Having a Bad Day? These Cats Will Make Your day!

Are you a cat lover? If not, still these cats/kittens will make you fall in love with them. Yes, they are that cool. They can make any person fall in love with them. Let us share some interesting facts about cats with you.

Hello human; I love you!

Did you know that cats have more bones than a human do? Yes they have 230, and you got only 206!

Hello there, my new friend

Cats MEAOW exclusively to communicate with humans. Yup, Now you are thinking, you never heard cat MEAOWING to any other animal.

Just relaxing, had a tiring day. How has your day been so far?

Are you worried that your cat has hearing problems? Ah, well studies show they can recognize their owner’s voice, they just ignore, when not in mood. So all good!

OMG! Sooo many flowers.

Humans have unique fingerprints, cats have unique nose prints! Mind blown?

Hey, can you help me come down?

Female cats can get pregnant when they are only 4 months old. Well that is what the study says.

Human I am sleeping, you should get some sleep as well

It is said that cats spend 1/3 of their life sleeping. Is that the best life one can have?

Get me out of this basket, I am too small to get out myself Human!

Cats spend 1/3 of their wake up time grooming themselves.

Did someone say I’m cute?

Black cats are considered as good luck in UK and Australia. And in your country? (comment)

It’s lunch time, when will I have my food?

Most cats love licking freshly washed hands of their owners. Does your cat do the same?

Ok, it’s time to say goodbye. Will catch you guys later with more fun facts