All You Need to Know About Gift Basket Dropshipping

gift basket dropshipping

Gift basket dropshipping is slowly becoming the norm. It is mainly because the demand for gift baskets is on the rise. People are preferring gift baskets as a viable gift option now more than ever. Gift baskets are a personalized gift for your loved ones. They are always a delight to receive but they are even more fun to sell. Gift baskets attract a large crowd because of their versatility and wide range. Gift basket dropshipping is a successful business model as it is always in demand. Most sellers prefer gift basket dropshipping over having their own gift basket business. Gift basket dropshipping saves you the trouble of having a warehouse, assembling and shipping the products.

The process is simple, the drop shippers act as a middleman. The customer places an order with the help of the drop shipper. The processed order is sent to the wholesale supplier. The wholesale supplier ships the gift basket directly to the customer. The drop shipper gains profit by the difference in retail and wholesale price.

Retail Cost of Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are an amazing gift for your family and friends. You would think that something so personalized will be a little expensive. That is surprisingly not the case. Gift baskets are as affordable as they can get. The biggest perk of buying them is that they are designed according to a theme. If your friends and family are interested in a specific thing, make no mistake, there will be a gift basket for it. It’s a foolproof method. You can never go wrong with this.

With that being said, the prices of gift baskets vary. Some are more expensive than others. Some gift baskets contain more gift items than others. This is the reason why there is such a large variation in their prices. Normally a gift basket can retail for as low as fifteen dollars to as high as two hundred and fifty dollars.

Wholesale Costs of Gift Basket Dropshipping

The business of gift basket dropshipping in bulk quantities at a lower price is on the rise. There are many manufacturers and wholesale companies that offer gift baskets of a varying price range. The products offered and the quality of the gift basket affect the price. No two companies can offer the same type of gift basket mirroring the quality of the other. They are all unique and different. This is why the first step for you would be to find a good profitable deal. You have to find a company that delivers quality and quantity. This step is necessary for your business to thrive.

Most companies offer a price of five percent to over fifty percent lower than the retail price. This is why you should know your options before diving into things head first.

It is best to do some thorough research of the market values and prices beforehand. Experiment with your options first before setting things into stone. Take your time and don’t rush the process. Trial and error is the best method to avoid an irreversible loss.

Problems You May Encounter

One of the most common problems every entrepreneur faces at first is money. This is a no brainer. Almost every entrepreneur with a startup idea faces money troubles. Of course, loan, borrowing and selling stuff for money is also an option. This is just a temporary relief, however. Borrowing and loaning money means you WILL have to return it. This puts the pressure of making your business be functional as soon as possible. Gift basket dropshipping is in demand which means that your startup has a lot of competition. If you pressurize yourself to make money from your business right off the bat you will face a lot of problems. It’s best to start your business with enough money so that you can take your time and tinker with it.

 Where To Begin

It has already been established that gift baskets are themed. In order to start gift basket dropshipping, you need to have a standard theme. Be it self-care themed or celebratory gift baskets, the point is that having a theme is crucial.

Decide what theme you are going for and the type of basket you will be using. The next step is to decide the products you want to add and buying them. You might need a large space like a warehouse to keep all the products and assemble them. Then you have the shipping expenses to worry about. And it doesn’t end there, there is some marketing hustle to look forward too as well. All of this is a very hectic and expensive procedure, in case it wasn’t obvious. Too many things to worry about in the initial stages are going to hamper the stability and progress of your business. If only there was a way to lighten the burden a bit. Good for you! there actually is. Dropshipping is a saving grace for entrepreneurs struggling with managing all the aforementioned duties and steps. By using the dropshipping method you are eliminating the need for these hectic procedures.

Dropshipping is going to be easier to manage and will also not take a toll on your wallet. It’s easier, accessible and affordable. All you need is an idea and a FREE gift basket dropshipping company.  This method will not make you indebted to anyone since it is so affordable. This might be the best reason to choose this method as it solves one of the most problematic aspects of starting a business.

But wait a minute… a “free gift basket dropshipping company”? Sounds surreal. It’s true! there are companies that offer gift basket dropshipping services for free BUT they are very few in number. Most of the companies that offer these services charge some amount of fee and expect you to meet some quotas. They will sign a contract with you. This sounds stable but… it’s extremely binding. You don’t need all of this in order to have a successful gift basket dropshipping business. If you look around a little you will find plenty of gift basket dropshipping companies that offer the same services and quality without the aforementioned stressors of a contract and quota.

So here is the thing, you start up your business and gradually build it up. You are selling the gift baskets and are attracting a small number of customers. This is good, as now you finally have the resources to expand your gift basket dropshipping to include other items as well. With time, you’ll be in a good position and would have experience regarding marketing and advertising. This is way better than when you were starting out – completely clueless and with zero first-hand experience.

You have a number of customers and you are aware of what they like. You want them to stay interested in you. The best option is to cater to YOUR audience. You have the advantage of investing in a theme design you have already assembled an audience for. This is likely going to increase the number of sales. Here you also have the option to kickstart your gift basket business if you fancy. And let’s give credit where credit is due, this was all possible because of dropshipping.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Thinking about your target audience in terms of a theme is good. As much as you want to deny social stereotypes they are greatly at work in how businesses market themselves. Using specific fonts and color themes to lure men and women of a certain class into buying a certain product is more common in marketing than you think. The same mindset can be used in gift basket dropshipping if you’re catering towards a certain individual. You can cater towards an individual customer or a business customer. Let’s dive a little bit into each.

Individual buyers

Most gift basket dropshipping businesses are designed to cater to women. This is mainly because women make up the largest segment of the industry’s market, as a customer and a recipient. Women are more aware of gift options and are likely to think of giving a gift basket as a present to someone as opposed to men. More often than not the responsibility of buying a gift for someone is usually the woman’s responsibility in a household. This is why gift baskets are designed to cater to women as they are the target audience. The gift prices are also settled according to the audience’s income levels. In this way, everything is thoroughly pondered over to increase sales.

Business customers

Exchanging gifts with co-workers and employees is a common tactic used by corporate companies to keep their workers happy. This is why some gift basket dropshipping companies cater towards the corporate customers. Exchanging gifts is also very common in a corporate setting even if there is no special occasion like Christmas etcetera. Organizing employee promotions, retirements and birthdays every now and then is the norm. Many also give gifts to customers to make them come again.

The people in the corporate world are even busier than the average individual. They do not have the time to go out and shop for gifts. Having a business designed around delivering gift basket in bulk with just a phone call will be extremely helpful. This is where gift basket dropshipping comes in.

Platforms To Sell Gift Baskets On

There are a number of places you can sell your gift baskets but using your own website is the best. Having your own website is always a great way to lure in customers. You can put some details regarding the gift baskets you sell and customize the layout according to the theme of your gift baskets. Your website should allow the customer to place their order there. If you do not have a website you can utilize platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay. These websites are crowded with both casual and full-time sellers. Many sellers prefer having a reserved space on an e-commerce platform because it is more prone to getting interested customers. You will not have to deal with the paperwork and everything will be taken care of. All you have to do is focus on quality and marketing. Learn the top 3 ways to run gift basket dropshipping successfully.

Final Thoughts on Gift Basket Dropshipping

If you think that having a successful gift basket business is hard then try gift basket dropshipping. It is easier to manage and does not take a toll on your wallet. Gift basket dropshipping is an easy source of making passive income without breaking a sweat. It is easy to get lost in the drop shipper maze but believe me when I say that its all worth it. It is important to keep reminding yourself that you don’t have to empty your wallet in order to make your business successful. You can easily start up a home-based gift basket dropshipping business for free. Do everything in moderation and take your time. If you have any experience with Gift basket dropshipping then share it below and help others out.

Top Performing Apps Similar to Embee Meter CX

Apps Similar to Embee Meter CX

No question Embee Meter CX is one of the world’s favorite app to make passive income, thanks to its quality working and effortless usage. But what if you are in search of some other apps similar to Embee Meter CX to earn money right from your phone without any investment? Learn about phone farming here.

The solution is right here. Following is a list of some of the highly ranked apps similar to Embee Meter CX.

Panel app

There is almost no difference between the Embee Meter app and Panel app as each works just the same. Available both for iOS and Android, all you have to do is use your phone. There are no requirements other than a stable internet connection, and the GPS should be turned on.

The app doesn’t interfere with anything in your phone either. Instead, it runs silently in the background and tracks and collects information about your location. However, the Panel app’s best thing is that the minimum cash-out rate is only $1. The payments are in the form of gift cards which you can also increase by taking different surveys and inviting other people to the app.


Brave is different, but only as of the source. Instead of having an app running in the background, this time you will be using a web browser to add to your income. Stated, Brave is a relatively simple search engine that allows users to visit websites, blogs, pages, manage web applications, and view content online.

There are no charges to download it, and it can be used on either Android or iOS systems. It doesn’t block ads and is also made to run Google Chrome extensions. Lastly, other than offering better services than other web browsers, Brave also pays you up to 70% for viewing advertisements online. 

Mobile Performance Meter

You won’t be disappointed with this one, not because it is one of the best apps similar to Embee Meter, but also because Embee itself hosts it. The labour includes nothing but letting the app run in the background while you use your phone, scroll social media, or shop online.

Each day will add to your points which in turn will pay you via gift cards. Mobile Performance Meter’s privacy policy is highly strict and doesn’t collect any of your personal data. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that it cannot run on iOS.


Do you like walking? This can include anything from walking your dog in the evening or going to the mall because all Sweatcoin requires is that you lift your feet and take a step. You can also use it as a fitness app that monitors your steps and pays you as well. After each day, your number of steps taken will be converted into ‘sweatcoins’ which you can receive through PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Designed to work both on iOS and Android devices, you can choose the free or paid version as per your ease. The former’s rates are 5 sweatcoins for up to 5000 steps per day, while the latter goes for 10 sweatcoins for 10,000 steps each day.

Microsoft Bing Search app

This is another one of the best apps similar to Embee Meter, you can easily earn a passive income effortlessly with it. However, earning from Bing search app requires a little more than just letting the app do its work in your phone background. And that is to search on the search engine.

This is how it works: you search anything on Bing and get a reward for it (two searches will make up for one credit/reward). These rewards can later be replaced into game vouchers, gift cards, and movie tokens. Available both for Android and iOS devices, you can use it both on your phone and PC, with credit points 10 and 15, respectively.


Here we come to MobileXpression, an app that works just like Embee Meter. In simple words, this app can be defined as a consumer research panel to gather a better picture of users accessing the web and internet connections.

It is free to use and won’t cause you any further charges as well. Also, MobileXpression sometimes encourages its participants to take part in voluntary polls. You can use it on any device, whether iOS or Android. The earning process is the same: you have to engage in MobileXpression’s community, and the active participation will earn you points that you can later exchange for gift cards.


Slidejoy works a little differently, but it also pays more than other apps similar to Embee Meter. The two-way process requires you to download the app on your phone, displaying the most recent news and advertisements on your lock screen.

Just that! You are expected to view the information and get paid in ‘carats’ by simply unlocking your phone to win these points. Also, you can get this app only on the Android system. Lastly, you can also benefit from the referral program Slidejoy offers by recommending the app to other people.


You can call S’more another version of Slidejoy, as it’s working also includes showing advertisements on the lock screen. This can consist of news, polls, videos, and different deals that you will be asked to view to earn money.

In case you are thinking about what to do with these ads, you can unlock the screen and swipe up to make the ad disappear. You will earn 10 points in one day that can be redeemed with gift cards, or get them in monetary form.


Paribus is the kind of app that pays you for free in real terms as it requires nothing but to monitor and analyse deeply your payments, transactions, and departmental outlets for products you purchased that have now dropped in price.

If something like this happens, they immediately give you money for such a discrepancy, excluding a minor charge. However, they haven’t launched an Android version yet, and you can only use it on iOS.

