize quality in digital marketing, and what you’ll need to do to avoid cutting costs where it most matters.

It’s all about content, content, content

First and foremost, it must be established that the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is the quality of the content in question. It doesn’t matter how many millions of impressions you generate or the amount of clicks you foster over time if the people being exposed to your marketing efforts aren’t finding them engaging, interesting, and worthy of their time and attention. As a matter of fact, overexposing your target audience to shoddy content is a surefire way to push them away from your brand and into the open arms of your competitors.

It’s thus worthwhile to ask yourself how you can go about producing the best content possible without bankrupting your business. Content wizards demand steep salaries, for instance, and it’s simply logic that dictates talented employees won’t come cheap. What you need to realize is that investing in your team pays off in the long-run, and that building your dream team is a process that can’t be rushed or streamlined to be as cost-effective as possible. Invest heavily in talent acquisition if you’re focused on prioritizing quality in your digital marketing, as cutting costs when it comes to getting good employees is a straight path to bankruptcy.

Coming up with a robust quality assurance strategy for web application development is also a necessary part of ensuring that your digital marketing firm will endure for years to come in an otherwise deeply competitive industry. You need to come up with a streamlined yet comprehensive way of determining if your marketing efforts are going somewhere, which may require the temporary hiring of a third party auditor to analyze your operations to determine their effectiveness. If your team doesn’t yet have a robust QA strategy, ready about why quality assurance is a necessary part of delivering positive marketing results to your clients.

Go deep instead of going broad

When it comes to creating content that will generate a buzz amongst users, you need to focus on going deep instead of going broad. What this means is generating amusing content that narrowly targets a small swathe of users instead of trying to generate a marketing campaign that will appease everyone, everywhere. If you try to appeal to too many consumers at once, the only thing you’ll achieve is turning off many different customer groups at once while failing to really appeal to any one of them as individuals.

In order to do this effectively, you must learn how to target a narrow digital audience and collect useful information from those who are the recipients of your marketing messages. Knowing how to define your target audience is often the first step of success in digital marketing efforts, so be sure to invest plenty of time, money, and creative energy in ironing out who you’ll be targeting and what the most effective means of reaching that demographic are. Finally, understand that throughout this entire process you need a hands-on approach from your leaders that enables you to closely manage your marketing efforts to ensure the best results possible.

You need to take responsibility for your marketing efforts as a team leader, which means fessing up when things don’t work and figuring out why the plan went wrong, even if it’s embarrassing or expensive. Prioritizing quality also means that you must sometimes learn when to step back and allow others to dictate the creative direction of the campaign, especially if management is your strong suit instead of creative marketing. Let your talented employees flourish and move in the direction they see as the most fitting rather than breathing over their necks, and your quality will be going up in no time.

Prioritizing quality isn’t easy, largely because it takes immense amounts of time, effort, and above all cash. Your business must be ready to spend the necessary amount of money on hiring the best and brightest workers around, as having a lackluster team ensures your quality will never sparkle. Similarly, expensive market research is sometimes a worthwhile investment when it elucidates your target audience. Keep these tips in mind, and the quality of your digital marketing will soon be skyrocketing.

How to Start a Lunch Delivery Business from Home?

how to start a food delivery service from home

Are you looking for better entrepreneurial ideas to start a business? Do you consider less hectic and more profitable business? Then how about considering a lunch delivery service from home? If you want to know how to start a lunch delivery business from home with no experience and little money, we have a complete solution guide for you. The idea embedded with delivery service is of food business which is not new but you can make it more innovative by implementing a better and profitable concept. The business is evolving with time because there are many business models that deliver grocery to homes, variations of meal kit are available right at your doorstep and even midnight food deals are also delivered.

Lunch delivery business from home can be further expanded to delivering the food to various offices, part-time job workers, and meetings, taking orders for birthdays, parties, corporate meetings or even to restaurants. Yes, we understand the consequences when an employee had to deal with the hassle to get lunch from any restaurant during the working hours. The professionals who deliver homemade food can overcome the problem and seize the amazing opportunity.

Indeed, you will definitely earn from a good food business. All you need is to implement the best model idea and get a clear understanding of dynamics and market. Make sure to add delicious food meals and combo meals to the list because yummy food for taste buds releases special enzymes and helps people to relax and make them feel stress-free.

Read the innovative business model to get in the chord.  The complete breakdown of a guide will surely help you to consider all the basic requirements on how to start a lunch delivery service from home?

Business Concept for food delivering service

Why consider a lunch delivery business from home?

start a food delivery service from home

Yes, starting any business is challenging but lunch delivery service from home comprises of little challenges but the associated food business market is definitely wide. This business involves making food for various types of customers. Thus, food and delivery service involve many common values that are similar to restaurants who offer home delivery service includes healthy food, conservation, hygiene, time limit, and sustainability.

Considering a food business along with delivery service is good. The new and tasty added meal items is surely a great idea because there are many companies, offices, canteens, outlets or corporate or family gatherings who prefer to get the food made on order despite ordering from restaurants. This assists to reach out to every client who usually does not get time to arrange hefty meals or going to an eatery.

You have to accept that every business had to face some challenges but the risk or calculated profitable venture depends on the financial status. Only you can choose to be a great entrepreneur or can start the service at small scale or dealing with famous restaurants by covering large scale assignments. Thus before launching any business, it is paramount to do your homework with economic or cost analysis, market research and doing the feasibility test.

Enjoy homemade food during lunch times

Any person who enjoys baking or cooking wants to adopt it as a profession and starting a business with homemade food is definitely a healthy and reliable choice. The food demands great knowledge, good research and a dynamic plan to start. Thus you will definitely need license, permits, good marketing strategy and inspection before any sale. Following are the important things to consider before delivering homemade food.

Niche selection

It is important to select the food you can make at home. Select the food and choose the criteria on how to sell it. You will find a variety of food options that include meal delivery to offices, schools or other corporate business, catering service, and baked food items. Now focus on niche markets such as new moms, working moms, local shops or cafes, stores, baked food items or catering service for weddings, local parties, meetings or other.

Allowed food items

If you want to register the food business from home, the following are the food products that are allowed to be used

  • Homemade candy that can be toffee, chocolate or nut brittle
  • Uncoated or coated nuts
  • Fruit Butters
  • Fruit Pies
  • Canned jellies and jams
  • Baked items such as cookies, pastries, cakes, and bread
  • Cucumber pickles
  • Dry Mixes
  • Vinegar
  • Roasted coffee and dried tea
  • Herb mixes and dried herbs
  • Mustard
  • Popcorn or related popcorn snacks
  • Dehydrated vegetables and fruits such as dried beans
  • Unroasted nut butter
  • Granola or related cereal

Deal with permits

While doing business market research, you will get to know about the local zoning rules that permit the citizen to sell homemade food from home. Otherwise, you need to rent out commercial space for cooking. It is important that all of the facilities are clean.

Market research

Doing your homework by conducting market research is a wise decision. Look for the home food delivering service or any related industry that is competitive. Check the business events especially arranged by small business development that will provide an open opportunity for the local food industry to see and determine the work. Otherwise, it is best to ask your friends or family members to use the service and leave reviews to get helpful feedback.

Business liability

Business liability is the paramount concern especially when it comes to an eatery. Public will be eating the food you cook in the home kitchen, so you have to take the complete responsibility or must liability insurance in your defense if anyone gets in sickening condition after eating a meal. It is good to interview customer of all age along with their families to deal with the potential eating or hygiene problems. It is best to keep the details regarding dietary restrictions or any type of food allergies.

Lunch delivery business from home

Major concerns to start a lunch delivery Business from Home

The homemade lunch delivery service can only be regulated in a state or locally. This means this business is restrained to a local area or confined because of state zoning but the law and regulations surely matter. We have gathered the major concerns you must need to look upon before starting the business.

Business plan

The business plan will assist you to take a rough idea for lunch delivery service and helps in accomplishing it. A good business plan even lets you estimate all the finances and convince the investors about the business strategy. Writing a business plan is tough, so you can take help online.

Business plan template for food delivering service

Do it legally

Yes, preparing food to get it delivered is a legal matter and you will surely use your private home kitchen to prepare food or meals on demand. While in many states, food prepared in a home or private kitchens for public consumption is delimited. According to the law, or health care departments, business entrepreneurs must use a commercial kitchen to prepare food. So, if the law applies to your state, you need to rent out the commercial kitchen which will affect your pricing strategy.


For lunch delivery business and food preparation, it is important to have general business and food vending license. The license will vary according to the locality and you will need a permit to handle and distribute food as well. For information about license, permits and food inspections, contact the local department or health department.


Yes, when it comes to food hygiene and sanitation process is important even the food storage method must also be considered but the chances that someone will get sick after taking your meal is surely possible. So in order to protect the assets, it is best to meet an agent for insurance to secure all the liabilities.

Business organization

It is wise to hire an experienced or professional attorney to guide you with a good business structure. If you somehow want to incorporate the lunch delivery service business, an experienced attorney will assist you to stay safe and protect you if anyone takes legal action against the business.

Find a lunch delivery business plan template here.

Target market

For lunch delivery service, targeting elderly customers is a wise choice. Do arrange meetings with the elderly parents or check out the places where senior citizens live. The human resource department of your state might help you to find the senior or elderly parents so that you can reach out your services to them.

