Top Five High Income Skills That You can Learn Online

top 5 high income skills that you can learn online

Are you planning to increase your worth by learning new high income skills? You definitely have heard it:

“Success comes to those people who are too busy to be looking for it.”

Henry David Thoreau

The advancement of technology has surely revolutionized the way of learning. People prefer more to realities than fantasy because technology has affected the lives of every individual. To cope up with the fast-paced life, every person tries best to work from moment to moment and earn money physically or virtually but most people often feel overwhelmed because of lack of skills. Thus, if anyone wants to make serious financial progress, learn skills that can assist to move forward in life.

Intelligent individuals learn profitable or high income skills online that leverage their full-time income. Remember that learning skills online demands great effort and dedication. So get the motivation and expand the skill set online. We have gathered the profitable skills that you can learn online during free time in a quick way.

High Income Skills to Learn Online

Yes, indeed there are hundreds of skills that can be learned online but we have gathered the core skills for long term benefits. Gather up incredible willpower, determination and ability to acquire these new skills. Make sure that the internet won’t behave as a barrier to your learning process.

High Income Skills # 1: Social Media Marketing

With the increasing trend of online business, the abilities and responsibilities as social media marketing are innovating with time. Remember, the responsibilities of social media marketer are more than publishing media content on social platforms.  It is the dynamic skill to achieve success especially when you want to run an online business. All the famous social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram are using the strategies and implementing to connect to a larger audience mainly for the business side. The social media marketer needs to connect to different followers and fans and keep them engaged with intuitive content. Numerous books and online content can help you to be a good social media marketer.

Social media marketing; a high income skill

Follow the links to start learning.

High Income Skills # 2: Copywriting

The job of a copywriter is definitely the highest paid job but it surely demands excellence. A copywriter needs to do his job in a proper and precise way which will pave way for future potential profits. But remember, to be a good copywriter, all you need is lots and lots of practice. Importance of copywriting cannot be ignored for any company, organization or especially in the world of freelancing. It is something that companies use to increase their traffic, target audience and reach out to bigger sales.  It is best to seize the opportunity by subscribing to various email lists and read some high-quality books or blogs. Do not forget to practice grammar because the skill will develop with time.

Copy-writing is one of the high income skills, that you can learn online

Thus, the skill requires years of practice but it is not difficult to learn. You can take an online course or browse for Youtube videos but we have mentioned the links below for your assistance.

High Income Skills # 3: Graphic Designing

The easy to learn skill online is graphic designing. It is surely important for almost all business but all you need is to master in designing by using two main tools Illustrator and Photoshop. If you have any interest in designing, do not waste your time and get a grasp on the functionality of tools.  Playing with colors and amazing layouts will immerse you because designing is not a science, it surely varies with taste. Try learning a few basic principles to give designing skill an aesthetic boost so that you can implement in work to make it more interactive.

graphic designing, high income skills to learn online

Learning graphic designing is a plus point and it leaves a great impact by making the life of an individual more creative, brighter and fuller. Try developing your skills with the links mentioned below.

High Income Skills # 4: Learn to code

With the advancement of technology, learning code is surely an incredible skill. You can create websites, different tools or also introduce exceptionally unique apps to the world with this amazing marketable skill. Whether you need to learn the basics of coding or want to learn to make a website, both of the resources are unique. However, it is good to select a coding language before learning because coding is interactive and available in many computer languages that include Python, HTML, CSS, C, C++, Java and much more. Going through Lynda courses will undoubtedly be a great idea but code academy offer free courses.

learn to code, high income skills online

It is good to set your goal because coding lessons will definitely be boring.

High Income Skills # 5: SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization that is the paramount skill. Search Engine Optimization is the set of principles, methods, and techniques to rank webpages on different search engines but mainly on Google. Remember, learning SEO is not so easy. It is really comprehensive with all sound principles and little tactics that require time and effort. The process and implementation of SEO is a lengthy and time taking process which surely does not happen in one night. However, learning SEO with one course or a book is not enough so it is vital to go through various terminologies and do go through the expert lectures and practices to master the art of SEO. If you learn SEO, it is with no doubt among the top high income skills. You can work for clients and for yourself as well. 