6 Reasons Every Cyclist Needs Bike Insurance

6 reasons every cyclists needs bike insurance

If you cycle as a way of exercise, getting to the destinations you need to visit, and as a general way of life, you can probably imagine or maybe even know first-hand just how devastating it can be to have your bicycle stolen or damaged. If you use your bicycle as a main means of transport, it makes sense to protect it financially in the same way that you would protect your car. You can do this by getting bicycle insurance, which is designed to cover you financially if you are involved in a collision, if your bike sustains any damage, or if it is stolen. 

Here are the main reasons why every cyclist should consider bike insurance. 

Easier Damage Repair

Bicycles can often be quite easily damaged. If your bike is damaged through the actions of another person or even by accident if you hit a bump or a pothole in the road, it could be a while before it is repaired and ready for action again. In severe cases of damage, you may even find yourself needing to completely replace your bike, which can be a very expensive venture. Costly damage repair is the last thing that you want holding you back if you use your bike as a main means of transport. Bike insurance means that you don’t have to wait until you can afford to repair or replace your bike – all you need to do is make a claim. 

Protect Against Theft

Bikes are unfortunately quite easy targets for thieves, and bicycle theft is on the rise. Even people who use tracking devices and other anti-theft features will often be lucky to find their bike in the same condition if it is stolen and recovered. Bike insurance from Velosurance provides you with peace of mind around getting your bike replaced quickly if it is stolen. The additional financial stress of replacing your bike is not something that anybody wants after being the victim of this crime. Along with a range of bike insurance policies to suit your needs, Velosurance also offers a lot of handy advice on how to choose a bicycle and more to get you off to the right start. 

Cycling Recovery Service

Knowing how to choose a bicycle that is ideal for your needs will help you avoid problems and breakdowns, but sadly this isn’t completely unavoidable. The good news is that just like many auto insurance companies, bike insurance policies will also often offer an option to add an extra recovery service to their policy, providing you with peace of mind that if you find yourself broken down and unable to ride anywhere, somebody will be there to help you out. Some problems can easily be repaired on the side of the road, or alternative transport can be arranged to help you get to where you need to be. 

Liability Protection

When you’re riding a bicycle, accidents can happen out of nowhere. And no matter how careful you are as a cyclist, there is always the risk that you might end up colliding with somebody or scraping somebody’s property. If you cause damage or harm unintentionally to another while you are riding your bike, you may be held liable for covering the cost. A good bike insurance policy provides you with liability protection to pay out for any damages that you’re required to cover. 

Legal Coverage

If you’ve ever been involved in a road accident either in a car or on your bicycle, you will know that it is not always straightforward to prove who was at fault. This is especially true if there is no hard proof of the event unfolding from traffic cameras or dash-cam footage from drivers. In these cases, cyclists might find themselves caught up in a legal battle to prove that they did not cause the accident they were involved in. It’s definitely worth taking out a good bicycle insurance policy that includes covering the cost of any legal fees that you may incur. Your insurance company will likely work in partnership with experienced lawyers who can take on the case for you. 

Peace of Mind

Finally, even if you’ve been lucky so far and had a relatively easy ride as a cyclist, don’t assume that nothing is going to happen to you. Today, the roads are riskier than ever for cyclists and the chance of being involved in an accident is getting higher. And, with theft on the rise, you can never be certain that your bike is not going to get stolen no matter how many preventative measures you might take. Getting a good bicycle insurance policy that protects you financially against anything that might go wrong while you’re on or off the road is the best way to get complete peace of mind. 

Getting insured when you’re on the road isn’t just important for drivers. If you ride a bicycle, it makes sense to protect yourself financially too. 

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Basic Marketing

An Entrepreneur's Guide to Basic Marketing

If you’re a beginner entrepreneur, you’ve probably figured out that there’s a lot of difficult work to do before you can get your business off the ground. Unfortunately, one of the most intimidating hurdles for a fledgling company is also one of the most essential: marketing.

Marketing doesn’t always come naturally to people, and it can often be the thing that determines success or failure for start-ups and small companies. Not all businesses have the budget to launch huge, multi-channel campaigns over wide areas. But even if you don’t have access to an expansive marketing budget, you can still market effectively. Here’s a brief, basic guide to essential marketing tips that every entrepreneur should know.

Build a Website

The first and most important thing to do is, of course, to bring your business online. It’s no secret that the Internet has become the fastest, most convenient information hub available in all of human history. Research by KPMG found that 55% of people will search online for reviews or recommendations before making a purchase. 47% will start by visiting a company website, which makes it the first and preferred touch point for new customers. If you’re worried about whether or not you need one, just remember that no business is too small to have a website. Price doesn’t have to be an obstacle, as there are also tons of free hosting services that can allow you to build an attractive, information-rich portal where you can touch base with your market.

Start a Blog

Another thing you’ll need to do is to start blogging. In the 21st century, content is king. More customers are more likely to purchase from your brand if you establish yourself as an authority, and one of the ways to do that is through blogging. Like we mention in our post ‘5 Profitable Businesses You Can Launch for Cheap or Free’, blogging can also be a source of extra income through advertising revenue. It’s fairly easy to set up, and isn’t too difficult to maintain once you set a consistent posting schedule.

Engage Your Community

You should also take advantage of your local community, especially if you have a physical store. Sometimes the best way to do this is by employing traditional marketing methods. While printing materials may not always be free, you can actually pull in great results at a lower cost with certain methods. According to direct mail marketing company Triadex Services, it has one of the lowest costs-per-lead and highest ROIs around. Starting a direct mail campaign in your area is an affordable and highly effective method to drum up interest in your business.

Maximize Social Media

Social media is an easy, accessible, and mostly free marketing tool that can help you not only grow your market, but also distinguish your company from your competitors. With more and more people spending more of their time online, a company’s social media presence has become essential for companies big and small. Additionally, PR Newswire reports that 67% of consumers have made a purchase after seeing an ad on social media — a staggering statistic, and one fledgling businesses should take advantage of. Plus, social media ads and promoted posts tend to be more affordable options for online advertising.

Three Pillars of Modern E-Commerce Marketing

Modern E-Commerce Marketing

Principles of e-commerce marketing on the web of 2020 can be summed up with one phrase that arguably applies just as much to life in general: “It’s who you know.” With search engines increasingly more interested in the reputation or authority of the sites that link to you rather than simply how many there are, it’s become more important than ever to pay attention to the sources of those backlinks and cultivate relationships with influencers in your industry.

Building a Robust Backlink Profile

While search engines have worked to eliminate junk backlinks by punishing websites that use them, the concept of backlinking remains critical to the functionality of the Web. So while constructs such as link exchange networks have become antiquated, you still need a way to quickly add dozens or even hundreds of backlinks that point to your site. While you can certainly give this a go on your own, it’s a tedious, time-consuming process that will have you pulling your hair out before long. That’s not to mention that the time you’ll spend doing this will take away from time you could be investing in more directly growing your business. That’s why most online store owners choose to delegate this task to a third party.

One good thing about Google’s culling of shoddy backlinks is that those fly-by-night operations that could spring up, take your money and run now find it much harder to play their game. Today’s backlink building service utilizes powerful software to discover valid backlink sources but follows that up with hands-on expertise to ensure that any backlinks they add actually lead to a genuine, reputable website with significant domain authority. The result is a bevy of backlinks that can actually help your website ranking with the search engines rather than harm it. It’s a critical component of off-page SEO that uses a combo of the brute force techniques of the past and the finesse of the future to boost your ranking in short order.

Cultivating Blogger Relationships

Blogs are an application of the World Wide Web that has been in full bloom for over 20 years and shows no signs of obsolescence. While pictures and videos may be sexier, there’s still no denying the power of the written word. That’s why forming relationships with bloggers in your niche can pay such huge dividends over time.

However, just as with backlink building, forming blogger relationships takes time and know-how. Bloggers are busy doing what they do best, and many of them have neither the time nor the inclination to hold your hand as you navigate the dos and don’ts of establishing and maintaining blogger relationships. Fortunately, a blogger outreach firm can do all the dirty work for you, leaving you to reap the rewards of enthusiastic traffic driven straight to your site by bloggers who are well respected in your niche.

The result is increased sales and a promotional channel you can rely upon whenever you release a new product or want to drum up sales of an existing product due to current consumer trends. Even better, these bloggers typically have substantial social media followings which can help generate buzz for your featured article and potentially spread word of your brand far and wide across the Web.

Courting Influencers

These days, when you hear the term “influencer,” we’re typically speaking of Instagram personalities who have amassed a significant following. With Instagram’s ability to seamlessly combine photos, text and video, it’s truly a feast for the senses. That’s probably why it is so widely used by e-commerce brands to showcase their goods.

Instagram influencers can be a goldmine for brands who need a way to inform potential customers about their products without aggressively shoving it down their throats through typically ineffective advertisements. If you can connect with a few influencers who agree to promote your products, you can sell in a much more natural way which prompts buyers – particularly millennials – to positively respond.

But how do you find and woo these people? How do you ensure that your offering stands out from the many others they receive as a well-known influencer in your niche? That’s where an influencer marketing agency can help. They more than anyone else know what makes these people tick; they know what they’re looking for and what they’re not; and they’re able to determine the combination of nano, micro and perhaps even macro influencers to give you the best Instagram bang for your marketing buck. Some agencies work with brands and influencers alike to foster win-win relationships that keep influencers happy with a steady stream of products they’ll love while ensuring that brands receive maximum exposure and positive publicity.

The result of a properly-maintained influencer relationship is a steady and at times relentless flow of traffic to your site that’s already salivating over your product and ready to push the Purchase button. Instagram more than any other medium can allow your prospects to picture themselves with your products, and that creates a powerful alure you can’t get elsewhere.

From backlinking to blogging to influencer management, e-commerce marketing now is a bit different than it was 10 years ago. With a properly balanced approach, you can ensure that the audience segment you’re trying to reach is captivated by what you have to offer.

The Best U.S. Cities for Freelancers in 2021

The Best U.S. Cities for Freelancers
It would be an understatement to say that freelancers are changing the labor force. CNN reports that the number of freelancers is about to hit an all-time high, as they are expected to make up 43% of the entire workforce this year. Indeed, the millions of freelance workers in the country have increased substantially over the last few years. The way we work is changing right before our eyes. Now, the question is, will the world change with it?
The answer to this question is tricky, as some places in the country have yet to adjust to and accommodate the rise of freelancers. However, there are a few places that stand out and have created an environment where freelancers can thrive. Read on for a list of the best U.S. cities for freelancers in 2020!


Portland Oregon
[Wikipedia] – No changes were made to the image
There are very few cities in the country that can match the size of Portland’s creative sector, as it is a hotbed for writers, designers, and artists. It also helps that the city itself addresses one of the main issues that freelancers have when starting out: accessible working spaces.
Luckily, this isn’t a problem. Portland is home to 737 coffee shops, which is composed of 600 independent shops and 137 chain coffee shops. And while this only enough to make it the third most caffeinated city in the country, the fact that Oregon is one of five states without sales taxes should put it near the top of the list for freelancers. This is a huge plus for those working in the gig economy as this will surely help them cut down on costs.


Whether it’s a job in the fashion industry or web design, there’s bound to be something for everyone in Miami. Yet what makes Miami ideal for freelancers is its thriving coworking industry. Just like the rise of freelance work, these spaces have evolved with the changing workforce and are perfect for those who want to work in a professional environment. Coworking business Industrious has three locations in Miami that demonstrate how modern spaces not only offer private places to work, but also have dedicated community managers to help those who use their services. This includes dedicated meeting rooms and all day refreshments. No wonder freelancers have become a norm in the city, where it is easy to network and practice in their thriving coworking spaces. And things are about to get better – Forbes reports that Miami is starting to make a name for itself as one of the country’s biggest tech hubs.
However, this isn’t even the best part. Florida is also one of seven states that have no income tax, which is why many companies from all over the country have freelancers or remote workers that live in the state — a clear win-win for both employer and employee.