Supplies and equipment

To implement the business idea, you will definitely need reliable equipment and supplies. One vehicle must be available in the start to make in time deliveries during lunch. However, you can also use your personal vehicle if you have a large order to carry meals, otherwise, it is best to buy a motorbike for quick service. The insulated containers will be required to keep the hot meals hot and will also assist in carrying multiple lunch boxes.

Napkins, packaging materials, condiments, paper towels, sanitation supplies, and disposable utensils will also be required to satisfy the vendors.

Order system

The successful companies have created mobile applications and websites so that customers can place an order but if your setup is not so large, you can take orders personally and keep a record of it. After the success of your setup, it is wise to develop an effective and efficient system for taking orders. Make sure any customer must not feel difficulty to place an order because it will affect the business badly.

Business name ideas

After all the market research, niche or selection of food items, it is now time to choose a good name for your business. Be creative while selecting the name because the name of the business represents the business image. It is best to follow the naming trend and people gets attracted to catchy names.

Reach out the local media

With the advent of technology and advanced social media, the news spread like fire but it is best to reach out to the local media about the business and service you will be providing. Post or print daily any sort of educational message about healthy intake of food items. The knowledgeable or health conscious people will surely get inspired and want to be your customers instantly. So build your customers wisely to be successful in your lunch delivery business.

Do I need a Professional Certification to Start a lunch delivery Service from Home?

Your concern regarding the business on how to start a lunch delivery service from home is relevant but if you do not have any past experience regarding food business or lunchtime delivery service, do not worry because you do not need any sort of special certification or formal training regarding this business. You are allowed to start a lunch delivery service with little business knowledge or informal training regarding delivery or food processes.

Thus, it is a positive point if you own any business relevant certification. It will aid you to conduct the business really well.

What are the Required Legal Documents to Run a Lunch Delivery Business from Home?

Before launching any business, legal documents are a must. Any individual cannot run any business without proper documentation in any state. Following are the essential legal documents you need to file up if you are running lunch delivery service from home legally.

  • Business license
  • Business plan
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Tax ID number/ Taxpayers ID
  • Commercial registration of Vehicle operator
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Legal driver’s license or vehicle operator
  • Assistants must have their assistants license
  • Handlers certificate for drinks and food
  • Ownership proof with ID and vehicle license
  • Health inspection certificate
  • You must have complete proof of drinks and district food manager`s ID card
  • Employee Handbook
  • Insurance policy papers
  • If you are operating online, Terms of Use must be specified
  • Privacy policy especially for online payment method
  • Agreement letters of employment
  • Company bylaws
  • Building or home license
  • Trademark license which is optional
  • Memorandum of understanding

Verdict – Lunch Delivery Business from Home

A complete guideline is provided above on how to start a lunch delivery business from home.  Lunch delivery business is truly a good and reliable business choice especially for one who wants to adopt it as a part-time business. It provides a potential way to earn great money if a business plan is made wisely. With such business, you will prepare food for lunch in mornings and finish the deliveries in just a few hours.

Additional note: Please consult a lawyer before starting lunch delivery business from home, to be sure of the laws in your state.

How Can You Make Millions Dropshipping?

How to make millions dropshipping

Dropshipping has become the perfect e-commerce business model among the money sellers. People tend to make millions dropshipping these days. You can sell products online without worrying too much about owning a warehouse, dealing with inventory or thinking about shipping hassle.

In short, one has to collect items, list them for sale and then send orders to suppliers. Sounds doable and easy, no? It might seem simple and easy but there are many challenges one has to face. However, with the right guidance, it is the best way to make money and establish a business successfully.

By having a direction and using the instruction, one can make millions dropshipping provided one is persistent enough to face the ups and downs that come through the way. People are intrigued as how dropshipping can help to make such a huge amount of income? There are many success stories out there to take inspiration from. Starting with a small initiative to having a fully fledged established business of their own; many people have made a successful career in dropshipping.

Following article discusses about the ways you can use to make millions dropshipping. Moreover, it will also tell you about the tips and tricks, pros and cons and other useful things you should keep in mind before embarking on this journey.

How to make millions dropshipping – A Step-wise Guide

If you are interested in starting a business that will compete with the retail giants, and do so while being on a limited budget, drop shipping is your place to step in your foot and make the maximum use of this new trend in the e-commerce world. While drop shipping doesn’t require a hefty amount to start with, it does require immense hard work and persistent effort to make a name.

Below are the steps you have to follow in order to make millions dropshipping and establishing your own successful business.

 Step 1 – Look for the niche you like

In order to make sure that you do not run out of ideas and your startup is successful, it is of utmost importance that you select a niche you are most keen about. If you are not passionate about your niche, it is highly likely that you will be disappointed soon and get discouraged. It takes a lot of work to successfully create a drop shipping business and it becomes a drag if it is something about that you don’t look forward to.

While trying to select your niche, you must always remember the following points:

Seek attractive profits

when you are running a drop shipping business you should always focus on good marketing strategy and customer acquisition. The amount of work required to sell a cheaper product is the same as that needed for an expensive one, however, it is necessary to look for a niche with high-priced products. This, in turn, will make a better turnover of the income.

Reduce the shipping cost

It is one of the most important factors to take into consideration.  Even though this aspect will be taken care of by a supplier, it is necessary to know that if the shipping cost is high, it acts as a customer repellent. You must look for something that is inexpensive to shop. It is wiser to go for the cheaper option in the beginning. This in turn enables you to offer free shipping to your customers and this way, it will absorb the cost as a business expenses in order to attract more clients and up the bar of sale.

Your products should appeal to impulse buyers with disposable income

It is another important factor to take notice of. When you are trying to generate traffic on your website, it is crucial to expect highest conversion rate because most visitors might never return. Hence so, for this purpose, your product should appeal the impulse buyers. It should trigger them. In return, the ones with financial ability would be able to purchase on spot. This will help you driving the focus of traffic towards you are offering as well as, purchase peak should increase too.

Your product should be searched by people

Make use of Google’s Keyword Planner and Trends to check some common search terms related to your niche. In order to establish well and make millions dropshipping, it is important that your products are highly looked by people. If nobody is looking for it, you are doomed before even taking the start.

Be creative

Make your own brand. Your drop shipping business will flourish well and you will make millions drop shipping if you create your own brand and pass it off as an original statement. It is particularly important to stand out in the crowd. If you are offering the same usual label that is already present around, it is less likely to attract customers.

Be unique with your products

Sell something that is not available already. Pick the items your clients won’t be able to find anywhere down the street. This way, your business will become more attractive to the people.

Step 2 – Do a competition research

It is important to perform a competition research. You must remember that you will be competing with retail giants like Amazon and Walmart. This is exactly where many drop shippers go wrong and lose courage. They usually pick or go for an item that has little to no competition. That is rather a red flag to realize that there is practically NO demand for that product among the customers or potential buyers. The reasons for little to no demand can vary – high shipping cost, high price, out of trend and more. Always select a product that is in competition. It shows it is liked and purchased by people and there is demand for it. Begin with a broad spectrum product. You can add one and/or you can add more than one. While starting, it is important to select something that is broad spectrum and easily identifiable.

Step 3 – Select a supplier

Partnering with a wrong supplier can put your business in shambles. If you have second thoughts about your selected supplier or are facing any kind of issues, it is a sign to go for a newer one and continue your search. In order to flourish enough to make millions drop shipping, you will need to put a lot of efforts at every step. AliExpress has become one of the largest online resources to identify and converse with potential suppliers. Make a lot of queries, learn about their products and be sure about their services to scale with you. A wrong choice made while partnering with a supplier can go a long way. Here’s a list of verified dropshipping suppliers for your ease.

Step 4 – Build your own e-commerce website

Use a sample in order to launch your own drop shipping website for selling your products. You don’t have to be from a tech background to make one; you can easily create yours by using a template. Once you have established and there is an influx of the revenue, you can look into other web customization options. With time, you might be able to hire an expert and renew your site for a better audience attraction, however, you can always start with a simple design and eventually add things up.

Step 5 – Make a customer acquisition plan

Having good products and a great website is not enough. You have to have customers who will consider purchasing from you. How to attract potential buyers is the question? There are several ways for it. Social media is the strongest platform for it and it is necessary to make the most use of it. A face book ad or a campaign always comes in handy. This allows you to generate revenue and sale from the start that can speed up the influx of purchase from your end. Through face book, you can directly put forward the offer to a targeted audience. This helps you to compete with the largest retailers and brands. Search engine optimization and email marketing should be considered too. Set up automated email responses that offer discounts and exciting deals. This is the easiest way to increase the customer response and generate traffic without spending extra.

Step 6 – Think about how to analyze and optimize

You must track the available data and metrics to help your business grow. Once you are able to track how a certain customer landed on your site, you will know what works best for your business growth. Eventually, you will be able to use that channel to expand your horizons and grow. An online drop shipping business is a quick and easy way to sell goods and make money. You can make millions dropshipping once you are established and your business is running. The income and profit will be doubled overtime and you will be able to make a good amount from what you started with a few bucks in hand.