SEO is another high income skill that you can learn online


Learning high income skills online is the best and quickest way to achieve the goals. They definitely demand less energy, less time but more effort to get professionally experienced. So set the clear goals and effectively manage time to succeed in life by learning skills virtually. If you are already doing a job or a student, do introduce yourself to a possible world of freelancing and start loving your skills.

Highest Paying Part Time Jobs In USA

Highest paying part time jobs in usa featured image

Are you a student struggling to balance studies with work, or are you simply someone struggling to make ends meet in this terrible economy? Getting a part time job can be one of the easiest solutions for you! A part time job is best suited for students, house wives, stay-at-home dads, old folk that no longer have the stamina to hold a full-time position or even those people that have retired. We bring to you a list of highest paying part time jobs in USA.

Part time jobs are very flexible when it comes to timings.In most of them, you are required to work in shifts, which means they do not affect your study schedules or household chores, making them ideal for students.

Nowadays, a part time job is mostly needed because of the worldwide economic crisis. Some people even prefer to do part time jobs as a full-time career.

Let us see jobs which have a high pay rate and less working hours for part time workers, according to a certain statistical survey in America. These jobs have quite a high pay rate and minimum working hours.

Some of the highest paying part time jobs in USA are listed below:

Accountant: Average Hourly income $30.55
Accountant - highest paying part time jobs in USA

In order to this part time, you must have lot of experience as a accountant. However if you do, you can even start a business at your very home. Whenever you have spare time, you can do book keeping and accountancy at your home, however you will need to build a client base before you can hope to be successful!

Taxi Driver: Average hourly income $11.50

Second in the list of highest paying part time jobs in USA is to work as a taxi driver. If you’re someone that loves to drive around and meet new people, this is the perfect fit for you. Being a cab driver is one of the simplest part time jobs you can decide to do. You are free to choose how many hours you work, how many passengers you pick and drop and most importantly, which hours you want to work! Although it pays less then that of working as an accountant, driving around in a taxi has its own merits.

Real State Agent: Average hourly income $20.85
real estate agent - highest paying part time jobs in usa

A real estate agent is consultant whom you call when you need to buy and sell or rent a house, flat,cottage, or shops. Therefore before you can be one, you are required to hold a license, must be well trained and well informed of all the rates of houses, flats and shops. In short, you must have a good idea of the property market in order to earn commissions.

Tutor: Average hourly income $30. Or more.

They say ‘teaching’ is the noble profession. What they fail to mention is that it is also a very lucrative profession. A few hours of tutoring can earn up to a fairly hefty amount. Mostly, students do this job and get money for their college expenses. Tutoring is very popular nowadays, but requires a lot of teaching skills, knowledge of the syllabus and the exam, and proper scheduling.

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Best Conducts on How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

how to make 200 dollars in one day

Do you need money immediately? Are you looking ways to save money for your extra event? Are you still struggling for a reliable part time job? Are you looking for legitimate ways to earn money in one day? Are you seriously broke?  Wait Wait the answers to all your questions are mentioned below. The best and legitimate conducts will teach you on how to make 200 dollars in one day. 200 dollars is just a few clicks away because no one wants to pay late bills. If you simply haven’t figure out the ways to earn money, do show your creativity and change the financial future by earning 200 dollars in just one day.

Applying for loan or borrowing money from friends often makes things worse. If you think that everyone can easily make 200 dollars, you are absolutely wrong because not all can make money online. Starting from scratch without any experience makes it very difficult to earn almost $200 in just one day but if everything is planned, you can simply achieve more than $200.

No doubt that it is definitely hard to get $200 on the first day but if you have experienced skills, there are some of the genuine ways to get down on the road. In most of the conducts, individuals do not require professional skills but all you need is a great mind a little effort.  The exhaustive and great list on how to make 200 dollars in one day will surely help you out. So build your momentum and try out unique ways to earn money.