New York

New York
Image Credit: [Wikipedia] – No changes were made to the image
“If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere” is how the old cliche goes. And while it’s up for debate whether this is true or not, there’s no questioning the fact that New York is the hub for many industries. New York has been long considered as the mecca for media and publishing, as it is home to a multitude of media companies and publishing houses. One of the most iconic is Condé Nast, a media company founded in 1909. They brought the world magazines such as Vogue, House & Garden, and Vanity Fair. Opportunities present themselves to those who are willing and capable to grab it by the reigns, which makes for the perfect environment for freelancers.
To add to this, New York has even passed legislation that protects freelancers and has resulted in the recovery of $254,866 in wages. The Freelance Isn’t Free Act has helped freelancers secure payment, as it requires employers to pay freelancers in full for services rendered within 30 days of completion of the job.
If you want to read up on more tips for freelancers, check out our article on How To Thrive in the Gig Economy!

Top 10 Drop-Shipping Products for 2021

top 10 dropshipping products in 2020

It is undeniable that the biggest shopping season of the year is winter, which implies it is also the best time for business people and entrepreneurs to make as many sales as they can target.

Since the concept of self-business is growing with the same rate of technology is impacting our lives, it is not wrong to say that limitless business ideas and picking one of them, is becoming a significant problem.
Most people dream of having their own business by launching a drop-shipping business, but very few of them will be ready to make the actual efforts to bring that dream real.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs looking for the best drop-shipping products to be sold in 2020, then congrats! You are exactly in the right place.
After lots of adequate research and self-analysis, I have selected the top 10 drop-shipping products that will be a significant hit in the coming years. So, let’s dive deep into the world of fresh ideas and brand-new opportunities.

List of best drop-shipping products to sell in 2021

I collected data and statistics from Oberlo, Google Trends, and some social media research, in case you are wondering how I came up with the list. The following information is also guided by my entrepreneurial experiences, which facilitated in finding the most profitable dropshipping products to make tons of profits in 2020.

Let’s explore this universe, shall we?

Wooden watches

You will want to add this product to your store if you have an interest in the fashion industry. Drop-shipping wooden watches is one of the best ideas you can put into practice in upcoming years to make a lot of profits. The reason why wooden watches are becoming immensely popular is their tendency to being not only non-toxic and environmentally friendly but also quite appealing. The estimated rise in the demand for wooden watches is considered 8% in 2021.

Wooden watches drop-shipping business is not only secure but also trust-worthy. Remarkably, Ali Express is a notable name in facilitating trade with a range of high order watches and related stuff with a strong demand for purchases. The constant incases in sales of wooden watches has been increased, giving a new business a fantastic niche to watch out for as its diversity allows you to target a variety of different audiences.

However, it should be noted that selling branded items with brand logos such as Rolex watches may result in a complaint or even closure of your business if those products are sold out without the authorization of the actual sellers. The easy way to avoid this problem is by selling “white-label” products under your business umbrella that can be quickly rebranded and resold without undergoing the complications of legal cases. Product – BOBO BIRD Wood Watch Men Women Quartz Week Date Timepiece Colorful Wooden Band logo Customize U-P14-1

Teeth whitening kits

Sales for teeth whitening packages have been soared with the new DIY movement and expensive professional dental procedures, why? Because we all have teeth and most of us like white teeth. In the modern world, the rarity of white teeth is the main reason why we need teeth whitening kits to improve the appearance of our smiles dramatically. Since everyone has teeth, and everyone cares for white teeth, you can be sure that there is no chance of your drop-shipping business to be drowned.

The benefit of this product is that a complete tooth whitening kit can be obtained from a reliable supplier in less than $5, while the retail selling price of the same kit will be about $24. Hence there are profits all over this industry. It should be noted that Germany, France, and the UK are the most popular places for these kits at the moment.

According to recent research, international teeth whitening demand is expected to exceed $7.4 billion by the beginning of 2024, making this online purchase a fantastic commodity.

No doubt, the crowded market is well dominated and controlled by names that seem difficult to be defeated, but there are still ways and opportunities to leverage on the appeal of teeth whitening kits. All you need to do is to think and work with some crafty, sharp marketing and advertisement methods. Product – Top Quality Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit Bleaching System Bright White Smile Teeth Whitening Gel Kit With LED Light Professional

Anti-aging creams

If you are thinking of starting a drop-shipping business but confused in selecting a niche, you are welcome to follow anti-aging creams blindly. Great opportunities and tons of profits are hidden in this sphere as people are ready to try out anything that is promised to make them look younger and more beautiful. That is the reason anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, serums, and oils are seemed plentiful and dominating the marketplace in any era.

To make a name in this industry, all you need to do is to search for your target customers when considering a product range to understand their desires and requirements fully. Build customer personas, analyze trends, and look for the perfect customer’s buying patterns. After all, that, select a variety of anti-aging products and establish a targeted marketing plan once you have fully developed your audience.

Everyone agrees to this thought that they never want their skin to look old, even if it is their last day, and thus they are willing to try out a variety of different anti-aging products, which indirectly makes this niche the most valuable. Even if there is no such specific requirement, but to promote your sales, you can easily target teenage girls, adult women, and even girls who are in college. Product – Snail Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Nourishing Serum Collagen whitening Cream Skin Care

Printed socks

In recent years, higher statistics in the sales of stuff is seen, particularly products which have written material on them. Although socks are appreciated as a small part of a person’s closet, yet they have a significant share in the marketplace. Socks are a great product to be considered with the passing time as they are light-weighted, of routine usage, and have extra-ordinary unique designs to attract the audience.

The reason why the socks industry is getting more prominent is that they just don’t rely on a selected range of audiences, but rather, they involve a variety of different audiences. For example, if your socks have shapes of cats printed on them, you will quickly grab the attention of cat lovers. The same stands true for famous fictional words, designs, and other visions that are prevalent, particularly in teenagers.

Hence with printed socks drop-shipping, you can reach a large number of customers without any loss.

Research has shown that the socks industry is expected to raise $11.6 billion by the end of 2023. For new business owners, no doubt, socks are a successful beginner product. Just like printed shirts and phone cases that are highly in demand, printed socks are also an easy way to build a new business in 2020. Product – Cotton funny Socks Women &Men New 2019 cute Autumn Winter New Year Santa Claus Christmas Fruit Animal Fish Happy Socks PEONFLY

Facial masks

Face masks or facial masks are classified as a skincare product that aims to brighten, hydrate, and thoroughly clean your face from dust and dead skin. With the rise of the film industry, the efforts in making the looks younger and more beautiful have also been going.

Not only stars but random people are also seen as taking part in this glamorous game. That is why selling facial masks would help you in fulfilling all the makeup requirements of your customer, and hence it this niche opens the door for a successful business.

Face masks have been typical for a long time because there is always an opportunity to make money by keeping ahead in the game with innovations arising every few months. A simple Instagram search for #facemask shows hundreds and thousands of individuals playing with different ingredients, from charcoal to platinum, coffee, and clay, just to make their faces fresh and long beautiful.

Recently, the trend of peel-off face masks, cream masks, and clay masks has seen a sharp and significant rise. This is mostly due to the stream of videos created by beauty bloggers that showcase a variety of face products. Such face masks have become a success to drop-shippers interested in selling such items. These are light-weighted and well-appreciated products. They are a fantastic complement to any drop-shipping store that sells beauty products. Product – 24K Gold Facial Mask Hyaluronic Acid Mask Moisturizing Hydrating Anti-Aging Depth Replenishment Skin Care 1pc

Eyelash extensions

Ever wondered how all these celebrities and famous pop stars get their long-lasting beautiful lashes spread all over their eyes? Well, apart from having natural lashes, people also tend to “purchase” and apply for eyelash extensions. These are usually made of plastic, but more expensive ones also include organic hair. A study that was done to estimate the top ongoing products in the world declared eyelash extensions as the most popular product for future drop-shippers.

As with other beauty products, there is also an increase in the popularity of fake eyelashes. Although not suitable to declare them as false, they are one of the top hits in the market. The presence of extended eyelashes is as significant as the eyes itself. On one side, where the world is full of eyelash oils, serums, and other stuff to make them organically longer, beauty bloggers and makeup influencers are also keeping up with false lashes to change their look.

Since eyelashes have now become an integral part of the glamorous world and no beauty haul is ever completed without their existence, they can be very beneficial to be sold in the coming years. Along-with fake eyelashes and lash extensions, you can also consider eyelash utensils, and thus, it becomes a whole new world of drop-shipping eyelash related products. Product – Eyealsh Extension 3D Individual Lashes Further, False Eyelashes All Size Natural Long

Tote bags

Tote bags, in simple words, are large bags to carry things. They are usually made of canvas with two large handles to take several items. The thing about them is that they are eco-friendly, which means they do not harm nature as much as plastic bags do. Although paper bags are also in demand, their inability to carry heavy items makes then a lesser appreciated item. On the other side, tote bags are not only able to take multiple things at one time, but also, they are very stylish.

Across the globe, with the international awareness of “save the world,” which is the basis of the promotion of tote bags, people are getting more and more conscious about how their shopping patterns are affecting the natural world. And the best option at which they can look upon rather than plastic or paper products is tote bags.

If you are thinking about starting a drop-shipping business that can stay longer than others, considering tote bags will worth it. They are going to be super useful in the future as plastic bags are in the process of being banned in many areas, and once their use is completely prohibited, tote bags will dominate the marketplace. Product – GAWBE Unisex Handbags Custom Canvas Tote Bag

Baby Carrier

The world is full of babies, isn’t it? And so are the baby items which range from their food to accessories. Even though babies like to be carried in the hands of their parents or others, their carriers are now on the rise. As more and more people are engaging in jobs and business, it is not an easy task to take care of their babies while being at home. So why not just purchase a baby carrier and take the baby where ever you go?

Honestly speaking, the global demand for baby carriers is exceptionally high all over the world. Along with the increasing number of babies born each year, this product is highly in order because it allows mothers to move freely and comfortably without getting worried about the baby. There are estimations that demand for baby carriers will be increased by 3.68% by 2021.

The dropshipping business of baby carriers is one of the best options as it will get more and more attention with the time because, we all know, babies won’t stop. You can take into account different sorts of baby carriers too, the most popular of which are baby slings, wraps, and soft structured carriers. Product – SUNVENO Ergonomic Baby Carrier Infant Baby Hipseat Waist Carrier Front Facing Ergonomic Kangaroo Sling for Baby Travel 0-36M

Fitness tracker

A gymnasium is a place that never gets deserted. From January to December and in all seasons, people are conscious about their fitness and dietary plans, which on one side gives rise to the fitness industry but also to the appliances and products which help people in burning their calories and keeping track of their routine workouts.

Fitness trackers are small devices that work just like watches. Instead of telling time, they can keep track of things like heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, and elevation gained. They are hugely popular among sportsmen, body-builders, and athletes as they are better than phone apps in measuring. Worldwide demand for fitness trackers is expected to rise around $3.33 billion by the end of 2022.

This question might pop up in your mind, if the fitness industry runs throughout the year, then why to start this drop-shipping business in winter? Think of it, with every new year along-with purchase of unique journals and other stuff, people also set their fitness goals, and that is the main reason why fitness tracker can be the best product to be sold in 2020 as it is not only the bestselling product but also a future top hit. Product – Smart Band Blood Pressure Measurement Pedometer Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Bracelet Women Men Waterproof For Android Ios

Smoothie blenders

Why are smoothie blenders getting popular? More precisely, because they are indirectly associated with almost all spheres of human life, particularly health one. As more and more people are becoming health conscious and are returning to the natural world rather than using dry powders, smoothie blenders are also becoming immensely popular.

Another reason why smoothie blenders are in high demand is because of the impact of technology we all are having in our lives. Life is becoming faster and requires everything to be done in seconds; the main reason people are adding smoothie blenders in their home appliances. Whether it is a quick breakfast or lunch to be given to children, smoothie blenders are always there to help in making different types of shakes and smoothies.