Points to keep in mind while setting up a dropshipping business

a. Be sure about your shipping timings. Customer care should be your priority.
b. Make a refund policy page.
c. Go for unique items to sell.
d. Use high quality photos while putting up the ads and descriptions.
e. Find reliable suppliers.
f. Always get proof of postage.
g. Set reasonable prices.
h. Use effective, low cost marketing strategies. This will help you get the desired audience without spending extra money.

Points to avoid as a beginner

a. Avoid asking your customers to put too much information while ordering. This acts as a friction and repels the customers.
b. Do your best while staging your products. Not presenting your items professionally can negatively impact the traffic on your site. Be clear about the details, quality and prices so it gives a clear picture at the first glance.
c. Don’t run out of stock esp. for those items that seem to be popular among the buyers.
d. Don’t keep ridiculous expectations esp. in the beginning. You always start low and then eventually over a period of time grow big.
e. Give due consideration to help your clients. It is important that they feel facilitated. Only then they will come back to buy from you again.
f. Before finalizing a supplier, consider all the aspects. A supplier acts as an important entity in deciding the future of your business.

start your drop shipping business

Make Millions Dropshipping – Success stories 

There are many success stories of people who have set up flourished business by drop shipping. Young entrepreneurs who started low and slowly flourished in order to build their own stable careers and businesses in e-commerce using the drop shipping business model. You can find many success stories here, of people who have made millions dropshipping. Almost all of them started with minimum amount in hands but with the right strategy and constant struggle, now they have turned their ventures into flourished businesses. So are you ready to make millions dropshipping?

Is dropshipping and blind shipping the same? Read about blind shipping here.

Looking for more ideas on how to make money? Check these:

Legitimate Dropship Companies

Verified list of Free Drop Shipping Wholesalers

Nowadays drop shipping has become one of the most favorite business models by the businesses. It is due to the flexibility of management and low capital investment. You will find a number of legitimate dropship companies in the market. Through drop shipping, the retailer sends the goods directly to the buyer.

 Being in the e-commerce business, it is important that you make sales. One is option to make a selection on your own – either to opt for a wholesaler or select a DIY approach. No matter whichever system you select, it should satisfy the needs of your customers.

This makes drop shipping one of the most effective and workable methods today. The pros are many. One is not supposed to deal with old or unsold stock. One is not supposed to store inventory. This way storage and shipping cost could be saved. One can choose the suppliers by choice. There is no hassle to track down the products since that will be done by the suppliers and site owners. There is no worry to deal with too many suppliers since the wholesalers order products from its warehouse.

People from all over the world can access goods from the internet at a fair price. With the reduced risk of online transactions, a business can now be carried out conveniently and at ease.

Many legitimate dropship companies involved in this business and provide free drop shipping wholesalers’ services. With becoming a trending way, drop shipping also enable the young entrepreneurs to setup their businesses and get established.

How to find legitimate dropship companies?

With the continuous development of e-commerce business, the drop shipping business has fairly risen to its peak. These days legitimate dropship companies are in great demand. As a result, the cross border business has proven to be of great profit.

Finding legitimate dropship companies can be tricky but below are some of the points to keep in mind.

Step 1: Search thoroughly:

As a vendor, you have to thoroughly search before finalizing. There are thousands of legitimate dropship companies out there. However, in order to avoid the scams, you have to surf through the web extensively before making a decision. You can use the targeted keywords as well, to get the desired options. Sometimes, one might get it on the first click while other times, it is not possible even find any option at the hundredth attempt but you get the gist of it. Never choose anyone on the basis of their websites outlook only. Some of the best legitimate dropship companies have 90’s look alike websites. They might not appear pleasant at the first site but they provide the best services.

Step 2: Get an access to the manufacturer:

In order to establish a smooth and successful business, contact the manufacturer directly. This way the role of the middle man is finished. It is helpful in a way that it saves a good bargain that goes to the third party. It also gives a surety about the quality of the products. The manufacturer will also help in giving leads about the possible and trustworthy suppliers.

Step 3: Contact the suppliers:

One of the main steps in finding legitimate dropship companies is contacting the suppliers directly. It helps in building a healthy relationship for the business. In return, your business will flourish. Most of the suppliers facilitate in the best way and provide contacts of the customers as well. This helps in making a final decision and commitment.

Step 4: Ask for the samples:

You can ask for the samples and evaluate them. It is done to make sure that the quality matches your niche.

Step 5: See the trade shows:

Trade shows as a quantum leap for the businesses as one builds connections and network with the manufacturers and suppliers. This in return helps to strengthen the business.

Step 6: Check reviews:

Always check reviews of the free drop shipping wholesalers before going ahead with the decision. You can check them by looking online. They can help you about the credibility and genuineness.

Step 7: Customer care should be considered:

It is important to take customer care into consideration. Good wholesalers always respond to the customers at their earliest. It shows the commitment towards work and proves the authenticity.

Step 8: Look into online B2B marketplaces:

Another sure way to get access to legitimate dropship companies is to look for them on B2B marketplaces. These are certain sites and they can help you in finding a suitable pick. You can select any of your choice from a vast database of suppliers based on your niche. There are various options and it will help you to pick the most suited one. Once you are able to find them, you can send to the point mails addressing your needs.

Step 9: Taking help of online directions:

One of the most effective ways to find legitimate dropship companies is to use the online directions. Directories are convenient because they provide you with a wide array of options to choose from. The directories are databases of suppliers and are loaded with all relevant details like product, niche, location or market. It is a sure way since the information here undergoes various screenings before it is put up. Hence, the wholesalers and companies are legit and could be trusted.

Some of the best & legitimate dropship companies:

Some business starters are eager to find legitimate dropship companies to establish their first impression in the world of drop shipping. It is fairly popular because in drop shipping the seller has an access to a variety of tools that helps in adding large quantities of product on the website where they are sold. This helps in saving time. One is not supposed to use the old marketing strategies for selling the goods. Also, other time consuming retail fulfillment processes can be avoided too.

Following is the list of some of the best legitimate dropship companies.


Chinabrands is one of the best legitimate dropship companies. It is not only offering a wide range of products with competitive price. But also have optimum and the best customer service facility. If you are looking for 100% full category occupation, great variety, best customer service, suitable technical support, no member cost and reasonable price – Chinabrands should be your pick. The process of setup and getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes to create the account. For the emerging entrepreneurs, Chinabrands can be trusted with optimum support offer. Other than that, it doesn’t ask you to make an investment of hefty amount and is a friendly domain to use.


It is one of the best places which are preferred by most online marketers. One is free to source any product on Aliexpress. The suppliers can be chosen on the basis of their ratings. The sign up is free for the new entrepreneurs. It reduces the amount of risk for the establishing businesses. The payment methods are convenient and enable the process smoothly. One can use credit cards easily. The customer team is stellar and serves all sorts of queries and orders. The orders might take some while to be delivered to the recipient. However, other than that, it is one of the most popular in the list of legitimate dropship companies and can be trusted for guaranteed services.

Dropship Direct:

A free drop shipping wholesalers’ source, you wouldn’t need to invest a single dime while signing up for it. Alongside the free services, there are many additional features for the customers as well such as the warehouse facility. It is always having an updated inventory list at the warehouse so the shipment can be made instantly when booked. Customers can select products from a wide array of range including health related products, electronics, kitchen, beauty related items, sports and much more. If the order is not confirmed by the customer, you can cancel it conveniently.


The largest wholesaler drop shipper, Amazon has been the top choice of most of the customers. Customers enjoy free shipping in a wide range of units of their products. Amazon offers millions of new and refurbished products. The mainly include books, accessories, house-hold items, clothing, bags, watches and much more.


One of the most popular and successful legitimate dropship companies source, eBay has been in the commerce and business since long. Working as an online auction and shopping platform, it has been managing online shopping for people around the globe. No matter what the product customer will purchase, it may be sold on eBay. It provides its customers the solution, boost, services and support they need to establish and run their new businesses.

Wholesale 2B:

It offers help to sell through the platform of your choosing, also a drop shipping wholesaler. You can have an access to a huge variety of products. Their mission is to help the users by providing friendly and easy tools.


It is a good place for consumer electronics. It is serving about 1 million consumers ever since 2005. The products have been collected from a variety of suppliers and they will offer you some great ideas on the drop shipping items.


Providing free membership it is one of the best places for those concerned about healthcare. If one is interested in healthcare products, certain supplements and other items, this is the most suited option. Premium quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and other products could be easily found here.


One of the most popular legitimate dropship companies’ points for electronic goods, TinyDeal comes up with a wide range of variety. You can find smart phones, gadgets, accessories, car items, game gadgets and much more.


Another great spot for millions of wholesalers online, products can be purchased here directly.

How to spot legitimate dropship companies?

Following points should be kept in mind in order to spot the scam.

how to spot legitimate dropship companies
  1. The legitimate dropship companies would not ask you for any monthly fee. Never should a supplier ask the vendor for any fee. If it happens, take it as a red flag and report.
  2. A genuine wholesaler applies for a wholesale account and not a retailer account. If you spot a supplier selling goods to the public at a wholesale price, report it. That is a retailer making profit at a bargain.
  3. Any wholesaler that is reluctant in signing a contract is a fraud and should be avoided at all costs. No business can be run without guidelines. Make sure your supplier is comfortable with your terms of service. Templates could be used to come up with a contract.