Take Quick Surveys

Taking online surveys do not require any technical skills but you won’t get rich or earn thousands of money in just one day but instead of wasting time and making some extra cash, it is best to make fast $200 with surveys.

Survey Junkie is titled as the free and great survey app even for phone users. It makes the survey easy on the go and pays for taking online surveys. It enables a user to even participate in a different focus group and try using new products. The online platform is really free to use, join and even don’t charge anything to a member but eventually, it pays the member via Paypal in cash. The new users will get a registration bonus for free. So if you are willing to join Survey Junkie do register now.

Survey Junkie is the online most recommended company for surveys that actually pays for various simple activities. It pays from $0.5 to $9 per survey and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. However, it is one of the legitimate paying survey sites that actually work.

Point to ponder: Note that most of the survey platforms available online are absolutely free and pay to the individuals who are located in the same country.

Online Research

There are many online research-based platforms that pay individuals for their honest reviews on various products and items. The amazing top company is providing researches and focus group since 1982. All of the participants of the sites are followed by manufacturers and the focus groups are maintained by professionals and clients of the company. Individuals can test new products, or even watch TV shows and leave a review afterward.

The smart individuals often share their ideas and promotional activities to get paid on commission. Do remember that the site does not provide or deliver free samples of perfumes, cosmetics or any sort of makeup samples but will surely get compensation with cash. For a session of 2 hours, you will earn $50 to $200 based entirely on the work performed.

And Yes, you will be paid instantly after the session.

Do Amazon Affiliate work

Yes, you might have read posts including Amazon links and products. There are blogs, articles or review based articles that include all of the Amazon products. Do you ever wonder why is that? It is because Amazon pays people who buy products from the special links and such individuals are a part of the Amazon Affiliate group.

Being a part of the Amazon affiliate is absolutely free. All you need is to add links to the articles or web content. Any person that buys the products from the link will get money. It definitely seems fun but earning real cash from $200 to $400 is easy if you follow the process optimally. The entire group of Amazon affiliation will help you to learn the tactics and enables to earn.

The online training group is unique, offers exceptional support and help as well. The step by step comprehensive training is perfect for all persons with or without technical experience. It is an ideal platform for beginners who want to get trained and learn from scratch. So put down all of your efforts and produce better results.

Lend Money and Get Rewards

Was lending money is easy? Can you trust someone to lend money? So if we tell you to lend the money and earn money passively on the same amount. Indeed the process seems hard to believe but it actually happens with Lending Club. The users get interested in the lending money and receive payment just like banks. The platform owns many investors who start to put little amount such as $25 in peer to peer company.

Users lend out their personal money to peers and give it to individuals in the form of a personal amount. Members who lend money will earn interest which will be the income. It is easy to open an account and invest as much as you can.

Top Rewarding Sites to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

Who does not like watching videos? Have you ever heard of getting paid for watching TV or enjoying playing games? Then Swagbucks is the ultimate platform known for paying to users to have fun online. Sign up for an online videos and surveys club which pays to the members. It lets you take surveys and gives bonus amount for trying. The online platform takes only 5 to 10 minutes and can easily be used even on a mobile phone which lets you earn huge cash by the end of the month.

The amazing site also offers surveys and pays up to $35 for each survey. This site lets you earn cash real fast. The new members can have fun, easily play games, watch TV shows and get real cash. As a member of Swagbucks, you will get bonus cash for registration.

Play and win

Do you love playing games? Do you often seek entertainment by enjoying games? Yes, then the idea of getting paid by playing games is reliable. So do not worry because Trivia is the best game that let you paid from a phone. All you need is to answer questions such as what is the popular drink in the world without alcohol? Tell the official anthem of USA? And what is the Capital of Australia? And if you have answered instantly with coffee, Star – Spangled Banner and Sydney, you need to try it for sure to get huge cash prizes because you are smart.

Fast cash with Airbnb

airbnb - how to make 200 dollars in one day

Yes, you heard it right. Airbnb gives you fast real cash and pays you if you have a spare room. The amazing company lets you earn over $1500 in a month just by renting out a spare room. All you need is to list the details and rent it out for a few nights in a month. You will be amazed to see the increasing income by Airbnb.