If you want to add smoothie blenders in your drop-shipping plans, you are least likely to face disappointment as emerging demand for these blenders is undoubtedly making them the best option to be sold in 2020. With targeted marketing and a little effort, you can run your drop-shipping business as it is an excellent product offering a unique opportunity. Many platforms are selling smoothie blenders. People like to have things that bring comfort to their lives, and thus, they like smoothie blenders because of their easiness. Product – IKOHS MOI SLIM G.L.A.S.S BLENDER Pink 400ML Portable Blender Juice Automatic Vegetable Fruit Juicer Orange Electric Cup Smoothie

The best Products and Market Research Tools

There is no concept of having a well-settles business in one or a few nights and those who believe that remain in distress forever. Everything takes time, specifically if it is a new business in the market.

After having a close look at the products listed below and selecting one of them, I would strongly suggest you, before launching your business, to do your adequate research about both product and market strategies. It’s better to learn before experimenting in the real world.

The following are some essential tools that you can consider in approving or terminating your business ideas.

Google trends

Google trends is a powerful tool that allows you to have a look at the pattern of a search term or brand over time. It gives you a notion of how much value your desired brand or market has, and thus, you can conclude if the product is up or down in trend line.


Quite a famous name, Amazon is considered as the best seller platform. It is full of sales information and displays the most popular titles for each niche, leaving you all surprised. It is also the best popular site, as top sellers published every hour.


You might be surprised by the presence of Pinterest under this category. But the fact that besides being a famous social media platform, Pinterest is also one of the significant trend-makers on the internet. Considering Pinterest can be valuable as you can quickly get an idea about trends that people like the most.

Ali Express

In last, there is Ali Express, a top-rated China-based platform for online shopping, but also an indirect tool in showing you the products which are in high demand. Here, you can surf and browse to get an idea about the current popularity of your product or niche.

That’s it; the top 10 drop-shipping ideas to start a new business! Here’s a list of genuine dropship suppliers I hope you like them and find them useful.

How to make money as a 12-year old online?

how to make money as 12 year old online

Everyone loves to make money, but unless you meet the age requirements to get a job, you’ll have to think outside the box. I know a lot of people wonder how to make money as a 12 year old online, so we’ll show you how today.

With some of the ideas on this page related to how to make money as 12 years old online, you can make thousands, but it depends on how much effort you are willing to make.

Online Surveys

To help brands deliver better products and services and get paid in the form of gift cards or money, share your opinion. To work on this idea which is in your search of how to make money as a 12 year old online? You’ll need to apply for a lot of surveys, but it’s all about how much work you put in.


Dog owners treat their dogs as family members, and it is very important to them that their dogs get the right amount of care and attention even if they are too busy to do it on their own.

This point will help you to find your answer related to how to make money as a 12-year-old online by dog sitting. With the help of your parent/guardian you can make your account or Create and disperse flyers around your neighborhood to let your neighbors know that you’re ready to work.

Sell Products Online

Launch your website; in this domain, your parent will help you to promote your online business so that you can receive orders in large quantities. You must have to present in the best way and dispatch it will beautiful packaging so that your consumers will satisfy and increase the number of orders. This will expand your business and solve your query for how to make money as a 12-year-old online.

You-Tube Channel

At your age you love to know about toys, so make videos related to toys which will increase the fan following of your age group and you come to know that how to make money as a 12-year-old online. This is not a way to make money easily, but if you stick to it, it could pay off significantly.


even though it’s all fun because it’s a great way to make a lot of money and age doesn’t matter. All you need to do is learn what to do for how to make money as a 12-year-old online. Many think it’s really hard when it comes to building a website and they’re paying someone else to do it rather than doing it themselves, and that’s where you’re coming in.

Helping Hand of Your Mom

If you’re not babysitting by yourself, don’t let that stop you. There are a lot of stay-at-home moms and work-at-home moms (like me) who enjoy the support and have no problem with paying someone to entertain the kids while they are working and doing stuff. This will also help you to find a way for how to make money as a 12-year-old online.

Lemonade Stand

Yeah, the good old lemonade always works, but there’s a twist on it. You can make $5-$10 in your neighborhood trying to do it, but try something else. Ask your parents to take you to a local active park and set up near the basketball courts, volleyball courts, or anywhere you can get the most traffic.

People are going to want to help you, and they’re going to want cold water or a frozen lemonade cup, so it’s a win for your search in how to make money as a 12-year-old online. Make sure you check with your city order before setting up to make sure it’s safe to do this.

Car Service

Basic car cleaning includes washing the car, vacuuming, inside / out polishing, and washing the window. This is an easy thing to do.
I recommend taking pictures of before and after your parents’ car to show off the good work you’re doing when trying to get customers. I’d even recommend doing some free trials in return for your nearby neighbors to spread the word.

By doing so, many people will know about services and you will know how to make money as a 12-year-old online with your car.

Cleaning Services

This may not be the most enjoyable job, but doing this you might make some good money. Adults like helping young go-getters and don’t mind cleaning their house for some extra money, but you’re going to have to prove yourself.

I recommend that you do your first free job just to win over your clients and find the best way for how to make money as a 12-year-old online by promoting your car service on social media. Always exceed their expectations so that they can talk to their friends and family about you, and through word of mouth, you can get more work.


Would you like to take pictures? Then you ought to be paid for it. As a kid, you may not get the confidence you deserve to get high-paid gigs like weddings, senior pictures, etc. but you may be the main assistant photographer, and you may learn a lot. You can also make a facebook page to promote your photography skills by using social media platforms. This will be the best and most interesting idea in your how to make money as a 12 year old online list. Learn how you can make money with art skills.

You once invest in purchasing high-quality cameras but this investment will help you in making a long-term profit.

how to make money as 12 year old online

In The Nutshell- How to Make Money as a 12-year Old Online

Remember that making money is important, but saving it is even more important, so you will always have it. Not only search for how to make money as a 12-year-old online, but also search for how to save that money. It’s also good to create targets to motivate you if you want to save for stuff like a car, break down how much you’re going to have to make and save every month, so your target seems to be more realistic.

Consider putting your money into savings. The faster you do that, the better. Long-term planning is great as skills and wealth will be well above your peers. Looking for more ways to make money as kid? Here’s the top ways for kids to make money.

5 Profitable Businesses You Can Launch For Cheap or Free

Profitable Businesses You Can Launch For Cheap or Free

Becoming an entrepreneur or businessperson is something most of us dream. Unfortunately, we don’t have the money we think that would be necessary to venture into business. However, the Internet now makes it possible for almost everyone to launch a profitable online business for cheap or free. Let’s dive into profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free.

Cheap or Free Business?

Of course, there’s nothing that’s really cheap or free business. You’ll definitely be investing a little money on some equipment or stuff and of course, putting your own invaluable efforts. Yet, when you compare these expenses with costs of setting other businesses, these would well qualify as cheap or free. 

Profits or income from these cheap or free businesses can be amazing too. Provided you handle these enterprises with utmost diligence and exert extra efforts. 

If you’re among those millions of people that dream of setting up own profitable businesses for cheap or free, here’s some time-tested and proven ideas.

Profitable Business You Can Launch For Cheap or Free

These profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free need depend a lot upon your skills. And equipment necessary for setting them up would most likely be already at your home. Or you can buy it cheaply. 

Dropshipping Marketplace

Dropshipping is a fairly simple business you can launch cheap or free. You’ll need a website or a marketplace on Facebook, Etsy or Shopify or other eCommerce platforms. These are available at very affordable subscriptions or even free. Setting up an online marketplace on Facebook, Etsy or Shopify is fairly simple.

As dropshipper, you’ll have to tie-up with manufacturers or wholesalers in different countries to supply stuff at very economical rates. You’ll sell this stuff at a higher price, after adding your profits. Whenever you get an order, you’ve to pass it on to the supplier along with the payment. The supplier ships the goods directly to your customer.

You can give these products your own brand. However, you’ll need proper returns and refunds policy if a customer is dissatisfied with the stuff for any reason.


Blogging is yet another profitable business you can launch for free of cheap. You’ll require excellent writing and presentation skills to become a blogger. You can open your own blog by purchasing an excellent domain name and hosting from sites like Godaddy, BlueHost etc. An own website doesn’t cost as much as you’d imagine. Also, acquire some digital marketing skills through free or paid online tutorials.

There are different ways you can make money through blogging. The most common is Google AdSense- a free resource from Google. You can subscribe free to Google AdSense once your blog meets their specifications. Once your subscription is active, Google displays ads on your blog site. Should anyone click on these ads, you get some money.

Affiliate marketing is another way by which blogging fetches your money. Join excellent affiliate marketing programs of Amazon, eBay, and other companies. Whenever anyone buys the product using your affiliate link, the company pays you some commission.

The third way blogging gets money is through paid posts and paid advertisements. Some companies or small businesses can ask you to write their reviews or post their content on your blog. And they’ll pay you for that. You can also accept advertisements for display on your website and charge for the service.

Online Advice Columnist

Do you have that special knack for solving all sorts of problems? Become an online advice columnist. It is one of the most profitable business you can launch online for cheap or even free. In the UK and certain other parts of the world, Online Advice Columnists are also known as Agony Aunts or Agony Uncles. As these terms suggest, they advise people facing various real-life circumstances.

Online advice columnists earn in different ways. You’ll need a good website and provide an excellent write-up of your problem-solving skills for this. People with problems can ask you questions online. And they’ll pay for your answers. Otherwise, you can provide a telephone number and charge per minute for the chat and advice. 

If your skills are really good, a local TV channel, radio station, news website, magazine or newspaper can hire you to write columns. And they’ll pay you for the column you write.

Online Remote Assistance

A lot of people, especially the elderly, require remote assistance to fix their computers and laptops. If you’re adept at fixing software glitches, open an online remote assistance business. You get paid by the hour or per assignment, depending upon the difficulty of the task at hand. 

In any case, this is an excellent business to set up for cheap or free since profits are very high. You can advertise online remote assistance services through social media and other platforms. Or join groups and small firms that outsource the service from experts like you.  There’s a lot of money to be made by opening an online remote assistance business.

Advisory Services

Lawyers, physicians, financial experts, and engineers can open an advisory business online for cheap or free. Online advisory is one of the most profitable businesses you can launch anywhere in the world and especially in USA. People look for legal advice for all sorts of things such as buying a home, creating a will or claiming insurance. And also if they’ve violated any laws.

Similarly, victims of various ailments want advice on best medical consultants they can visit, second opinion about diagnoses and preventive measures for any disease. Financial advisory, as you’ll most likely be aware, is the highest paying. You can promote investment plans for one or more companies and banks and get commissions. You’ll also get paid by the hour by the client who needs your services.

In Conclusion

These five profitable businesses you can launch for cheap or free; depending upon how much time and effort you’re willing to invest. These five businesses are also evergreen and aren’t expected to go redundant anytime during the foreseeable future.

Top Ways for Kids to Make Money – Kid Businesses that Generate Income

Do you also dream of becoming a millionaire one day? You are probably waiting for the day when you will grow up, graduate from your university and start earning. You do not need to wait anymore as these ways for kids to make money can get you started already. These ways for kids to make money will instantly help you start earning some extra bucks.

You might be thinking how is that possible for kids to make money as you have seen the adults responsible for it. Do not worry, you can also earn some cash too either as your pocket money or if you are planning on saving a few extra dollars to buy yourself a present, these ways for kids to make money will help you attain your goal.

Before we get into the ways from which you can make money, it is important that you set clear goals. Let’s look into it in a bit more detail.

How much money are you planning to make?

If you know the answer to that, you can easily pick the most relevant ways for kids to make money. You might want to buy a surfboard that will cost you a few dollars so you can take up the work that is just right enough to pay you the exact amount, it would be more like a one or two-time work that does not need to be continued. 