Pros of using legitimate dropship companies:

The pros of using legitimate dropship companies are many:

  • Low startup cost.
  • Good boost for young entrepreneurs.
  • Accommodative of new emerging businesses.
  • Maximum support for the freshly started startups and businesses that will help them in establishing and making a name in the industry.
  • No risk of time and money wastage.
  • Low risks of loss as already validated products are being dealt.
  • In case of dealing with legitimate dropship companies, there is no need of any membership cost.
  • Goods are shipped in time.
  • Great customer care.
  • Excellent services.


It is sometimes difficult for resellers to find legitimate dropship companies because of the fraud out there. Many who claim to be providing free services end up being a disaster. As a result, one can have a distasteful experience. However, one should be cautious. It is important to choose the services of those who have excellent efficiency as any loophole can end up a loss as well as decline in customer influx. Whichever service is acquired, it should be providing you enough tools to optimize your business. Also, you should be able to increase your profit by using minimal capital and should face fewer risks.

Do you know about blind shipping?

Looking for ways to make money online? You may like the following ideas:

How to Earn Dollars Online without Investment

Earn dollars online without investment

With decreasing opportunities of job, job security at stake and minimum wages, many people are trying to earn dollars online without investment, in order to meet their expenses. It is a smart strategy. People tend to get frustrated and disappointed when they don’t have work. Also, the issue of delay in salaries and wages make it very hard to run a household in sanity.

Not only that, there could be a million more reasons. Perhaps, you are sick and can’t have a full time job or you are old and retired and unable to leave house for long hours. Maybe, you are raising a kid and can’t afford a daycare or in some cases, maybe there could be any other reasons. Whatever the situation is, it is extremely important to have some other ways for income and hence, one should always consider the other ways to earn dollars online without investment.

What are the legal ways to earn dollars online without investment?

You can find many legal ways to earn dollars online without investment at varying positions in a number of career fields spamming a wide array of expertise and experience. Whether you are looking for a home based job or thinking to start your own startup, you’ll find certain challenges, may come across some scammers and frauds but usually, it helps – many find a promising way to earn while sitting in the comfort of their house.

There are many legal ways to earn dollars online without investment, from home. Some of them are listed below.

Airbnb Host

One of the most liked and popular way to earn dollars online without investment, from home is trying your luck at Airbnb. If you have an extra room in your house and want to put it to something profiting, trying renting it out on Airbnb. You can pay at least 81% of your rent by listing one room of your two bedroom apartment on Airbnb.

If you are really into making money by not putting much of the effort, are a good host and can have someone over; Airbnb is for you. The profit is even better and certainly more if you have an extra apartment and would like the whole of it to be listed for rent. People these days avoid hotels and guest houses and are more inclined towards the Airbnb places as they are cozy, most of the times safe and easy to book and access. Hence, Airbnb always tops the list to make some quick extra cash at the comfort of your room.

knitting for profit - legal ways to make money from home
Advertisement: knitting for profit

Freelance Writing (Hot – Earn dollars online without investment)

Selling your words is always an excellent idea to earn money if you have flair of them. If you are good with writing and creating, you can put your skill to good use and earn a handsome amount of money. Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and the likes are specifically made for this. Good writing is always in demand. Whether you are great at content writing or you can create amazing articles, whether you like to write reviews or can make nice reports – if you are familiar with crafting words in anyway, this is the best option for you to earn by sitting in your home. Whether or not you own a blog, you can make money by writing anyway. You don’t necessarily have to be an expert in English to be a good writer. If you are fluent with the language, you are good to go.

Usually it only requires two basic options: a) you have the skill to create engaging pieces. b) you can research well on any given topic.
If you can do these two things, you are set to make a career in the field of writing and it won’t ever go out of trend as people are always looking to hire writers. Writing is one of the best and most effective way to earn dollars online without investment. From locals to international clients; one can always find a good platform to use their words and earn a livelihood. Some of the niches that can be considered in this regard are health and fitness, lifestyle, fashion, resumes, content generating, reviews, blogs, tech related blogs and so on.


If you love kids and have some space in your house to host a party of a few, you can always sign up yourself on different websites to spend a few hours a week babysitting. These websites verify both babysitters and those seeking sitters with background checks, so you can ensure you are talking to a legitimate source. The rates for babysitting vary according to your experience, number of children and hours per week.

It is a great way to earn money if you know how to handle kids. Not only it is fun to do but also keeps one busy. You may need a small setup for kids including their favorite toys, tools to play with, food and other essentials. Sometimes, parents offer to bring their own items liked by their child. Whichever way it is, babysitting helps you to earn a good amount and is a great way to make money from home.

Earn dollars online without investment

Survey Taker

There are a number of opportunities for scams so you must be careful but taking online surveys is one of the most effective ways to earn dollars online without investment. The legitimate companies need people to take survey for them and it is a great way to earn. It only requires a few hours and companies are willing to pay on the basis of per hour. Not only it is fun to do but also helps one to research, read and look into things so your brain is working at the same time and you gain knowledge in return.

It also helps to get great knowledge regarding certain things and adds up into one’s experience. You can take as many surveys a day as you like and earn a handsome amount. Companies that rely on surveys to build their future and make a profit are an ideal virtual workspace for this.

Online Guide

If you are expert at anything and your friends come to you for opinions regarding something be it clothes or cars or the entire tech related items or phones or travel – consider becoming an online guide without wasting a second thought. People are actually willing to pay for hearing expert opinions about topics and different things. Be it excellence at baking or being an expert regarding different other things, if you can guide others in the right direction and give honest opinions; this is certainly for you. Guides are actually freelancers with the ability to communicate well and put their opinion across.

At people pay to hear from experts like vets, doctors, lawyers, social media persons and more. You will be given a percentage of the pre-negotiated price per answer and the number of answers you provide. The more you answer, the better you earn. It will not only help you make money but also puts your knowledge to good use. It is also one of the best ways to expand your experience regarding things you are passionate about. When you engage and pass your knowledge, it actually benefits you in the form of more knowledge from the next person.

Cyber Crafter

If you are a crafter, the internet is your showcase. There are many auction sites where you can simply make a profile and put up pictures of your work and show it to potential buyers. You can target a huge crowd and also take customized orders. There are many sites that help you reach out the target audience who will be interested in your work. Whether that is painting or knitting, making crafty items or sketching, people pay a hefty amount for handmade items and love to collect them.

The crafters are never out of business and can always earn using their skill. You can also add a variety to your collection by taking custom made orders and crafting items on demand. Local as well as international shipping could be done for sending the orders and it will help you earn a handsome amount by sitting at the comfort of your own space. You can also increase the prices according to your own choice and by keeping the values of the market into consideration. Selling your crafts is one of the most effective way to earn dollars online without investment, from home and it has helped a lot of people to set up their businesses successfully.

Virtual Assistant (Best – Earn Dollars online without Investment)

Many small businesses, mid to executive level professionals and different companies usually need an assistant but might not be able to hire one on a permanent position. The solution is always hiring a virtual assistant who can do the needful. The virtual assistant handles all kinds of administrative responsibilities like planning events, travel arrangements, sending out invites, looking into finances, correspondence and other support services that can be done virtually by emails or phone calls. If you have kids or there is whatever reason for which you can’t go out of your house, this job is an opportunity ideal for you. It not only helps you earn money but also builds one’s personality, confidence, PR and communication skills.

Online Tutor

One of the most wonder ways to put your degree and qualification for the greater use is online tuition. If you have a college degree or any specialty masters, you can help giving online tuition and earn a handsome amount of money. Language learning courses are never out of demand. People are always looking for opportunities to learn new languages and hence you can give tuition to help them. Moreover, you can also conduct online tuition regarding other things like teaching certain subjects and get paid for it.

Data Entry (Hot – Earn Dollars Online Without Investment)

When one thinks to earn dollars online without investment, from home, one can never miss the data entry jobs. One of the easiest and best ways to get cash on hands and also pays well. You can get paid hourly for simple tasks like data collection, data entry, data translation and data research. Many companies are always looking for people who can help them manage the influx of data for their businesses and thus, you can always find a decent job in this regard.

App Tester

Many app developers need people to take a test run and check their application. Later on they expect you to write a detailed review regarding it. It is not only an easy way to earn dollars without investment but also gives exposure to newer additions in the world of technology. You can easily download an app on your smart phone and give it a test run, look into its specifications, details and see how it works.

Once you are done with the testing, you can give your opinion of it and write a review. In return, you will be paid a decent amount. The app testing jobs could be found online and they never go out of trend as people need genuine reviewers for their work to build their audience.

Conclusion – Earn Dollars Online Without Investment

Making money at the comfort of your room is not a tough job. You can not only make money from online jobs but also set up your own business or startup. The best source to find a way to earn dollars online without investment, from home is to use the internet and relevant sites that provide work for people working from remote areas. Previously, anyone who wishes to make extra money would always consider going out of the house and look for a second job. However, time has changed now and you can earn just enough by sitting in your own house without looking for an opportunity outside. Times have changed and people are thinking creatively. Selling your skills or crafty items, words or app designing abilities – there is a long list of opportunities to help you earn dollars online without investment.

How To Thrive In The Gig Economy

how to thrive in gig economy

Modern political economy is increasingly becoming defined by the rise of freelancers, or temporary workers who go from delivering for Doordash to working for Handy to driving for Lyft, while collecting paychecks and accruing a list of loyal clients. Despite the rise in prominence of the gig economy over the past few years, however, many starstruck young professionals who want to thrive in it still don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting started.