Ahan! Still confused, Airbnb is a great booking app available for free and can be used on phone. The app is free to use and join. It does not charge a single penny to any of the members for listing a spare room. The member will be paid when anyone will book the room. However, you can charge according to the room criteria.

Lose weight for happy you

Do you ever wonder to lose weight and get paid in return? Yes, it is possible now with Healthy Wage. It is the only platform that provides an opportunity for people to earn real cash by losing weight. It sounds good, healthy and great. The platform is available with the name of HQ in NewYork and serving thousands of obese people since 2009. The amazing online platform offers measurable ways to lose weight and wants to eliminate the rising issue of an obesity epidemic in the US.

The platform is legitimate and provides cash prizes to be fit and effective. You will be amazed to know that HealthyWage is featured in many magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites or TV shows. It is a challenge to yourself and earning a cent on losing single calorie which means $35 for a pound. Now is the time to bet and estimate how much weight you can lose. The winnings entirely depend on the lost weight. Thus, the process is time-consuming and does not promote unhealthy ways to lose weight.

Sell Something to Make 200 Dollars in One Day

Besides signing up and taking surveys on different sites, you can earn some fast cash by selling unimportant item of your house on Craigslist. You can help your friend or family relatives as well by selling the unimportant things. It is a viable choice because the process is quick and get you easy cash especially for unwanted item. So take a look at your house and find an item that is unwanted. Do not underestimate the old items because they can be a part of someone’s collection.

Beware of scammers while listing any sort of item on CraigsList. You can browse online for more similar platforms such as Ebay or Amazon but they are time consuming.

Online Tutoring

Want to earn a decent wage? Isn’t it great to help others? The online tutoring websites will help you to make money by tutoring individuals on various subjects. HAWO is one of the reliable online sources that give a chance to tutor children at the house. You do not need to follow any sort of lesson plan neither has to meet any type of requirements. This enables to earn in demand and reasonable wage on a daily basis. Thus, the requirements of online tutoring vary from site to site but for HAWO, you need to be an eligible citizen of US or Canada. The member must hold a bachelor degree or must be enrolled in an accredited university. The teaching experience is optional but it is a positive point if you have taught before.


It is not always about writing because there are many people who can catch people`s error. If you consider yourself a grammar or language master, it is best to proofread other people’s documents. The documents would vary from articles to blogs or academic writing. It is a legitimate way to earn quick $200 in a day. People who proofread books earn a sufficient amount. Due to the innovative technology and increased demand for online content the demand for proofreading articles and mainly the online content is increasing. Proofreading is simple and can be performed anytime or anywhere.

All you need is a laptop to download the proofreading content. Thus, it is definitely a good and great choice for you.

Want to start something from home? Learn how you can start lunch delivery business from home.

Verdict – How to Make 200 Dollars in One Day 

If you have read all of the mentioned ways on how to make 200 dollars in one day, try any of it to earn some real cash.  Who doesn’t want to earn extra bucks in free time? Definitely, every working individual wants to utilize its free time but it is life changing and challenging task. However, if we have missed any of the legitimate ways, get your heads filled with simple, fast and easy ideas of making online money that happens within one day. Do keep in your mind that thousands or hundreds of dollars won’t come to you in just one night so all we got is mentioned above.

Do try it with patience and do share your experience with us below in comments.

How to Find the Right Keywords for Your Blog

how to find right keywords for your blog

So you finally managed to pluck up the courage, damn everything else to hell and set up that blog that you had been meaning to start for the past gazillion years? First step towards making money online. Kudos, you may have already taken the biggest step towards achieving your goals. Or maybe this isn’t entirely applicable for you and you just started a blog as a side-project. Either way, now the real problems start. Gaining traction, getting traffic and generating revenue. This world isn’t a fairy-tale, you aren’t Cinderella and your blog isn’t going to blow up overnight. Blogging is a very saturated market and getting to the top, or even getting noticed, is a slow and gradual process that requires a lot of patience and effort. Passion is a very important asset, but it can get only get you so far and unless you know where to start, you’re going to lose your way very quickly. This is where the search for the right keywords come in, and you may realize why finding the right keywords for your blogs are important.