There is a long list of ways for kids to make money and here I will be discussing the top and the best ideas for you that are not only easy to do but also cash quickly. Let’s jump into the ways for kids to make money.

Creative ways for kids to make money

It does not matter what age of a kid you are, these ways for kids to make money is a gold mine for you to dig in and get quick cash. Remember, if you are younger than 16 years of age, you might wanna have your elder siblings or your parents around to be a helping hand and guide you through.

creative ways for kids to make money

One: Babysitting

You might have neighbors who have their jobs to handle and might be in search of someone who can look after their little children until they are back from their work. This can be the best opportunity for you to offer them to babysit their kids until they are free from work and charge them a few dollars in return. The average rate to babysit a child is $14 an hour. You can charge according to your experience and the number of kids you will babysit.

Most importantly, you need to have the bag ready in which you should have all the things that are needed to babysit a kid like toys, basic first aid kit, napkins, etc. You need to have your bag set according to the age type of kid you will babysit. 

Two: Sell used items

You might have a mountain of toys that you bought and you do not feel like playing with them anymore. Instead of throwing them away, you can actually sell them on sale where you can make money to buy yourself some new toys you might be eyeing on since long. If you want to sell some stuff other than toys like clothes, decor, shoes, etc, you can keep them in the selling bucket too. Other children who might be interested would come and buy your toys, clothes, etc to add them to their collection. Do not forget to be open to negotiations for the most sales. How interesting is that?

Let’s look into more ways for kids to make money.

Three: Run a lemonade stall

You might have seen a lot of times the lemonade stalls by the street while walking past them mostly in summer times. You can do the same. You can ask your parents to set you a stall by the street or in your lawn outside your house and prepare a few jugs of chilled lemonade with the help of an elder person to sell it. Calculate the cost of the things used to make the lemonade plus the price of disposable glasses and straws and charge a little extra than the total cost per glass of lemonade. You can easily earn some extra bucks running a lemonade stall in the summertime.

ways for kids to make money - lemonade stand

Four: Sell sweet treats

Just like lemonade, you can also run a sweet stall where you can sell your baked items like cupcakes and cookies or even ice creams of various kinds of flavors. You can ask your parents for the recipes and bake cupcakes and cookies with them and sell them on your stall. You can package them in pretty boxes to attract more people to buy. If you do not enjoy baking, you can also sell candies and chocolates instead. You can buy candy bars in bulk and get a bulk discount from Sam’s Club or Costco and then sell the candies to your friends in your school or on your stall to customers in double the price of the discounted price. 

Five: Sell fruits and vegetables

There are two ways you can sell fruits and vegetables. Both methods are free of cost. First one is that you can grow your own fruits and vegetables in your yard in the garden. If you do not have a garden, you can grow them in the pots instead. You can then sell them after they are fully matured or you can adopt the second method that is easier. 

There are people who have fruit and vegetable’s plants or trees that they do not harvest and eventually the fruits and veggies fall to the ground and rotten. You can go and harvest those trees and plants by taking the owner’s permission and sell them to the farmers market or to locals and can earn a good amount of money from it. Isn’t that a great idea? You would not even have to invest in it. 

Six: Make and sell handmade jewelry

If you are creative and you love to create new things, this can interest you. You can buy the jewelry making kits from stores nearby your house and with easy steps given on the kit, you can make awesome handmade jewelry to sell to your friends. You can also make friendship bands from wool that are very easy to learn. You can find a lot of tutorials on YouTube to make handmade jewelry and learn this art to make money. People are earning a lot of money selling handmade jewelry and the demand is increasing for more.

Seven: Mow the lawn of your neighbors

Neighbors are your first customers that you start your business with. What a lucky kid you are if your neighbors are offering you work and you do not even have to go far to make money. You can make money by mowing the lawn of your neighbors and earn an extra tip to take care of their garden like weeding, planting or watering the plants. You can charge them around $30 to $50 according to how big their lawn is and how much time you take to mow the lawn. You should always ask your neighbors for their instructions and requirements about how they want the work to be done and how much they would like the grass to be trimmed. 

Eight: Wash cars and bikes

On the weekends, washing cars and bikes can not only be a fun activity but also you will earn some money. With this way for kids to earn money, you can get your friends to join in and help you with washing cars and bikes. You only need to collect some stuff like soap, sponges, towel, bucket and a wiper and you are ready to clean. You can charge up to $20 per vehicle depending on its size and yes do not forget to promote your service a day before to let your neighbors know that you are open to wash their cars and bikes so they can hire you.

Nine: Clean the windows

Just like washing vehicles, you can clean the windows on weekends and earn money. There are a lot of outdoor cleaning and washing jobs you can do in your neighbors over the weekend or on vacations like shoveling driveways after snow, racking yards in autumn and the list goes on.

Ten: Paint 

Painting is one of the ways for kids to earn money. You can offer to paint doors, fences, home exteriors (especially the exteriors of the wooden houses that need to be painted every few years to avoid rot), garage floors, etc.

Eleven: Pet sitting- Take care of pets

Do you love pets? Maybe cats or dogs! If yes then you must pet sit and earn some bucks. Pet sitting includes looking after the pets when the owner is gone, bathing, feeding, playing with them and taking them to a walk. You can easily get this work of pet sitting in your neighborhood. How fun will it be to do something you love and earn at the same time? If you are shy to ask your neighbors to pet sit their pets than you can place flyers around or slide them in their mailboxes or you can ask your parents to talk on your behave.

pet sitting - top ways for kids to make money

Twelve: Become a tutor

If you are a teenager and you have good knowledge in a particular subject either it be related to academics or a skill, you can always offer your course to the kids, your peers or people who might be interested in learning. You can teach how to cook or paint if you have exceptional skills or can give coaching of a certain subject like maths and can charge either per session or hourly rate. You can put up flyers around your neighborhood or in your school to advertise your service.

Thirteen: Do household chores

Apart from the outdoor jobs, you can earn money through indoor jobs too. You can help people with their chores like washing dishes, cleaning around the house (furniture, bathrooms, tiles, windows, curtains, etc) and also you can house sit when the owners are busy. You can charge per work or the hourly rate accordingly.

Fourteen: Be a party entertainer

This is one of the most interesting ways for kids to earn money. You might have been invited to a birthday party and must have seen party entertainers like clowns or magicians or people dressed in cartoon characters. You can be one of those. Yes, you can earn money by playing as one of the characters and be a party entertainer. Parents are most likely to call party entertainers on their kid’s birthday parties and this might be a chance for you to show up and earn some extra cash. You can also apply for professional party entertainer so you have frequent opportunities to earn money.

These were the few easy ways for kids to make money that are temporary means of earning a few bucks but would you like to know more interesting ways that you can make a full-time career? Well if you are interested to make a huge sum of money, these amazing, top-rated ways for kids to make money is just what you are looking for.

Top online ways for kids to make money

You are now going to learn the power of online ways for kids to make money. These ways have taken the world to the next level in terms of earning huge sums of money. These ways not only help in kickstarting your career but also, some of these online ways for kids to earn money can make you famous. This can turn your ideas into reality where you will create an audience, who will admire you for being yourself and coming out with creative inventions and thoughts. You just need to be dedicated, passionate, have belief in yourself and most importantly, be a little patient for best result.  Let’s get straight into these top online ways for kids to make money. 

One: Blogging

Blogging has now become the top-rated means to earn money. But before you ask how, you need to know what is blogging. Blogging is sharing your ideas, thoughts, and inventions for people to read. You must have used Google when searching for something. You get hundreds of search results and can click on any of those links to read the related content you searched. The articles you read are blogs. The ones who write these blog posts are bloggers and what they do is known as blogging. Pretty simple huh? If you have some interesting writing pieces that entertain your thoughts, you can share them on your blog and people will read them. 

I know, you might still be wondering how will this help you in earning real cash? Well, blogging has a few steps that you have to follow in order to start your career as a blogger. Well let me tell you that what you are reading right now is a blog and yah, while you are reading, I am earning real cash. Don’t worry, you do not have to pay for it, it is free for you to read but I am still benefiting. 

Now let’s get into steps for setting up a blog

  1. Decide on a niche.
  2. Choose a platform.
  3. Get a Webhosting.
  4. Think or find the best-suited domain name.
  5. Design your blog.
  6. Post your blog posts.
  7. Register for AdSense to earn.
  8. Use affiliation to earn even more.

It might seem confusing to you but here is the link you can look into for more detail regarding these steps: How to start a blog? It is very easy to set up. You just need to go for it and be a little patient for the results to show in. 

Two: Youtube

Youtube has become the pocket entertainment and people love to binge-watch the videos that interest them. Most of the youtube audience are kids and youth. There might be a YouTuber you are subscribed to and love to watch there content. Well, they earn money as you watch their videos, like, share, comment and subscribe them. You can do that too. Just like your favorite YouTuber or favorite youtube channel, you can also set up your channel and start uploading the content you want people to see and enjoy. It doesn’t matter if you are camera shy, a lot of creative youtube channels put their contents without facing the camera. If you are confident then you can vlog or make videos you would like too. You can monetize your youtube channel and can start earning money when people watch your videos. Let me remind you, you need to keep patience along with consistency. 

Three: Freelancing

If you are not the one who wants to be famous or you have other skills that you can provide people and earn money like writing etc, freelancing can be a great opportunity to offer your skills in return for money. Freelancing is working online at the comfort of your home where you are your own boss. For freelancing, you just need to have a skill to offer, internet connection, computer, and your time and dedication. There are several freelancing sites that offer you work where you can send proposals for the jobs you like and you feel confident that you can do them, then you can make money at your comfort. Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and freelancer are the top most known freelancing sites you can join and start working. Freelancing offers jobs for various skill sets that include writing, voice-overs, editing videos and unlimited options for you to choose from. You can earn thousands of dollars gradually with time as you get experience. 

Four: Teaching

Other than teaching offline to your peers etc, you can now teach online to a wider audience worldwide aswell. You can sell your courses on Udemy or can teach through live sessions on skype by gathering the students from different freelancing sites. You can charge per hour or charge for the whole course. The only thing you need is to be an expert in a certain area of knowledge either it is an academic subject or a skill like music.

Five: Social Media Manager

This is also one of the unique ways for kids to make money as you might be aware of the kid’s presence on social media is increasing day by day and are very well known to the social media tools and its usage, don’t you? This is an extra added advantage for you as you can be a social media manager will those skills to know it all. You can handle a social media account of someone and charge them money. It can be an Instagram account or a Facebook page or any other social media platforms. Doesn’t that feel like a dream come true? You can be a social media manager by finding this job through freelance market places.

Top ways for kids to make money - social media manager

Six: Crowdsourcing

If you have a unique idea that you want to execute but you do not have funds and the passion is growling inside you, crowdsourcing can help your idea to become a reality. How will that happen? Well, there are few platforms that give you an opportunity to share your ideas with the potential investors who pre-buy your invention before it is launched and you can get enough funds to make your dream a reality. Kickstarter is one of the crowdsourcing sites where you make a prototype of your product and if the people will like your invention, they will be your potential investors. You can then manufacture the product as soon as you collect funds and send out to your supporters. Isn’t that cool?

Seven: Photography

Do you like taking pictures? Well if you do, this online way for kids to make money is what you need. Yes, you can earn money just by clicking pictures. iStockphoto, Shutterstock and Fotolia gives you a platform where you can upload the pictures you have clicked and can sell them online. There are a lot more websites where you can sell your pictures.

ways for kids to make money by photography

Eight: Instagram Marketing

If you use Instagram, you must be knowledgeable about influencers, if not then it’s okay. Influencers are those who are reputable people amongst our society whom people follow either they are celebrities or smaller niche Instagrammers. Instagram has a huge population of influencers in different fields of interests like lifestyle influencers, reviewers, etc. If you gain a huge number of audience on Instagram, companies will hire you to promote their products or services. You are often send free PR packages to review and are paid for it. You just need to make a post and can get hundreds and thousands of dollars. 