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the way that the gig economy is coming to dominate everything, and what young professionals should be focusing on if they want to endure digital disruption and become masters of the gig economy.

Understanding the gig economy

You can only survive and thrive in the gig economy if you arrive at a comprehensive understanding of it, which many professionals are still struggling towards. This lack of insight into the gig economy can be forgiven, largely because it’s simply too complicated for any person to grasp with ease. It takes careful study and a continued commitment to learning about emerging technology to understand the gig economy, so be ready to do plenty of homework learning about the generational and technological trends that are driving it forward.

You should start by understanding that the gig economy is a development being pioneered almost entirely by Generation X, which works longer hours and has a higher level of education that previous generations.

 These young, tech-savvy workers are increasingly coming to define the gig economy, according to research into the generational mismatches plaguing economic structures right now. This doesn’t mean you have to be fresh in the face to work in the gig economy, but you should understand that most of your coworkers will be young, and that the gig economy is increasingly recruiting youthful freelancers who work part-time gigs to pay down their debt or earn industry experience.

While it would be helpful to understand the scope of the gig economy, nobody truly understands the extent to which freelancing has come to define modern political economy. Research from McKinsey has illustrated the official statistics surrounding the gig economy in the United States and Europe are highly misleading, and that the gig economy is actually larger than what the data shows. While it’s impossible to truly determine the size and scope of the gig economy, it’s safe to say that it’s rapidly expanding and digging its claws deeper into disparate sections of the economy.

Thriving as a digital guru

Now that you know a little bit about the gig economy, you’re well-suited to thrive as a digital guru within it. Mastering the gig economy is essentially about becoming your own boss and excelling in a tech-dominated digital environment where anything is up for grabs if you have the guts to take it. You should also be aware that surviving in the gig economy requires sacrifices; you’ll have to learn to live without the security of a traditional employer, for instance, which some workers can’t take. A comprehensive study of 65 gig workers uncovered that the work environments they grappled with could be emotionally demanding, and that freelancers only succeeded when they were capable of emotional management and establishing a work identity for themselves.

Making it as a digital guru thus requires you to establish a strong routine for yourself, and seek advice from veterans in your field. Whatever niche industry you find yourself within, this strategy will insure you have a large enough income stream to rely upon when it comes time to pay the bills. For example, if you deliver for a service like Doordash, there are a number of DoorDash resources you can turn to for advice on how to lower your expenses and increase your delivery revenue.

Thriving in the digital gig economy is largely centered around finding something that you can produce and excelling at its production. Copywriters, lawyers, craftsmen, and digital retailers alike all must focus extensively on productivity in the gig economy if they want to make ends meet. This requires excellent management skills, so be prepared to reschedule your days and put in long hours should it be necessary to do so to turn a profit.

Understand that freedom is a blessing and a curse

Finally, it’s imperative to realize that the freedom and flexibility you enjoy as a freelancer in the gig economy is both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, being your own boss means you don’t have anyone telling you what to do, whereas on the other you also lack anyone to hold you accountable when it comes to workplace productivity. Thriving in the gig economy is often a matter of having enough self-discipline to hold yourself accountable when you’re lagging behind and being honest about what you spend your time and money on.

Keep your tech skills sharp and forge a strong work ethic, and you’ll soon be thriving in the gig economy that’s rapidly expanding and reshaping our understanding of the modern marketplace.

What is Phone Farming? Best Apps for A Phone Farm in 2021

phone farming - a money making guide

Earning money online has started from last few years it helps to earn money with less effort. Blogging, YouTube, selling stuff, and surveys are famous ways for earning money online without going somewhere. Looking at different ways to earn money online, we will look into phone farming and best phone farming apps today. Markets have seen growth in U.S, Canada and European countries according to trading perspective. From 2017 money making from online sources has got people hooked and if you are looking to generate income through a phone farm, you are the the right place.

What is Phone Farming?

Phone farming helps to generate passive income without investing a large amount of money. Old phones allow you to make money by just downloading apps, you use top websites or apps, perform little tasks and taking surveys. If you have old broken phones, you need to plug your phone in and keep watching videos on repeat for getting paid.

Collect cheap but quality android phones, laptops and desktops to start a phone farm. There are many videos by phone farmers on YouTube and Reddit, to learn how to set up a phone farm. After arranging phones, download legitimate apps in these phones and computers and then turn them on to stream videos and ads. It will make you earn passive income from old broken phones but you could not get rich by it, you sit and wait for your money to grow. It seems weird to earn money by just sitting but with right equipment and patience you might end up earning $1300/ month through a phone farm.

phone farming

Generate Passive Income Through Old Broken Phones

It is interesting but you can use them to make a click farm or a phone farm by just downloading apps which will make you earn a decent amount. Using old and idle smartphones generate your income by a phone farm; it is a straightforward way to earn an easy $20-$40 every month with a few old smartphones.

broken phones for phone farming

Things you need to start a Phone farm

  • Purchase Android phones and computer for starting it.
  • The phone should be at least Android 5.1 or higher.
  • Reliable internet connection.
  • Download the top money-making apps.

Android phone is best for a phone farm because IOS does not allow certain apps for downloading. It is a cheap way of earning money but you need to invest in purchasing a good quality phone or check your phone technically if it can work for you. Internet connection is the most basic thing if you want to start a phone farm. The ads or videos while you are downloading your app will make money for you. Gather reliable information about the money making apps which you need to download just search for phone farmers and find out which app helps them to generate their income.

How does it work?

Phone farm works if you focus on the task rather than on rewards. You will get paid in gift cards or real cash through PayPal. The question that comes in mind while reading this article is that, how do these smartphones earn money? The answer to this is that there are certain apps that reward users for completing these tasks:

Video watching apps: These type of apps work for you in a phone farm; they run short videos and display advertisements between videos/playlist. You need to watch short videos or advertisement for earning, users rewarded in-app points per ads view, and they offer you to redeem these points for gift cards and cash. It is an easy way to make money while sitting with your smartphone in hand. There are many apps which pay you or offer you gift cards for viewing their ads.

Data collection apps: It needs data for paying you as these apps run in the background while using your phone, they pay users to collect information such as location, gender, and income status and phone usage. Then these apps sell this data to companies willing to pay users for this information.

These above-mentioned forms of apps pay little; it will help you earn money on a side. If you expect a large amount of money from these apps, it will not help you as you need to wait. For these tasks your average smartphone earns around $0.40 per day, sometimes you will more or sometimes less. But on the other side, it does not require much attention, and you will earn passive income with your smartphone.

Purchasing Smartphones for Phone Farming

To run the apps, you need to purchase a good quality phone which can run the apps. Every smartphone does not allow you to download certain apps or it will restrict you. Invest on a smartphone that gives you exposure to all other apps that will help you in generating more revenue. Do not spend too much on the phones if you lack investment. Start with only one phone and keep track of your earnings from this phone.

Consider the following points suggested by phone farmers:

  1. Buy Android phones only
  2. Android phones are not expensive
  3. They are easily available
  4. Android phones are accessible for everyone
  5. They have a variety of money-making apps
  6. Look for Android phones of version 5.0 or higher
  7. Purchase new smartphones
  8. We can use android phones version for running money-making applications
  9. Go for modern smartphones
  10. Look for advanced technology
  11. Purchase phone that is 1GB RAM
  12. Invest your money on 1GB RAM phone
  13. While watching the video it should remain stable
  14. Ram is the best indicators for checking the quality of smartphone
  15. Check reviews so it will help you buy the smartphone
  16. Don’t spend more than $15-$20 on the smartphone
  17. Buy cheaper smartphone for starting your farming
  18. The expensive smartphone will not help you pay off your initial investment
  19. Cheaper smartphones are profitable
  20. It becomes profitable in 40-50 days if your phone earns around $0.4/day.
  21. Don’t buy locked devices
  22. Always buy unlocked smartphones
  23. Locked devices restrict data from running
  24. Avoid using Tablets
  25. Tablets are not good for phone farm, not recommended by phone farmers
  26. Phone farmer used it for farming in the past
  27. Tablets are more expensive than most used smartphone models

They help you generate points. Points which you earn vary per phone; it depends on the quality of the phone. Buying more phones depends on what you have to pay for smartphones. If you have an old phone in your home, you not need to buy the new phone to start farming. You should buy $10-$15 phones and it is easily available in the US but if you pay more than it, it will take a long time to recover your investment.

You can buy smartphones and can get cheap phones for farming by looking at these places: This site is best for buying an unlocked smartphone and you can find a smartphone for $15-$20.

Garage sales: You can buy an old smartphone from the garage sale as they have the products for sale. Look at the nearby garage sale it might help you find a phone.

Amazon: It is also an easy way to find a smartphone but it might be expensive to start, unless they have discount deals with smartphones.

The best way to find a cheap phone is to ask your family members or friends if they have smartphones which are old or they don’t need them. You can buy them at low rates and start your work without investing much.

How to Get Paid?