What are keywords?

Keywords are pretty much exactly what they sound like they are: specific words that are key to your blog’s success. Now, this doesn’t mean that they are magical incantations that will suddenly bring you infinite glory and riches. These are words that can help your blog get noticed and turn up in search results. The mother of all search engines, Google Search, has a specific algorithm that decides what comes up, when it comes up and where it comes up when people are using its search function. This is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and you better get used to hearing this phrase again and again if you’re looking to run a successful and profitable blog.

Keywords are one of the main elements of SEO. Long story short, if you have specific words present in your content, the likelihood of your webpage coming up in Google Search is much higher. If you know exactly what the people are looking for and manage to incorporate it into your content, it will elevate your blog in the SEO rankings and make it much easier for them to find you. The key, no pun intended, is to use these words subtly and cleverly so that their purpose is fulfilled without compromising the quality of your material.

Making a list of suitable keywords is one of the most important aspects of an SEO-dependent venture. This is also a very complicated and time-consuming task and there are tools, both paid and free, which can help in keyword-analysis. The one we will be talking about today, and also one of the most efficient and popular ones, is LongTailPro.

Using Long Tail Pro to Find the Right Keywords

Long Tail Pro is one of the many automated systems which claim to provide you with profitable niche keywords, and it is one of the few ones which are tried and trusted. Of course, it also comes at a cost.

Long Tail Pro is a web-based program that uses the Adobe Air platform, meaning it works on both Windows and Mac OS. It can be accessed at Long tail Pro Website, and is a premium service which costs $47/month. While that may sound off-putting for many, this is no different than any other investment you might make in your business and, when used properly, is sure to return a profit every single time. Not only that, it also offers a trial period for 7 days for just $1, allowing you to test the waters instead of diving straight in. This trial period is particularly useful because it enables you to get familiar with the interface and learn the ropes before you actually start paying for the service. find right keywords for your blog

Now for a brief introduction on how to use this software to find the right keywords for your blog. First up, you need to the go to Long Tail Pro and sign up. This is the usual straightforward process which can be done through entering your email address.

Once you’ve begun your trial, you can start researching keywords. You start off by creating a project or a campaign. After that, you need to add seed keywords so Long Tail Pro can start generating keywords for you. These seed keywords are simply ideas or topics which allows Long Tail Pro to determine exactly what you’re looking for and generate other, related keywords. For example, if you enter the word ‘monitor’, you can expect to see keywords such as ‘best 4K monitors’ or ‘best 19-inch monitors’. You can further specify what type of keywords you need by adding filters. For example, if you enter the seed ‘action games’, you could set it to filter only those keywords which contain the word ‘action’. This option allows you to filter based on search volume (only show keywords searched at least X times per month), keyword length (only keywords with at least 3 words), and the cost per click provided by Google Adwords. After your filters are set, you click on the magic “Generate Keywords & Fetch Data” button and boom, your way to the top is suddenly cleared. Well, not exactly, but now the likelihood of your blog getting noticed by the SEO algorithm is much higher. Now, Long Tail Pro can generate hundreds of keywords, and you still have to analyse and look through them to get what you need. Fortunately, the service also provides appropriate tools to do this, along with helpful tutorials on how to use them, meaning you can get started right away.

Here’s the most important part. This tool will tell you how competitive the keyword is to rank on search engine, so you know for sure which keywords should you be targeting. If you are just starting your blog, you should target keywords which are less competitive, try to go for lower than 30. Don’t worry about how many people search for that keyword. As you write more and more, traffic will add up. Go for the small fish to start with, as your blog grows bigger, you will be able to target competitive keywords too.