Nine: Sell Online

This last way for kids to make money is the most used method to earn online even by bigger companies who probably have started from a smaller scale and are now earning dollars. You might be expert at painting, drawing, making handmade jewelry or any other thing in the world, even eatables like cupcakes, you can sell them online. Etsy is a vast online trading platform that is being used worldwide to buy and sell products. Other than that, Amazon and Alibaba are also top-rated online markets for trading worldwide. If you are under 16, you can take help from elders to set your account to sell your products online. You can also sell second-hand stuff online. 

In this article we have talked about various ways for kids to make money, offline and online both but you need to remember, you can only earn a good amount of money if you are dedicated to your work especially when you want to continue it as your career. It is true that some of the ways above take more time to earn than others like online work but the results are worth all the hard work and dedication. You really need to keep yourself motivated for this to work. Once you are set and gain your potential worth, you will never have to ask for work, the work will find its way to you itself so be determined towards what you do and never give up. 

Benefits of earning at an early age

If you will start earning from an early age, you will have unlimited benefits:

  1. You will value money.
  2. You will have an entrepreneurial mind.
  3. You will grow up with leadership qualities.
  4. You will acquire time management skills.
  5. You will have experience before you graduate and will have an added advantage from those of your age group.
  6. Most importantly, you will learn to cross the obstacles and keep moving.

I hope these top ways for kids to make money has helped you with your solution to earning as a kid. Before you began your journey to earn, remember to be enthusiastic and dedicated towards whichever way you choose to follow to succeed.

Best of luck!

Detailed Passive Income Ideas for Beginners

When people hear about Passive income and what it means, they make a perception that it will  earn them money without even doing work for it. That’s not exactly the case. Passive income will earn you good amount of money but you will have to work for it in the start. Passive income actually means to earn money through some idea, product or any strategy and have to put in a little work to it and then you can start earning on it even when you are not doing anything for it. There are a lot of different ideas to earn money through passive income  and since passive income is a really vast topic with a lot of options to pursue, here Passive Income ideas for beginners will be discussed which will prove to be good to kick start your career in Passive Income.

How to Choose Which “Passive Income Ideas for Beginners” is Best for You?

To choose what’s best for you and what are the best passive income ideas for Beginners, you need to first analyze your likes and interests and then see what options are available around which would require your interests. It’s usually recommended to choose some of options rather than just one and start working on it except just one because then you can know which one is actually really useful and by which means you are earning more and after that you can keep your focus on that particular one and start earning some real amount of money on that one.  Having multiple approaches has helped a lot of beginners and will surely help many others provided one has keen eyes for observing with scrutiny and the thrill to get things done with prioritization.

Following are the passive income ideas for beginners which if applied correctly give fruitful results:

1. Give off things or spaces for rent

Giving your extra things or spaces such as your garage which could turn useful for many purposes or an extra room or some kind of equipment or gadget that you have or you can simply rent out your car as there are a lot of services available today that would require your car for a lot of different purposes. You can look around and see a lot of things around you that you do not use often but will be very useful for others who are looking to get those things on rent. You just have to have the keen eye required for this business. This option for passive income is one of the best passive income ideas for beginners, as it requires no complexities and prior availability of money and you can start earning right away without any heavy investments. It prevents you from having to go through the troublesome workup of estimating the investments and benefits that one has to do before starting any setup in this time of era.

2. Starting your own blog

You can start your very own blog and post content on it according to your interests and motives that would surely help others. One very interesting thing with this idea is this you could relate to the audience on their personal level and once they feel connected with you ,you realize you have true audience that appreciates your content. The more the traffic you get on your blog, the more chances of earning a large amount of money on it. This one of the passive income ideas for beginners is usually preferred by many because it involves minimal amount of risk of money and consistent effort can prove to be of great value. The main point which needs to be kept in mind while starting the blog is to check whether the content you are working on is being done by other people or not because the less the competition the better it is. Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is the authentication of the work that is being done, if the audience feels like it is taken from or inspired from another source they could easily lose their interests and once that is done its very difficult to regain their trust. If you are doing writing a blog on different products then linking it to Amazon would get you more market income. Monetizing your blog can give you a good opportunity to earn money Google Adsense. 

get paid to write online - passive income ideas

3. Writing your own e-book

Everyone is good at something. Be it related to some subject like science or math or be it related to your abilities of art and craft and knitting and stuff. No matter what, you can always write it down in a book and publish it on your own to reach a larger number of audience.

There are options like Amazon Kindle Direct Publish which lets you publish your own book so that you can use expertise and reach a larger number of audience. Or you can publish it to your own audience or release it on your own website. This one of the passive income ideas for beginners requires a bit of your time and effort but once you are done it pays off really good and you can keep earning on it afterwards. Publishing a book is a long term commitment, make sure you really have that kind of dedication and passion.

4. Making your own Online course

If the area where you have the most experience in requires a breakdown then making an online course on it would be a better option. There are websites which let you upload your work so that others can benefit from it while you earn from it. These websites include skillshare, Teachable, etc.

If you have any area of expertise than this would be one of the most useful passive income ideas for beginners.

It is basically for those professors and teachers in schools and colleges who have mastered their lectures and knows what they are teaching the students and have all kinds of knowledge that is necessary for that particular subject. So if you are a college or school professor and you are looking for something to do in your off time then this option is the best one for you because you can start earning on what you already do and on what you have complete knowledge on. 

5. Selling your photos online to websites

There are stock photography sites which buys your photos and gives you a handsome amount of money for it. You do not have to be a professional for it. Just your normal pictures from your phone would be good to go. A camera is a plus as it will earn way more money than the normal one. As this is one of the passive income ideas for beginners, you do not have to be a professional photographer to sell your photos. Even if you have a little  thing for photography then you can absolutely earn through this genius idea.

Sell your photos online

You can sell your stock photos on visual society and it lets you earn 100% of your profits through that photo unlike other websites that keeps some of your money with themselves. This is a better option for the photographers because it gives them a chance to choose their own price for the photos and it even lets you print your photos on canvas, photobooks and even or things like shirts, phone covers and mugs.

photography passive income ideas for beginners

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What is Blind Shipping – All You Need To Know About It

What is blind shipping

In 2019, the e-commerce industry is slowly picking up the pace. In this type of economic weather business models like blind shipping and drop shipping sound more appealing to entrepreneurs.

Among the two, blind shipping is a hot topic in the trading community. With the increase in international trading, business models like blind shipping are an ideal choice for many. Blind shipping simplifies the shipping process and also maintains the anonymity of the parties involved.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole trading space is extremely complicated. I don’t blame you if you feel a little lost. The process may be new and difficult to understand, but it’s nothing you can’t wrap your head around. Let’s dive in and start at the basics.

What is Blind Shipping All About?

So we have already established the fact that the blind shipping industry is growing rapidly. The question is, what is blind shipping? So let’s simplify the concept a little. The term blind shipping refers to the fact that the parties involved are not aware of who the shipper or the receiver is. This means that they are blind to the people involved in the process other than themselves. It can also be described in a manner that the customer is unaware regarding where is the shipment is really coming from. He will receive it as the seller sent it, but in real seller is using a company to blind ship the product to his customer.

So where is blind shipping most effective and why do sellers prefer it? The answer lies in the fact that in blind shipping, the hassle and grunt work is minimized. This is an obvious plus point for most of the sellers who do not wish to deal with the grunt work that comes with directly shipping the goods to the customer. The “grunt work”  is dealing with warehouses and stocks. In addition to that, they have to deal with additional distribution channels. Most sellers would prefer to avoid that if they could. The good news is, through blind shipping, they can!

Most importantly seller does not need to invest in the stock, so his risk is minimized. He will just be concentrating on the marketing aspect, to increase the sales.

Blind shipping is also helpful in concealing the involvement of a third-party vendor. This is done by replacing the vendor’s information with the seller’s information. What this does is that now the buyer knows the product came from the seller, and not the vendor. Through numerous tips and tricks, the end goal is always to maintain anonymity.

The blind shipment method could be referred to as a “blind date” but in a business setting.

How Blind Shipment Works

As mentioned before blind shipping is preferred to minimize the cost and grunt work that goes into completing the shipments. In fact, most sellers prefer blind shipping because of its simplified process and the lower cost value associated with it. To make the process clear here is a little example.

Let’s assume that we have company A which is based in the USA. Company A is the manufacturer, offering blind shipping in this scenario. It will be manufacturing a product that will be sold to others. Now we assume that there is a seller A who is based in Ireland. This seller is going to buy the aforementioned product from company A and further sell it someplace else. This leads us towards customer A who is based in Russia. This customer is going to buy the product from the seller A. The same product which was initially manufactured by company A.

In this scenario, the seller A is the one utilizing the blind shipping method. The seller buys the product from the manufacturer and sells it to the customer A. So each of the party involved benefits here. Company who’s offering blind shipping, does not have to worry about selling to customers directly, It will be done by sellers. Sellers don’t have to maintain stock, and their customers receive the product as if seller sent it. Customer will have the product which he wanted to purchase. So it is a win-win for all the parties.

This method also conceals the identity of the manufacturing company A. If the customer finds out the company A he will not buy the product from seller A. The customer will now be getting the same product at a lower price than before. This will effect seller A’s livelihood. At the same time, the vendor/customer will be benefiting from this. This way you can understand how the process works and the damage caused once the anonymity is breached.

To summarize how blind shipping works; all you need is a website, it will have products from your vendor, who’s offering blind shipment. You will advertise those products, generate some sales. When a product is sold, you will send the details of your customer to your vendor, and he will send it as if you(the seller) sent it. Seller will have his own prices, more than what he’s getting the product for, of course. That margin will be seller’s profit.

Pros of Blind Shipping

One of the most obvious pros, which you might have already realized by now, is efficiency. Blind shipping is cost and time efficient. This method will make you save time and money as the distribution channels and the grunt work is minimized. Most seller prefer this because this method does not require any sort of inventory and warehouse. This allows the business owner to solely worry about the marketing aspect of the business. Focusing on search engine optimization and online advertisement becomes easier when the work load is distributed. Once the responsibility is off of only one person’s shoulders the process becomes easier to manage. Now, the shipping aspect is controlled by some company and the marketing is done by you. Hence, things are easier to manage.

Along with these pros, there is one that no other method provides. This is the anonymity of the third party vendors/manufacturer involved.  The information of the manufacturer is concealed by the seller’s information. The makes the customer remain unaware of the origin of the product.

The blind shipping method comes with a number of pros but just like any other method, it is not perfect. So let’s look at some of the cons.

Cons of Blind Shipping

The whole shipping industry is fairly complicated. Despite the numerous pros offered by this blind shipping method, it has its flaws. Let’s talk about some conditions where this method does not perform as well as it should. Usually, the documentation for blind shipping is carried out through email. This is done to prevent and atone for any mistakes that might occur along the way. The most common mistake is the usage of an incorrect bill of lading.

What is a bill of lading, you might ask? Well, it is basically a legally binding document that will help in reassuring the parties involved in the process that they will process the delivery correctly. In each contract almost two bill of lading are required. Both of these bill of ladings will be prepaid. The bill of lading or BOL for short holds a lot of importance.

Failing to use the blind bill of lading can compromise the efficiency of the blind shipping method. Maintaining the anonymity of the parties involved is a plus point for blind shipping. If the final bill of lading is not switched, it can compromise the anonymity of the parties involved.

Most of the time the people dealing with blind shipment state that if something goes wrong they will not be held responsible. When cases like these do occur the routing mistakes are not handled by the people dealing with the shipment. This is why the most prominent con of dealing with blind shipping is the fact that the people involved have no control over the process. If not managed properly the product packaging and the time needed for the delivery is compromised. Such blunders are bound to affect the business of the people involved. These mistakes, however severe, can be managed and prevented by being careful.