It is the most important question that comes in the mind of phone farmers who are reading this article. Short answer is it depends on which app is phone farmer is using. There are apps which pay you cash, some pay gift cards. The payment method depends on the company, they pay you cash or through gift cards. Video watching apps or data collection apps pay you according to their rules; you may need to create multiple email addresses per app. Data collection apps will require a phone number to sign up, use your current phone number or you can borrow phone numbers from friends and family members. Multiple phone numbers help you earn more money at the same time. For payment search for good apps that pay you real cash if you want or offers you gift cards with rewards.

Once you start the app running, keep the app on and let it run while it makes you money. It will generate points and the money you get depends on these points.

As mentioned earlier there are two forms of apps, video watching apps and data collection apps, both forms have a variety of apps that are being used for phone farming.

Best Phone Farming apps

Video watching apps:

For earning passive income you need to watch videos after installing video watching apps. Here is a list of best phone farming apps that pay you for viewing ads and videos.

  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Perk TV
  • Rewardable TV
  • Perk Pop quiz
  • Checkpoints
  • Engageme. TV
  • Smores TV

All these apps pay you for watching videos or advertisements while you play games. These above mentioned apps have benefits and drawbacks. This is the best way to earn money with less effort but you need to plug in your phone while watching videos. All these apps are reliable they take time to earn points and then pay you more your earned points. You can start it with over two smartphones or using a laptop, it will be able you to earn around $65 a month which is a good side income.

1.  Swagbucks TV

Earning Potential: $0.1-$0.2 per day

Passive Earning Ability: Until maximum points earned

Desktop Capable: Capable of desktop

It is most used and a great app on the web to earn easy cash for just watching videos on your phone. Swagbucks has many options for the users and it takes a longer time to familiarize the users with the platform. It is the fastest earning application and you have options available including surveys, sign up bonuses, advertisements and video watching. Swagbucks TV pays up to $35 per survey, and it is the legitimate way of earning.

You can also earn free cash through PayPal for everyday activities like shopping, watching videos and by taking surveys. Swagbucks is one of the highest paying sites just by watching video playlist for movie trailers, app trailers, fitness channels and earns $0.02 every few videos. It also lets users earn 10 Swagbucks before the re-set period; depends on where you live. Swagbucks offer daily tasks and a variety of activities such as daily search. Cash-out options include Amazon, Starbucks and iTunes it take1-2 weeks to payout.

2. Inbox Dollars

Earning Potential: $50 per month

Passive earning ability: $30 to request a check

Desktop Capable:Yes

This is also a video watching app, you need to sign up for Inbox Dollars they pay you back in cash to watch fun videos and take surveys. They also give a bonus for sign ups and it is almost $5 for a first sign up and you can join it free without investing money. You can earn $50 per month by keeping the videos playing on a device or while watching commercial breaks. It does not take much time you can earn money by just watching the video which is the simple way to earn passive income.

3. Perk TV

Earning Potential:$0.1-$0.2 per day

Passive Earning Ability: 3 hours before interaction

Desktop Capable:No

It is the most stable app to earn income. Phone farmers can run up to 5 phones with one account with Perk TV, it is the best application for beginners to make out on before expanding to other video watching apps. It includes categories of videos like App Trailers, Entertainment, and Sport news and their duration is also not over 1-2 minutes.

Perk TV offers phone farmers with 2-3 points after each video and viewing the advertisement. Perk TV offer points if you earn 1000 points it worth $1, they also reward Perk tokens. Users can use Perk points for Amazon gift cards, PayPal cash and Tim Horton gift cards. It usually takes 3-5 days for paying users.

3. Rewardable TV

Earning Potential: $0.1-$0.2 per phone/day

Passive Earning ability: 100% passive

Desktop Capable: Yes

Rewardable TV is another video watching app that allows users to watch movie trailers,   trending videos, and gifts to earn money with little effort. It can run on any android device with version 4.0 or higher than that. You can sign up from over one device to earn money, it is the stable and passive way of earning money. It has the benefits and drawbacks it will earn a low amount per day and your daily income estimated roughly $1.00 per day. The benefit of Rewardable TV is that it has an extended period to run on your devices but it limits the tradeoff earning.  You can also get PayPal cash if you get Amazon gift cards, it will be worth about 23% less. Perk earnings boost by using App Trailer you sign up with the same user name and password.

4. Perk Pop Quiz

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.4 per phone/day

Passive Earning Ability: Until the application crashed out

Desktop Capable: No

Perk Pop Quiz is from the Perk family and works the same way as other video watching apps do. Advertisements will play in between the quiz and it takes about 10 seconds to move you to the next round.  It reward users 1 Perk Point after completing 1 round and it gives you 1 point per minute or two.  Compared to Perk TV, it is more stable and earn more per cycle but it works much better on older devices.

Perk Pop Quiz on Play Store (Android devices)

Perk Pop Quiz on App store (IOS devices)

5. Check Points

Earning Potential: $0.2-$0.3 /day per phone

Passive Earning Ability: immensely passive

Desktop Capable: No

It is worth using this app in the United States but it is not available in Canada. Checkpoints is excellent phone farming app it allows users to earn in a variety of ways. You can use 10 phones to watch videos on Checkpoint but for beginners, it is not good because it pays very little amount. If you are operating over 2 or 3 phones, it is the reliable app but if you run it with your smaller phone, avoid using it.

6. Engageme TV

Earning Potential: $0.1-$1.20 per phone/ day

Passive Earning Ability: 3 hours

Desktop Capable: earn more with desktop

You can use this app on your phone and also on your PC; it is one of the highest earning platforms. Engageme TV might not work for all users but it earns a significantly higher on a desktop. Phone farmers earn through watching videos, with every 6 videos users earn points. They also offer users to select earning platform which is the plus point of this app.

Engageme TV is now

7. Smores TV

Earning Potential: $1/ day

Desktop Capable: yes it runs well on PC

Smores TV is also a video watching app like Engageme TV, it is an excellent earner. You can earn $1 a day by watching the video or completing the tasks given by the app. You can use a laptop for running these apps on the side all day for earning $1 a day.

Data Collections Apps

Phone farmers can earn easily through Data collection apps but it might be difficult to understand by the phone farmers. Apps needs your personal information to get you paid a legitimate way to earn money. The apps need your email address, contact number and your personal information.

  • Panel App
  • Embee Meter CX
  • SwagIQ
  • MobileXpression

1. Panel App

It is free to use, and it gives you a survey by using your location in the background. This app runs in the background and gives tasks to phone farmers to earn money. It is a slow earning app, but it is easy to do. Panel app sometimes asks questions about where you were or where you are just to take reviews. First you have to download the Panel App after downloading fill out the information which is your name and address. You can earn by inviting your friends and taking surveys. Share a link to them and you will get $10 of their earnings and also get Amazon gift card of worth $1.

2. Embee Meter CX

It is another data collection app you should download on your phones. Embee Meter CX is pickier on selecting smartphones to run. It might be difficult to run on Motorola or working easily on Samsung phones. It works the same as it also need data of the user and using this data they pay them. By downloading this app you can earn $0.1-$0.3 per day, it depends on your location. You must earn $5 worth of points before cashing out the earned points, payout options include PayPal. If you earn $0.1 per day, you will get $36.50 per year by successfully running this app.

Here’s the list for apps similar to Embee Meter CX.

3. SwagIQ

 It is a data collection app, and it also needs your location. SwagIQ is an app which pays you for taking surveys. You will get money for testing your knowledge and the app pays you without doing work. They ask you some questions for real money and your answers are the medium for earning points.

4. MobileXpression

It is another data collection app but the problem is it does not accept all devices. Phone farmers will receive $5 Amazon gift card after installing MobileXpression. The app run in the background and the points you will earn adds in the app credit you can redeem for gift cards to Amazon, Starbuck.

Concluding Thoughts on Phone Farming & Best Phone Farming Apps

All above the apps discussed in this article helps you to start a phone farm. You should stick for a while with the phone farm apps you are using, so that you can analyze the results in a month or two. If one app doesn’t work for you, you can always go with the other one, hoping that will work for you.

Whether a phone farm is legal or ethical is a different topic, which we may cover in future. This post is to provide information related to phone farming and best phone farming apps. We do not encourage or discourage you going this route to earn extra cash.

Top 3 Ways to Run Gift Basket Dropshipping Successfully

3 ways to run basket business successfully

It is the most appropriate, profitable and enjoyable business, anything which suits the personality of the customer placed inside gift baskets. You can run this business using your own skills and creativity even with a limited budget based on the artistic quality of the giver. Becoming successful in the gift basket business it may take planning and time, they should customize according to the needs of the recipient, event and desired price. For peoples who have such skills like creativity, artistic and entrepreneurial attitude it is the perfect business to run by them.

What is Gift Basket Dropshipping?

If you know about dropshipping, gift basket dropshipping is no different. Read more about gift basket dropshipping here.

Reasons to start Gift Basket Dropshipping Business

  • It is the business you can start from home
  • It needs limited investment
  • You can start it using your skills and earn a profit
  • You can start it part-time

These are the reasons for the start gift basket dropshipping business, it is “fun” to collect gifts according to the occasion and put them inside baskets. You should make it presentable as it appeals the recipient and appreciates the creativity and uniqueness of a concept. You can start it from home as it only needs extraordinary skill or some creativity. Gift basket business needs less investment; you should customize baskets according to their demand and how much they pay you. Using your skills you can earn a profit.