Video Credits: Long Tail Pro

long tail pro for finding the right keywords for your blog

So there we have it, now you should have a general idea of how to find the right keywords for your blog and how you can use this software to achieve that. Our advice? Take full advantage of the Long Tail Pro ‘$1 trial’ period, use it and see whether it works out for you before you commit to it fully.

Please note, none of the program is 100% accurate, but using this software will save your time and will give you an idea on the topics to write on.

Some of the other tools recommended to find the right keywords are:

  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • KW Finder

Stay tuned for more helpful advice and tutorials.

How to Earn 10 Dollars per Day Without Investment Online

make money online without investment

When I started my venture to earn online, the question that I had in my mind was how to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online? I still remember I was scammed in the first venture that I wanted to start. We all learn with time. I learnt as well. But yes you are lucky; I am compiling a list of ways by which you can earn money online without investing.

No matter which country are you from, this list will be beneficial for all. So let’s get started with how to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online. Please note, you either need to have some skills, or should be ready to learn some skills.

Every task in the world requires something in order to give you something. However, it is not always money but mostly it is effort and hard work. If you can’t invest money, you will definitely have to invest a lot of effort in order to earn. Earning money online is only possible if you are ready to give in your best and work as hard as possible. In the following paragraphs, some easy ways are discussed which would help you to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online.

Earn 10 Dollars per Day without Investment Online As a Freelancer

Most of us know about the trustworthy freelancing websites, where you can work and earn. We will cover most of the websites, where you can work and earn online. Let me be honest here though, nothing is easy. You have to give time, work hard and be patient at the same time. Start is always hard, once you get started, things will get easier with time. Working as a freelancer is at the top of our list in how to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online.

Let’s look over some websites where you can work.


Freelancer has over 27 million registered users, and over 13 million jobs posted which change over time. Signup, and set your profile professionally. You can view all categories here.

Depending on your skills, you can look for a project that is related to you and you feel you can successfully complete that. Apply on those projects. It will be hard in the start as you are not having any review, so my advice to you will be go for small projects in the start, and charge as low as possible to get some reviews.  Once you get started and have some reviews, you can charge more.

Keep applying on projects, and be patient. Once you get the project, work hard to complete it successfully. Impress your employer for future work. The key is to not lose hope. Freelancing is not an easy thing but it is worth it once you get hold of it. So just keep going and do not let your hopes shatter if you fail to get a solid project.


Just like freelancer, Upwork is another platform where you can create a profile for free and start applying on projects. You can check all the categories here.

You have to apply same technique here as well, which we discussed earlier for Freelancer. Create a professional profile, as per your skills apply on related jobs; get some reviews with low paying or small projects. And build your profile from there.

One thing which I feel is important is building a healthy relation with your employer. When you work hard, and give your employer the work that he wants; your employer will be happy to work with you in future as well. So yes, once you get the project, don’t lose this opportunity to impress your client/employer.


Fiverr is different from freelancer and Upwork in a sense that you don’t have to apply on projects. Yes, there’s an option for that as well, but basically you sell your gigs here. You tell people what service will you be providing, at what cost and when will you deliver.

Employers see your gig and buy if they find your gig interesting and of value. It is all up to you how you set your profile up. How you describe your gig, what value do the buyer sees in your gig. Title of the gig, description and placing that in the right category is important. Again, start is hard, but once you start getting some reviews, you will be getting good amount of projects from there on.

Freelance Writing Websites

For writers, here’s a list of 92 websites which pays $50+ per article. You can check the list here. Working as a writer is yet another way to earn 10+ dollars per day without investment online

We have spoken much about freelancing websites, where you can earn 10 dollars without investment online. Let’s move on to earning via YouTube and Blogging.

Earn Through Your Videos


Every one of us watches YouTube, and spend good amount of time on it. You follow different people like artists, vloggers, makeup artist etc. You follow them because you either find their content interesting, or they are offering some value to you.

How to make money online without investment?

You can start your own channel on YouTube and can earn. It’s all free. All you need to have

is a good road-map of what will be the channel about; do you have the skills to make your content interesting for the viewers? It is not important to be an expert to start, you learn over time. You can see the youtubers which you like, see how they make their content engaging and interactive. You will need to learn video editing to be a youtuber, else you will have to pay for the video editing, which will be very costly.