Not having to invest in the stock is an advantage, but at the same time it comes under disadvantage as well. As you will be unaware of the quality of the product. And at times product will be out of stock, that can hurt your sales and credibility.

Risks Factors That Comes With Blind Shipping

We have talked about the pros and cons associated with blind shipping. It important to address that although this method comes with a few cons, they are still preventable. The blind shipping method comes with its fair share of pros, so the cons should not stop you from adopting this method.

The good news is, there is a legal method to prevent or manage any mistakes. This can be done via a letter of credit. Letter of credit? Yes! It is basically an agreement between the banks of the parties involved. Once the banks get involved almost is everything is set in stone. No one can go back on their word and if they do, there are consequences. The agreement being that the payment will be fulfilled once the task is completed successfully.

What this does is that the parties can remain anonymous and banks will act as a mediator to secure the payment.  Dealing in an e-commerce ecosystem makes one prone to getting invovled in financial scams. Blind shipment can come with some financial risks if one does not know what they are getting themselves into. It is always better to know ways that can act as a safety net in time of crisis. In this case, definitely look into getting a letter of credit. Dealing in an e-commerce ecosystem makes one prone to getting involved in financial scams.

Drop Shipping And Blind Shipping – Are They the Same Thing?

If you are here reading this article, you are probably familiar with drop shipping. Blind shipping is basically a branch of the whole drop shipping shenanigan. The question is if blinding shipping different from drop shipping. Well, yes…and no. The concept behind both is pretty similar but they are still different than each other. Let’s weigh out the similarities first. Well for starters they both do not need a warehouse for storage of products. The person managing the business does not have to deal with managing the orders etc. Along with this in almost both of them, the third party company deals with most of the technical processes.

Now let’s move towards the differences. In drop shipping, the address and name of the warehouse or the distributor are mentioned on the associated documents. On the other hand, in blind shipping, the address, and name of the warehouse or the distributor are kept anonymous for maintaining anonymity. This is the only thing that differentiates the two. This is also one of the most obvious reason for why one is favored over the other.

Start Blind Shipping Today

There are many platforms that provide blind shipping services. The most notorious and successful of them all is Evereadyexpress. Evereadyexpress is by far one of the only reliable blind shipping platforms. The platform is easily accessible to all. Along with this, it requires a minimal fee to kickstart the process. The services provided will allow you to have maximum anonymity. You will remain anonymous throughout the whole process. For extra security, you can also track the shipment. What else could you ask for? The other one in the list is AliExpress.

 It is essential to carefully choose the platform you are collaborating with. Putting your trust blindly into a company that deals with blind shipping is never a good idea (pun intended). Do your research and choose wisely.

Blind shipping is an excellent opportunity for those who are dealing with inventory and branding issues. With the help of platforms like evereadyexpress and aliexpress, you have no excuse to procrastinate and think about the resources you lack. So pick up your e-commerce game and start blind shipping. If you have any more ideas to add to this subject then comment down below and help others out.

How To Make Money With Art Skills

how to make money with art skills

It is a common misconception that pursuing a creative field can never get you a stable job and that you will have a hard time making money with art skills.

“There is no scope in arts”

“What are you going to do with an arts degree?”

If you are an artist or studying to be an artist then it is common to have heard these and similar phrases from people around you. You aren’t alone.

The truth is that real artists don’t starve. Art is an extremely vast and exciting field with a variety of routes to pursue.

Allow me to walk you through a few methods through which you can make money with art skills. These methods can be used by both beginners and professionals who wish to make a few bucks without breaking a sweat. You are probably already aware of some of these methods; some you might even be practicing but I hope that you walk away learning something new about how to make money with art skills.

Sell Your Art Online

How do artists make money? That’s a no brainer, by selling their art of course! The most effective way to make money with art skills is through the digital medium. An artist can sell their art digitally in more than one way. Some of these methods offered by the digital medium will help you make a passive income through only one art piece. Interested? Let’s start.

The first method that comes to mind is selling art by yourself. As easy as it sounds, it is quite hard if you have never done it before. It is always advisable to gain some extra experience before you delve into handling things by yourself.

Selling prints on websites is the easiest way to get started. Most artists that illustrate or paint can make use of the digital medium by selling prints of their artwork. This method is also cost-friendly from a consumer point of view. Buying an original irreplaceable art piece is costly as the artist has only one piece to sell and the laws of supply and demand are at work. Buying a print, on the other hand, is not as costly and relatively affordable.

Print on Demand

There are numerous websites that allow you to make money with art skills. Selling online prints but the most popular of them all is RedBubble. You can upload your artwork on RedBubble and people can buy the printed form of that artwork.

 So where does the money come in? Well, RedBubble offers a base price for each available print and the artist decides the markup price. The markup price is what the artist gets each time their print makes a sale. The website handles all the boring and technical stuff like managing orders and shipping. The artist just gets to enjoy their time and create art. What else could you ask for !? Of course, sharing the price sounds rough but trust me it’s worth it!

When you are just starting out all of the technical stuff that goes into managing a startup can literally suck the life out of you. The process can wear you out quicker than you think. You might catch yourself thinking, “this isn’t what I signed up for”. This is why such sites can help you focus on honing your craft instead of worrying about the business. Below are a few other websites similar to RedBubble. Be sure to understand the rules and regulations of each one beforehand​,,

Stock Art

You can make money with art skills by selling stock art. By far the easiest method I’d say. Stock art is professionally photographed pictures of landmarks, sceneries, objects or people used for commercial purposes. These images can be sold online and each time someone buys your image, you get money straight into your pocket.

It is not only photographers that can use this method to make some coin but  Graphic designers too. Graphic designers can sell images, artwork, vector designs and more. Although the profit is slow, it is better than nothing. Most stock artists sell their art on a variety of different websites. The most popular websites are iStockphoto, Shutterstock, and pixabay. Posting your artwork on these websites is like making an investment. It is only going to make you money. It will hardly ever cost you anything.

 A stock artist does not have to deal with questions regarding their art or any of the bargaining sessions. The artist can upload his or her photography, illustrations, vector art and logo designs on these websites and become carefree from that point onwards. You can make money with art skills by selling stock art.

Commissioned Artwork

Artists can make money with art skills and make commissioned artwork. Commissioned artwork is art made on a request. The artist will create the requested art piece for their client. The client can be a private individual or organization. Most artists can sell their art by taking commissions through their website. Creating your own website is possibly the best step you can take in your career as an artist. This allows you to tell the world that your art is unique and branded. Branded art is on a whole other level as compared to the other art available.

 Making a website business work is requires extreme levels of patience. Business might be slow in the beginning but once you are all set up, the business will be booming in no time. Most artists who don’t own a website of their own make money with their art skills through taking commissions by e-mail and social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. In 2019, the number of Instagram based artists are growing and most consumers also prefer their dealings this way.

how to make money with art skills

Offering freelance services

Freelancing is a great method to make money with art skills. Freelance gigs can allow you to make some instant coin in no time. Freelancing artists sell commissioned art on request as well. These freelancing sites are filled with a skilled professional in design and art. You can find almost every skill available for sale here.

Numerous design tutors, strategists, and marketers offer their services here. It’s a great way to kick off your business without a personal website. Freelancing sites like Upwork and Fiverr are amazing to gain a presence in the community. This is why when you get around to making your own website and business you will already have recognition among clients.

Selling Digital Art Products

If you would like a more art oriented platform to sell your art then CreativeMarket might be right up your alley. This website has every type of theme, templates, and fonts you can imagine. The artist gets seventy percent of the total profit made from their art. Sweet deal, if you ask me!

Creative Market is the consumer’s first choice to go to if they need all things creative. Creative Market has a remarkable market momentum and is one of the most preferred websites for artists and art consumers alike. Amazon, eBay, and Etsy are other great options for you to explore as well. Making money with art skills was never this easy before.  the digital medium has opened a lot of opportunities.

Teach an Online Course

Not everyone is meant for selling art the traditional way and if you feel that teaching is your calling, you may want to consider teaching online classes as a way to make money with art skills. Most people who find teaching in-person nerve-wracking opt for this. Many beginner artists seek out knowledgeable teachers in the art community. Even if they are not a beginner, even professionals need to polish up their skills from time to time.

Most mature artists seek out a secure way to make with their art skills while at the same time enjoy their job. Creating online courses on websites can help you make money with art skills. These courses are a one-time investment for both the artist and the consumer. Since these courses are digital the consumer saves some money on travel and tuition. On top of this, the consumer can learn and be productive in the comfort of their own homes. Digital courses can cater to more people, in turn, bringing in more customers.

There are platforms to help you get started on your mentoring journey.,, Udemy, Teachable and, Academy of Mine are some great websites to name a few.

Start a Blog and Become an affiliate

Blogging! Yes, blogging is one of the best ways to make money with art skills. Blogging is a great method to accumulate an audience and build a following. This is all good but…how does one make money from this? There are more than one ways to make money through blogging. Since having a blog means you have a dedicated audience, your sales are bound to increase as the years go by. If you become a favorite of many then let the “word of the mouth” do the trick. If people like you they will talk about you on social media and try to help you out by giving you shoutouts.

 Affiliate marketing is becoming popular nowadays as well. Hmm? you don’t know what that is? It is basically where you sell other people’s products on your blog which has an increased following, and they give you some share from the sales you help them make. There are places you can go wrong with affiliate marketing.

It is wise to do your proper research regarding the product you are promoting. Most influencers get in trouble for promoting scams without realizing. Affiliate marketing makes you make money with art skills reputation and you barely have to do anything. Your audience and good reputation do all the work for you.

Hold a workshop

Following up on the teaching niche we have educational workshops. If you are one of those people who enjoy teaching in-person, then this is for you. Some people think that online courses are better than workshops, but hear me out. Some teachers perform well when they get in-person feedback and engagement from their students. Some beginner artists also feel like workshops are more effective than online courses for them. So the sentiment of online courses being better than workshops is eliminated here as there is an equally large audience for both.

Hosting a workshop is a great method to make money with art skills. Most calligraphers and hand letterers are popular with hosting workshops. You can offer a workshop for any skill you have mastered. There is bound to be an audience out there for you. If done correctly, workshops can earn you a lot of profit. Making money with art skills gets easier once you know your way around how the system works.

Final thoughts on How to make money with art skills

It is getting harder to keep up with the economic climate of our world in this day and age. Most people are striving to achieve stability in their respective fields. Most generations right now, specifically the millennials and the X generation, are trying to find stability in fields they truly enjoy. Many people think that in order to achieve financial stability one must kill their ambition of doing something they enjoy. This sentiment is evolving slightly as even the consumers are becoming non-conformists and support those who are of the same views.

 Keep in mind that the world is your oyster and people are willing to spend on things that provide value to them. If there is something you can share to the world, then what are you waiting for. DO IT! If there are any more ideas for how to make money with art skills then drop them down in the comments below. Help others out.

How To Prioritize Quality In Digital Marketing

how to prioritize quality in digital marketing

Digital marketing is now more important than ever before, with modern businesses finding it necessary to take to the web in order to drum up any positive buzz for their business. Despite the increased relevance of digital marketing in the modern world, however, many advertising gurus and aspiring marketing professionals are focusing too much on the scalability of their efforts and not enough on prioritizing quality. Producing lackluster marketing content is the best way to ensure your investment is totally wasted, so it’s worthwhile to review the steps necessary to churn out great content.

Here’s how to prioritize quality in digital marketing, and what you’ll need to do to avoid cutting costs where it most matters.

It’s all about content, content, content

First and foremost, it must be established that the most important aspect of any digital marketing campaign is the quality of the content in question. It doesn’t matter how many millions of impressions you generate or the amount of clicks you foster over time if the people being exposed to your marketing efforts aren’t finding them engaging, interesting, and worthy of their time and attention. As a matter of fact, overexposing your target audience to shoddy content is a surefire way to push them away from your brand and into the open arms of your competitors.