1. Plan your Gift Basket Business

A clear plan is a first way to run Gift Basket Business, you should be clear about your idea and how you make it appealing. It is the initial step you should take before anything else. A clear and different plan should be there in your mind about the gifts and also the sources from where you buy these things or create them on your own. Most of the peoples buy gift baskets according to different occasions Christmas, Easter, New Year and for birthdays. Your plan must include the special essence of these events and make it more interesting by your artistic techniques. Few things that need to consider is your initial cost, your target market and how long it will take you to complete it.

  • Initial cost

Be clear about the cost you are investing in starting this business. The cost you will plan for making baskets should be less than you offer to the market. On the initial basis, less investment leads to earning a less amount of profit but it will set your standard.

  • Target Market

You need to research the market and identify it. Just try to make your gift basket interesting and if you try to sell it to the entire world, you will end up not selling at all. Plan to serve better to some people rather trying to sell it to the entire world.

2. Marketing

It is the most important way to run this business. Marketing is something in which you tell the market about your brand. Gift Basket Business needs marketing because by sending it to big companies along with your contact information makes your brand more popular among other companies. To market, your business gives a gift basket to charities and churches, display them in shops under your name. Marketing is an essential way to describe the quality of your gift baskets and it will attract more peoples. As in festive seasons you need to seek a customer’s attention by marketing to buy gift baskets, it will be profitable for you. There are several ways of marketing Gift Basket Business.

  • Brochures

You need to publish brochures or some business cards and give them to people in shopping malls, elevators and even on roads. It is a quick way to market your gift basket business. Carrying a beautiful basket along when you are giving brochures to peoples on road makes them attentive and curious about the gifts you are carrying in this basket.

  • Give away

Give your customers a complimentary Gift basket along with your business card. It helps you to make permanent customers by giving them quality products as a compliment. Design your gift Basket according to your customer as if there are women you should complement them by giving beauty product along with a purchase of one basket.

  • Newspaper Advertising

Advertise your gift basket in a newspaper is an easy way to tell people about it.  And giving offers to people like buying one get one free it helps you to increase your customers as they rush to you to avail the offer. You need to sell them on lower prices and afterwards increase the rate according to the need of your customers.

3. Make Your Gift Basket Dropshipping Business legal

Make it legal as you run your business, it is a most important way to run it. It is easier for peoples to start it as home-based work but making it legal means not worrying about fines or other things related to the law that will obstruct your way to success. Certify your gift basket business helps it to flourish more in the competitive world as it is an important way to tell people about the quality you are providing to the world.  Entrepreneurs need legal permission to pack goods in the basket and running their business. Certain gifts needed to get permission like liquor or foods it depends on the demand of the customers.

How To Delegate Like A Pro

How To Delegate Like A Pro

The art of delegation is something that not everyone can grasp. Being able to hand over tasks to the correct individuals does lead to greater efficiency. But what happens if you are unsure as to what to do?

To help, I’m going to provide you with several important points that should make life easier. If you follow them, then you will discover that you can do more in a day, be less stressed and feel as if a weight is lifted from your shoulders.

So, let’s begin to unpick the mystery of delegation.

1. What To Delegate

First, what should you delegate to others? A good starting point are those tasks that you hate. At times, you feel as if they aren’t your strong point or they take up too much time that you should spend elsewhere. Of course, you also throw in those tasks where you don’t know what you are doing.

People refer to this as the delegation triangle. It’s a way of structuring your thoughts and tasks to then become aware of what needs to be done. You should do this on a daily basis and remain honest regarding your own abilities and what you are capable of doing.

You can delegate anything if you want to and no matter the size of the task.

2. Understand Why You Are Delegating

You should never delegate because of being too lazy to carry out a task yourself. Instead, it should help you spend more time on other tasks where your time is better spent. This applies even if you enjoy the challenge of something because if the return you get is low, then was it worth you spending your time doing it?

On occasion, you may have smaller tasks that take too much time away from your main goal. By having someone else do them, you free up your time to spend elsewhere.

Being aware of the reasons for delegation helps you to know the tasks to focus on, such as marketing if you’re doing Toronto SEO. Also, realize that outsourcing a task has to be assessed on its own to determine if the return you get is actually worth it. Alternatively, you may find it’s better arranging your own time to complete it on your own.

Delegating will make your life easier. However, don’t abuse the power of it as that in itself will lead to you developing some pretty bad habits.

3. Study Your Tasks

You must understand the tasks that you have followed by putting them in order of importance. Which tasks have the shortest deadline? Which tasks take the longest time to complete?

This is all about being realistic with what you can and cannot do. It is only by studying the tasks that you then know which ones to delegate out.

Often, we feel overwhelmed when we see the list of things we need to do. If you then notice the list getting shorter while also knowing the tasks are completed by others, then you begin to understand how it’s possible to do more things in the same time-frame.

I would recommend writing down everything you need to do in a day. Score off those tasks that only you can do and see what’s left. Place them in order of importance and begin to categorize them into groups as mentioned earlier. After this, divide up the tasks and assign them to those individuals that can deal with them. It really is that simple.

4. Don’t Fear Delegating Tasks

Finally, don’t fear delegating tasks. Instead, spend time knowing who is capable of doing what task as this makes the job run more smoothly. The last thing you want is to sit and wonder who can help as that in itself is wasting time.

You must also get over the idea that others are incapable of doing something to the same standard as you. At first, you may feel like checking up on them constantly, but that’s not wise. Instead, as long as you have done your research first when it comes to knowing who can help, then there’s nothing to worry about.

I can assure you that as you become more accustomed to delegating tasks that your confidence in the process will grow, and the number of people you use will also increase.

Delegating tasks is not as difficult as you may have thought as it’s all about being sensible with your approach. Understand that you are one person and cannot do everything. Accept those areas where you are not as skilled or where it takes up too much of your time. Realize that getting to grips with sending out tasks to those individuals better suited makes your life so much easier and less stressful.

Now, who wouldn’t want that to happen to them?

Food Entrepreneurship – 4 Step Guide to Start Your Foodpreneur Journey

Food Entrepreneurship - Foodpreneur

Want to get into food entrepreneurship or be a foodpreneur? Food is the basic need of every human being, we all love food. There are many examples in the world from which we can get inspiration. It is all about your passion for food, we love food but we all do not have the passion for creating a new taste that must hit the taste buds of the peoples. There are many businesses that we can start from our home but starting a business as a food entrepreneur has advantages as it does not need any labor, the only thing that we must keep in our mind is to create a taste that is loved by people from all age groups.

There are many ways to start a business as a food entrepreneur the most important is to start to organize your idea about making your passion a business to earn. It needs your effort and your love for food. There are many famous food entrepreneurs from where you can get inspiration to start your business as a successful food entrepreneur. Food entrepreneur is also called “foodpreneur”. Focusing on the taste of folks is the important thing to get an idea about the startup process. Food from various cultures and traditions attract more audiences.

1. Build a Business Plan to Start a Food Entrepreneurship

You need to start making a plan for starting your business. To become a foodpreneur, you should make a plan how to serve peoples and make a list of your ideas to make your passion more incredible. You should visit restaurants and get the idea about the things you need and about the taste of the common folks of the area. Then make a chronological plan how to precede your small business and earn from it.

  • Visit various restaurants

You should visit various restaurants to get an idea about the quality they are giving and number of customers they are serving. Take notice about the taste of these restaurants and how they serve them.

  • Make list

The other most important thing you need to do is to make list of the things you need to buy and invest your money in starting your business. You need to make a list of the food you are providing and what culinary objects you need to buy and giving with your product. Make a suitable plan that will help you further to make your business more popular.

2. Consider Small Area to Start Your Business

Consider small area to start your business because you are not as famous as other food chains are. You need to focus on the quality of your food which does not need any higher area for location to starting your business. In this competitive world you need to focus on the quality of your food and how it entertains your audience. You should not focus on the location or investing large amount of money in making a high profile restaurant at the beginning.

  • Limited investment

You should invest small amount of money on your food only. Do not go for investing large amount of money in locating your brand. Small area does not need any investment as you can start it from your home or lobby or any store.

  • Focus on the quality of product

To become a food entrepreneur, you should focus on the quality of product and not on the money you earn form it. First, make sure that your passion is not to make money, cooking food and hitting the taste buds of the customers is the most important thing for you.

3. Meet People and Local Store Owners to Establish Your Business

This is the most important thing that you need to focus, to make your product common among peoples. For it you need to meet local store buyers and tell them about your product with list of prices. It helps you to establish your business and make it more valuable. Attract groups of people and you will get the opportunity to become famous food entrepreneur. Sampling your product among natives is the first and foremost thing to establish your food chain. Collaborate with some famous kitchens that are also working from home. Give these peoples a sample to test your taste and know about the quality food you are giving. As today mostly peoples are looking for healthy food and want to eat healthy rather than unhealthy food. Tell them about your brand or how you start it; form where you get inspiration to start it as a business.

4. Find a Business Mentor

After establishing your business find a mentor who will help you to make your business as a source of high income for you. Search for a good mentor that will help you and listen your idea about the quality and product. After finding someone, you need to tell them your idea, what you want and how you want to run your business. Collaboration with famous restaurants and food experts make your brand more common and popular among folks. As it is the way to follow after getting starts your business. Mostly the famous food entrepreneurs do the same thing to get their brand popular among other restaurants. It will help you to earn money and you can shift your home based work to some higher level location.