Yes, there are free video editing tools available online. Here’s one with the name VSDC free video editing tool. If you don’t have the skills, you can develop that by learning how to edit videos via courses on Udemy or SkillShare. Search on YouTube, and you may find many tutorials as well. You may find some courses for free on Udemy, if you join groups on Facebook related to free coupons or courses on Udemy.

Youtubers get paid according to the audience and engagement they get on their channels and videos. The most important step to increase the engagement is consistency. To grow your audience, you must provide them with content regularly in order to make them stick around. Youtubers also get paid by companies as well. If you have a good following, companies in your niche will reach out to you and may ask you to collaborate on projects. So that is another way of getting paid. In addition to that, you can also collaborate with ad agencies and get paid for getting ads played during your videos.

However, to become a youtuber you must be sure of your niche and the kind of videos you would be creating and posting. You should be completely invested in creating the content and enjoy the process of making them otherwise you would not be able to produce interesting content. Also, be very sure you have the copyrights of video and audio in order to YouTube’s guidelines completely.

Daily Motion

Just like YouTube, Dailymotion is also a video sharing website, which has over 300 million unique monthly users. You can earn money by monetizing the videos on Dailymotion as well.  You will find different ways by which you can earn via Dailymotion here. Signup, post your videos, monetize and start earning! It’s that easy.


If you love writing, you can either go for freelance writing jobs or you can start blogging. Yes, if you start with your own domain name, hosting and a website/blog will cost you some amount, but that is worth it, if you really love writing. Free options are available as well, but that is not something that I will suggest.

Are you wondering how do you earn blogging? Through advertisements, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, to be precise. To earn via blog, you will need to have good amount of traffic. How to generate traffic? That is one big topic on its own. That is what you will have to learn, there’s a lot of material over the internet. We’ll hopefully cover that as well for you guys. Comment down if you want us to cover that topic in detail. Give how to find the right keywords for your blog a look, that will help you get started on the right track.

First things first, not everyone can write or become a writer. Are you one of them? Not to worry! We got it covered for everyone. It is completely fine if you don’t have interest in writing. Following are some other ways which can be useful for you to make money online without investment.

Earn By Teaching Individuals

Are you good at teaching? You can use your talent at the ease of your home. Finding full-time teaching jobs is not always easy and not everyone can get a good paying teaching job at a school or college. If you are one of these people who could not pursue your passion of teaching as a full-time job due to whatever reasons, no need to lose hope. Teach online, make money without investment and live your dream like you used to.

All you need to have is the right information and guideline of platforms where the career of online teaching can be pursued. There are a lot of online sites where you can register yourself and select the course you are expert in to teach and conduct classes. Following are some of the websites we have gathered for you to have a look at.


Udemy has over 20 million students and around 50 languages to offer. Why not create a course of your own at the platform in your most convenient language and field? Once the course gets published on the website, students start purchasing it letting you make money with your teaching skill easily. The best part of online teaching at Udemy is the availability of around 30 thousand supportive instructors from whom you can take help for making your course even better.


SkillShare has a wide variety of niches to offer in which you can provide your services. Anyone completely follows the guidelines of the SkillShare classes can become a teacher at the platform and publish their course. The process is nothing hard or unreachable. You simply have to sign up, create your class and as soon as the students start taking your class, you will start making money. The classes consist of 30-40 minutes and video/audio lectures which have to be uploaded prior. You can also avail the handbook and support group option at SkillShare to improve your classes and attract more students.