It’s thus worthwhile to ask yourself how you can go about producing the best content possible without bankrupting your business. Content wizards demand steep salaries, for instance, and it’s simply logic that dictates talented employees won’t come cheap. What you need to realize is that investing in your team pays off in the long-run, and that building your dream team is a process that can’t be rushed or streamlined to be as cost-effective as possible. Invest heavily in talent acquisition if you’re focused on prioritizing quality in your digital marketing, as cutting costs when it comes to getting good employees is a straight path to bankruptcy.

Coming up with a robust quality assurance strategy for web application development is also a necessary part of ensuring that your digital marketing firm will endure for years to come in an otherwise deeply competitive industry. You need to come up with a streamlined yet comprehensive way of determining if your marketing efforts are going somewhere, which may require the temporary hiring of a third party auditor to analyze your operations to determine their effectiveness. If your team doesn’t yet have a robust QA strategy, ready about why quality assurance is a necessary part of delivering positive marketing results to your clients.

Go deep instead of going broad

When it comes to creating content that will generate a buzz amongst users, you need to focus on going deep instead of going broad. What this means is generating amusing content that narrowly targets a small swathe of users instead of trying to generate a marketing campaign that will appease everyone, everywhere. If you try to appeal to too many consumers at once, the only thing you’ll achieve is turning off many different customer groups at once while failing to really appeal to any one of them as individuals.

In order to do this effectively, you must learn how to target a narrow digital audience and collect useful information from those who are the recipients of your marketing messages. Knowing how to define your target audience is often the first step of success in digital marketing efforts, so be sure to invest plenty of time, money, and creative energy in ironing out who you’ll be targeting and what the most effective means of reaching that demographic are. Finally, understand that throughout this entire process you need a hands-on approach from your leaders that enables you to closely manage your marketing efforts to ensure the best results possible.

You need to take responsibility for your marketing efforts as a team leader, which means fessing up when things don’t work and figuring out why the plan went wrong, even if it’s embarrassing or expensive. Prioritizing quality also means that you must sometimes learn when to step back and allow others to dictate the creative direction of the campaign, especially if management is your strong suit instead of creative marketing. Let your talented employees flourish and move in the direction they see as the most fitting rather than breathing over their necks, and your quality will be going up in no time.

Prioritizing quality isn’t easy, largely because it takes immense amounts of time, effort, and above all cash. Your business must be ready to spend the necessary amount of money on hiring the best and brightest workers around, as having a lackluster team ensures your quality will never sparkle. Similarly, expensive market research is sometimes a worthwhile investment when it elucidates your target audience. Keep these tips in mind, and the quality of your digital marketing will soon be skyrocketing.

How to Start a Lunch Delivery Business from Home?

how to start a food delivery service from home

Are you looking for better entrepreneurial ideas to start a business? Do you consider less hectic and more profitable business? Then how about considering a lunch delivery service from home? If you want to know how to start a lunch delivery business from home with no experience and little money, we have a complete solution guide for you. The idea embedded with delivery service is of food business which is not new but you can make it more innovative by implementing a better and profitable concept. The business is evolving with time because there are many business models that deliver grocery to homes, variations of meal kit are available right at your doorstep and even midnight food deals are also delivered.

Lunch delivery business from home can be further expanded to delivering the food to various offices, part-time job workers, and meetings, taking orders for birthdays, parties, corporate meetings or even to restaurants. Yes, we understand the consequences when an employee had to deal with the hassle to get lunch from any restaurant during the working hours. The professionals who deliver homemade food can overcome the problem and seize the amazing opportunity.

Indeed, you will definitely earn from a good food business. All you need is to implement the best model idea and get a clear understanding of dynamics and market. Make sure to add delicious food meals and combo meals to the list because yummy food for taste buds releases special enzymes and helps people to relax and make them feel stress-free.

Read the innovative business model to get in the chord.  The complete breakdown of a guide will surely help you to consider all the basic requirements on how to start a lunch delivery service from home?

Business Concept for food delivering service

Why consider a lunch delivery business from home?

start a food delivery service from home

Yes, starting any business is challenging but lunch delivery service from home comprises of little challenges but the associated food business market is definitely wide. This business involves making food for various types of customers. Thus, food and delivery service involve many common values that are similar to restaurants who offer home delivery service includes healthy food, conservation, hygiene, time limit, and sustainability.

Considering a food business along with delivery service is good. The new and tasty added meal items is surely a great idea because there are many companies, offices, canteens, outlets or corporate or family gatherings who prefer to get the food made on order despite ordering from restaurants. This assists to reach out to every client who usually does not get time to arrange hefty meals or going to an eatery.

You have to accept that every business had to face some challenges but the risk or calculated profitable venture depends on the financial status. Only you can choose to be a great entrepreneur or can start the service at small scale or dealing with famous restaurants by covering large scale assignments. Thus before launching any business, it is paramount to do your homework with economic or cost analysis, market research and doing the feasibility test.

Enjoy homemade food during lunch times

Any person who enjoys baking or cooking wants to adopt it as a profession and starting a business with homemade food is definitely a healthy and reliable choice. The food demands great knowledge, good research and a dynamic plan to start. Thus you will definitely need license, permits, good marketing strategy and inspection before any sale. Following are the important things to consider before delivering homemade food.

Niche selection

It is important to select the food you can make at home. Select the food and choose the criteria on how to sell it. You will find a variety of food options that include meal delivery to offices, schools or other corporate business, catering service, and baked food items. Now focus on niche markets such as new moms, working moms, local shops or cafes, stores, baked food items or catering service for weddings, local parties, meetings or other.

Allowed food items

If you want to register the food business from home, the following are the food products that are allowed to be used

  • Homemade candy that can be toffee, chocolate or nut brittle
  • Uncoated or coated nuts
  • Fruit Butters
  • Fruit Pies
  • Canned jellies and jams
  • Baked items such as cookies, pastries, cakes, and bread
  • Cucumber pickles
  • Dry Mixes
  • Vinegar
  • Roasted coffee and dried tea
  • Herb mixes and dried herbs
  • Mustard
  • Popcorn or related popcorn snacks
  • Dehydrated vegetables and fruits such as dried beans
  • Unroasted nut butter
  • Granola or related cereal

Deal with permits

While doing business market research, you will get to know about the local zoning rules that permit the citizen to sell homemade food from home. Otherwise, you need to rent out commercial space for cooking. It is important that all of the facilities are clean.

Market research

Doing your homework by conducting market research is a wise decision. Look for the home food delivering service or any related industry that is competitive. Check the business events especially arranged by small business development that will provide an open opportunity for the local food industry to see and determine the work. Otherwise, it is best to ask your friends or family members to use the service and leave reviews to get helpful feedback.

Business liability

Business liability is the paramount concern especially when it comes to an eatery. Public will be eating the food you cook in the home kitchen, so you have to take the complete responsibility or must liability insurance in your defense if anyone gets in sickening condition after eating a meal. It is good to interview customer of all age along with their families to deal with the potential eating or hygiene problems. It is best to keep the details regarding dietary restrictions or any type of food allergies.

Lunch delivery business from home

Major concerns to start a lunch delivery Business from Home

The homemade lunch delivery service can only be regulated in a state or locally. This means this business is restrained to a local area or confined because of state zoning but the law and regulations surely matter. We have gathered the major concerns you must need to look upon before starting the business.

Business plan

The business plan will assist you to take a rough idea for lunch delivery service and helps in accomplishing it. A good business plan even lets you estimate all the finances and convince the investors about the business strategy. Writing a business plan is tough, so you can take help online.

Business plan template for food delivering service

Do it legally

Yes, preparing food to get it delivered is a legal matter and you will surely use your private home kitchen to prepare food or meals on demand. While in many states, food prepared in a home or private kitchens for public consumption is delimited. According to the law, or health care departments, business entrepreneurs must use a commercial kitchen to prepare food. So, if the law applies to your state, you need to rent out the commercial kitchen which will affect your pricing strategy.


For lunch delivery business and food preparation, it is important to have general business and food vending license. The license will vary according to the locality and you will need a permit to handle and distribute food as well. For information about license, permits and food inspections, contact the local department or health department.


Yes, when it comes to food hygiene and sanitation process is important even the food storage method must also be considered but the chances that someone will get sick after taking your meal is surely possible. So in order to protect the assets, it is best to meet an agent for insurance to secure all the liabilities.

Business organization

It is wise to hire an experienced or professional attorney to guide you with a good business structure. If you somehow want to incorporate the lunch delivery service business, an experienced attorney will assist you to stay safe and protect you if anyone takes legal action against the business.

Find a lunch delivery business plan template here.

Target market

For lunch delivery service, targeting elderly customers is a wise choice. Do arrange meetings with the elderly parents or check out the places where senior citizens live. The human resource department of your state might help you to find the senior or elderly parents so that you can reach out your services to them.

Supplies and equipment

To implement the business idea, you will definitely need reliable equipment and supplies. One vehicle must be available in the start to make in time deliveries during lunch. However, you can also use your personal vehicle if you have a large order to carry meals, otherwise, it is best to buy a motorbike for quick service. The insulated containers will be required to keep the hot meals hot and will also assist in carrying multiple lunch boxes.

Napkins, packaging materials, condiments, paper towels, sanitation supplies, and disposable utensils will also be required to satisfy the vendors.

Order system

The successful companies have created mobile applications and websites so that customers can place an order but if your setup is not so large, you can take orders personally and keep a record of it. After the success of your setup, it is wise to develop an effective and efficient system for taking orders. Make sure any customer must not feel difficulty to place an order because it will affect the business badly.

Business name ideas

After all the market research, niche or selection of food items, it is now time to choose a good name for your business. Be creative while selecting the name because the name of the business represents the business image. It is best to follow the naming trend and people gets attracted to catchy names.

Reach out the local media

With the advent of technology and advanced social media, the news spread like fire but it is best to reach out to the local media about the business and service you will be providing. Post or print daily any sort of educational message about healthy intake of food items. The knowledgeable or health conscious people will surely get inspired and want to be your customers instantly. So build your customers wisely to be successful in your lunch delivery business.

Do I need a Professional Certification to Start a lunch delivery Service from Home?

Your concern regarding the business on how to start a lunch delivery service from home is relevant but if you do not have any past experience regarding food business or lunchtime delivery service, do not worry because you do not need any sort of special certification or formal training regarding this business. You are allowed to start a lunch delivery service with little business knowledge or informal training regarding delivery or food processes.

Thus, it is a positive point if you own any business relevant certification. It will aid you to conduct the business really well.

What are the Required Legal Documents to Run a Lunch Delivery Business from Home?

Before launching any business, legal documents are a must. Any individual cannot run any business without proper documentation in any state. Following are the essential legal documents you need to file up if you are running lunch delivery service from home legally.

  • Business license
  • Business plan
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Tax ID number/ Taxpayers ID
  • Commercial registration of Vehicle operator
  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • Legal driver’s license or vehicle operator
  • Assistants must have their assistants license
  • Handlers certificate for drinks and food
  • Ownership proof with ID and vehicle license
  • Health inspection certificate
  • You must have complete proof of drinks and district food manager`s ID card
  • Employee Handbook
  • Insurance policy papers
  • If you are operating online, Terms of Use must be specified
  • Privacy policy especially for online payment method
  • Agreement letters of employment
  • Company bylaws
  • Building or home license
  • Trademark license which is optional
  • Memorandum of understanding

Verdict – Lunch Delivery Business from Home

A complete guideline is provided above on how to start a lunch delivery business from home.  Lunch delivery business is truly a good and reliable business choice especially for one who wants to adopt it as a part-time business. It provides a potential way to earn great money if a business plan is made wisely. With such business, you will prepare food for lunch in mornings and finish the deliveries in just a few hours.

Additional note: Please consult a lawyer before starting lunch delivery business from home, to be sure of the laws in your state.