Success of any business depends on the value that you provide to your customers. Same is the case with food entrepreneurship, if you are providing food as per the taste of the locality and taking care of their needs, you will soon be a successful foodpreneur.

3 Steps to becoming a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

how to become a lifestyle entrepreneur

What is Lifestyle Entrepreneur?

Lifestyle Entrepreneur is a person who creates a business by turning interests into products and services to serve others not only for the sake of profit but for lifestyle rewards. They create their career around their personal life and focuses on the life rewards that are given to people. They make their by the use of internet as they don’t need any physical space to operate.

Internet has been used for academic purpose from long time but now it has become the source of income for many individuals. Earning of lifestyle entrepreneur is totally based on internet. You need internet to make living online by using your passion to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. You only need internet or your ideas to structure your business in such a way that you can run it anywhere in the world. Desire for independently doing business is the motivation for an individual to become a lifestyle entrepreneur. They only need to work for themselves and to set up their business according to their dream. If you have the skill of working with independent bent of mind you can become a lifestyle entrepreneur.

Running your business as a “Lifestyle Entrepreneur”

As an individual if you have the skill to operate business about what you are passionate about is the only motivation for running your business. You must have the passion or interest about your idea to start a business online but it also requires essential elements to start a set-up like plan, product, money and to select the market to start a business and run it successful. To start a business as a lifestyle entrepreneur you need to keep in mind some important factors.

  1. You must have something that peoples want.
  2. Select every product knowing where they are and how to offer them.
  3. Select suitable technology so you can compete with other peoples.
  4. How to gain profits

3 Steps to become a Successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur

To become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur follow the following 3 easy steps.

1. Plan and pick your target audience

First and foremost step is to make plan how to start a business and how to attract audience by your ideas. You must plan to make the product according to the need of customers so you can earn profit. The more you work hard on your plan the better result you will get. Design your plan completely according to your interest that must appeal your audience. You must create products according to your target audience. First target your audience and then turn your interest in to service that can buy by the specific audience. Don’t try to sell your product to the whole world as it ends up in nothing to sell. Select your audience and try to sell products to them so you can also earn profit. You are creating a business with your potential independently so you should also have the potential to generate income out of it.

  • Limit your customers

To start a business successfully as a lifestyle entrepreneur you must need to limit your buyers. Make sure that your target audience can afford to pay you and you are investing in way to make yourself independent. As lifestyle entrepreneur is a person who starts business for his own sake you should create your own kind of product that attracts buyers. Once you gain success or trusts of customers expand your business after it. To become a successful lifestyle entrepreneur focus on the quality of your product rather on profit.

  • Construct a simple structure

Lifestyle Entrepreneur’s business is based simply on their access to internet. Your website should be clear and simple so it may not cluttered the mind of your audience. Your website does not need to be fancy or best in the world but it should be clear to the audience. It must need active social media presence so your audience gets connected to you. You need software that will help you to grow your audience and business as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

2. Focus on things that work for you

Internet has given access to individuals to get success through it. You should focus on the things that work for you. You must search out for other successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur to get inspiration for you it does not mean that you copying them it is only to see what is good for you in that way. Just focus on the idea or product that is related to your own interest and how you can make it more attractive to your audience. You must focus on your aim to become a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur through these things that will make you gain knowledge or profit.

  • Hire Support or people

You must need to hire some peoples that work for your website and provide exposure to the areas which do not fall under your expertise. It makes you to look on the things with more freedom and it will gain more profit. Your business must be your first priority; hiring support makes your business orderly plan as it does not confuse audience with different aspects at the same time.

3. Get exposure and expand your audience

As a lifestyle Entrepreneur you must know everything related to your field. After knowledge of all these things you need to apply it to your work to make it better. Lifestyle Entrepreneur must know all the aspects of social media and how it works in different aspects of life. There are strategies to get better result in expanding your audience. Spending time in learning new strategies grow your audience or it will give you more exposure to the world.

  • Offer value of your time

The most important thing for a Lifestyle Entrepreneur is their time which they spend in giving their products new form. To become a Lifestyle Entrepreneur you must need to make your time valuable. Provide free contents to the audience so they get attracted and then go for paid product to get deeper understanding or knowledge. In order to gain profit you must not forget your aim to work for your own passion and not solely for money.

  • Expand audience

Expanding audience is the important thing to become successful as a beginner you should not try to expand your audience. But after you gain some success you have to be more conscious about your product to appeal audience on large scale. You can give them certain offers to gain their trust and interest. It will make you to explore more about the world or what they need. This is the way by which you make yourself a successful Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

Most Popular Services Business that You can Start Today

Most Popular Services Business that You can Start Today

Service based business is not about selling different products for a company but it offers services to others. It is completely self-employed business in which you do not have to do traditional job to earn money. New entrepreneurs start focusing on the popular services business that is easy to start without much effort. Normally peoples do not want to get retire at the age of 60 they want to do work according to their choice.

In world of technology there are many ways to start a services business. You need to be passionate about what are you thinking to do. It does not require infrastructure or any other such investment. With the passage of time entrepreneurs are looking for the way to do things better, cheaper and faster, services business is the easiest way to provide services to peoples. You can start business from your home, if you are an adult or women it only need some skills to start it you can earn money online by investing little amount of money. There are many services business ideas you can find to work on that area agriculture, media, home-based work, fitness, personal care, beautician, tutor, online work, pet training, knitting, and event services.

There are few reasons why you should start services business

  • Side business/ part time
  • Limited investment
  • Self employed
  • Profitable

Side Business/ Part time

You can start it as a side business; it does not mean that you left your job to focus on it. Just use your idea which service business is more popular today and just take a start. If you are housewife, student or doing job is best way to start your own business without any support. Your part time business would be much better than solid benefits that are just giving you money and hectic routine.

Limited Investment

It is not based on large amount of money as you do not require investing much money to start it. You just need skills or better option to choose a service business for self-employment. Services business idea gives you exposure to earn better with limited investment. Online work only requires basic things like internet, laptop and some basic skills to run that business. You just need to think wisely about the right way to go for investment. Do not try to invest lot of money in such business in the start.

Self employed

Service business makes you self-employed; it is the right choice to be your own boss. Selecting your business on your own makes you independent in making decisions and further promoting your business. You do not need to remain under the influence of others to work for them. It is completely based on your own idea and the profit you earn is only yours.


It is profitable on account of money but it also gives you more knowledge about the world. Your hard work leads you to earn more profit; it is totally based on your effort. To become an entrepreneur you need to think about the way you choose, work on it and earn the profit from it.

List of Popular Services Business

Let’s look at the most popular services business that you can start today.

  • Personal Services

This is the most popular business services idea that you can start today with very little amount of money. Personal care or the service that you offer is the basic need of every person on regular basis in every part of the world. It includes personal care, beauty, adventure tours, pet grooming, personal massage, personal chef, and clothing boutique.

  • Personal care

Personal care is the basic need of any human being. It includes beauty treatments, health problems and personal hygiene. Entrepreneur who starts this business earn high profit by offering these services to peoples. As it are the most basic needs of any individual, offering such services as part time business you can earn profit and can live a successful life.

  • Adventure tours

Organizing adventure tours is also famous among peoples nowadays. This business service idea you can start today as a part time business, it only needs information about the beautiful areas of the world or you should offer best services to the tourist which attracts more peoples. It does not need large amount of money to invest in to gain profit. You can advertise your tours on internet or by telling peoples about your idea.

  • Clothing Boutique

Clothing is the best way to choose as a service business. Everyone in the world is searching for a good and unique thing to wear; you can offer unique clothes in fewer rates, so it makes them to buy your product. Usually it is designed by your own idea; it is the unique services business to start on lower level today.

  • Online Business ideas

It is simpler way to start a business service you do not have to go to anywhere; you only need to know about the skills by which you can earn online with these services. This new era is full of technologies as every individual search out new options on internet to get any service. It is the smart way to choose online services business to earn money and to become owner of your own website or page in which you offer lots of services to the customers.

  • Blogger

Creating a blog on specific content can make you a lot of money. But you should know about the facts that are important to write a blog. To start it as a service business you need to search out the best bloggers and search how they started their career. Create your own blog with your own idea about the issues people want to know about.

  • Buy and sell domains

You can offer products on lower rates and sell these products by writing fancy descriptions about them. It is the most common way to earn money as a website owner you should know about the products and run it as a service business today. As it does not need any specific timing or place you can put anything on your site with price by sitting in your home.

  • Online coaching

It is the service business you can provide if you are skilled in something or have knowledge about it. You just need to advertise about the skill you have peoples will get automatically attracted to your service.

  • Creative Business ideas

In that specific area you need to be creative or choose the services that you can create on your own, you will earn more profit with these ideas. You must know how to attract peoples with your stuff and you can offer them great piece of work by your own.

  • Designer

If you have the skill to design something unique like clothes or jewelry you can earn money by it. Do not waste your time sitting idle in home use your skill and use this idea as a service business.

  • Event planner

For many occasions peoples pay lot of money to event organizer. You can start your business by providing services or giving your idea to organize these events. It is highly profitable to do it as a part time work and you can earn lot of money from it.