Make Money by Completing the Surveys (Hot in Earn 10 dollars per Day without Investment Online)

Are you the type of person who wants to make some extra money but without extra hard work? If yes, then completing the surveys is exactly what’s going to help you. There are a lot of companies which offer to pay you for completing surveys for them. You can easily search for this type of job on the internet. However, the most reliable is ClixSense which serves as a single platform offering the survey completion jobs from a variety of different companies. Click here to find more about ClixSense. Following are some of the platforms which offer jobs like completing the survey, watching some specific short videos etc

Some Other Ways to Earn 10 dollars per Day without Investment Online

Micro Jobs

Another easy way to make money from home is going for micro jobs. These jobs are small tasks which different employers ask you to do and these are not time-consuming as well. Micro jobs are an easy way to make small money.  This however cannot be turned into a full-time job and it’s suitable for students, housewives and other people who don’t have enough IT knowledge but want to make some extra money as well. There are a lot of micro jobs available at the internet; however, people going for it need to be very careful while signing up for as there is a lot of scam nowadays.

Micro jobs are mostly common in countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Netherlands, Philippines, USA, UK, Canada, South Africa etc. The work in micro jobs does not take more than a few minutes and are simple and small tasks such as

  • Sign up for newsletters on websites
  • Like or share something on Facebook and Google Plus
  • Tweet or retweet something
  • Make posts on forum
  • Post comments on blogs
  • Create a Gmail or Yahoo account for someone
  • Rate an Android or IOS application
  • Classify products into categories
  • Find information on Google
  • Judge the sentiments of the tweet etc, among various other jobs

The reliable platforms for this kind of work are

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Microworkers
  • CrowdFlower
  • RapidWorkers
  • Short Tasks

Managing Social Media Accounts

If you are someone who loves to be on social media, this is your kind of work. People use social media for connecting with friends or killing time however, you can also make money with social media. Businesses and startups usually when are not too flourished don’t have enough time to manage their social media accounts to market their products and due to not enough budget they can’t hire social media executives for that purpose either.

You can opt for managing social media accounts of celebrities or business. However, this is risky business as you will be the direct representative of the celebrity/business and even the minor mistake would have a long lasting effect. As fun as it sounds from a distance, it is not that easy in real. However, following are some of the platforms which offer social media manger jobs

In addition to these, there are several social media marketing SMM groups on Facebook where people from different countries post about SMM jobs and discussions regarding SMM are carried on. Those are as follow

Virtual Assistance

Personal assistants are important but with increase in demand it is gradually becoming a luxury. People from the US, UK or other first world countries are unable to hire personal assistant because of extremely high wages. As a solution, they start going towards the idea of virtual assistants.

If you think you are someone who can handle personal business matters along with attitude, you can easily become a virtual assistant. Since the virtual assistants work from remote locations and are supposed to give only an hour daily, they can work with multiple numbers of clients at the same time at different rates as well. Virtual assistance jobs description is a different topic at its own which we will discuss in detail in the future for sure. However, following is some of the basic information regarding virtual assistance jobs.

The core duties of a virtual assistant are as follow

  • Scheduling appointments.
  • Data entry.
  • Sending and replying to emails/writing emails.
  • Making phone calls.
  • Social media management.
  • Booking events.
  • Making reservations.
  • Paying bills.
  • Creating or formatting spreadsheets.
  • Organizing computer documents.
  • Typing notes for meetings.

However, every client’s require might differ from each other. Not everyone would require the same task from you and hence, would offer the pay accordingly. The basic skills you need to possess for becoming a virtual assistant are as follow

  • The ability to multitask.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Good grammar and spelling skills.
  • Proficiency with office programs, like Excel and Word.
  • Knowledge of platforms like Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • Internet research.

The pay scale of virtual assistants ranges from $5 to $60 per hour. It depends on the kind of employer and the work he is taking from you. Someone might as well pay you more for the same task than other. The pay scale is not fixed and it is variable. Following are some of the platforms offering virtual assistant jobs

These are some of the easy methods which you can try to earn 10 dollars per day without investment online. It is not always easy for everyone to start working part-time but they still need some extra money hence, these small online tasks are easy to conduct and needs no investment. Some people also have way too much extra time and they can easily start working on the platforms mentioned above to earn without having to leave their home for a full-time job. Do check out new post on how to make 200 dollars in one day! Comment and let us know if you found this article helpful, do share the ways by which you make money online without investment.

How to Earn 10+ Dollars per Day Without Investment Online