Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do

Dreams don’t work unless you do – that is correct. Look around the world, and you will find people of every race, color, and creed struggling and making efforts to be a part of this fast-changing world. This hustle bustle that continues day after day may feel as if the world would be nothing but home to innovators and entrepreneurs by the next century.  But little did Maxwell knew there is so much more when it comes to wishes that have long been desired, and I famously quote him here:

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

John C. Maxwell

Seems obvious, right? There is no way you can achieve a dream without working for it, except if you could get your hands on the magic lamp and ask the Genie for it (how fantastic btw). If not, you can always come back to this quote and let our renowned author guide you. 

Now, time for the real talk: what does John Calvin Maxwell is trying to imply here?

You can get all your life sorted out by just understanding the idea lying underneath it. So, let’s dive deeper and see what is behind the curtain!

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What are dreams?

What was the last time you did something for the first time? Because that’s what marks the difference between someone who likes to create or consume. Not every person can become a CEO, and the justification is right here: to realize what your heart truly wants and back it up with the appropriate action is what’s going to make your dream come true!

A dream is nothing like a vain fantasy, or should I say ‘a make-believe in the air’. Instead, a dream is a vision that excites you to think and ‘work’ on it. If not, it’s just another illusion you are compelling yourself to live in. 

You should fix in your mind that a ‘dream’ is nothing without an ‘action’. Think of all that you wanted to become when you were a child. And how many of those have you successfully achieved? 

That’s the thing about dreams; they need an ‘answer’, and ‘mapped out plan’ and a proper ‘step-by-step’ action. Otherwise, you would end up in the same cloud, realizing it’s just a bubble made to be popped. 

Dreams don't work unless you do. John C Maxwell Free Wallpaper

Why don’t dreams work unless you do?

John C. Maxwell has shown the road to success, but to walk on it is something you have to do alone. And that is exactly where people fall in the trap of ‘a happily ever-after’. 

Working for a dream is like going to the battlefield. Unless you map out each tiny step, how would you even succeed? Just thinking to achieve something without sketching the outline will not work and soon you will find yourself stuck with no way out. 

Another reason why people fail to make their dreams come true is that they quit. As I said, a battlefield is what it is; struggles, problems, and not finding the way out – all can force you to give up. People who surrender would rather dread their lives every day in a 9-5 job than fight back until they succeed. 

Lastly, some people fit the profile of living the futile dream, which is to assume things will go how you have planned them out. Sounds familiar? Then sit back and bear in mind that practical life teaches lessons that can only be learnt under the shade of ‘experience’. 

The more you do something, the better you are at it. And even if you fail a thousand times, you can always try it again and eventually make it work. But to ‘work’ and take carefully measurable action is the first step in the recipe of dreams coming true. 

No question, the primary purpose behind struggling for a goal is to make it work. Being an entrepreneur isn’t fun. You can have hundreds of days where finding hope can seem impossible without knowing where this path will take you. But only if you keep going and not quit – that’s the perfect strategy to soar the sky!

Quote By John C Maxwell

What John C. Maxwell is really asking

Would you instead be trapped in the whirlpool of your fears or get and design your life? Out of a hundred, the ten people who succeed are those who take control of their lives in their hands. Maxwell has said it all, you can become who you aspire to be, but are you ready to accept the challenges that come with it? 

Thinking of walking straight is only possible in dreams that you see during sleep. When it comes to visions that don’t let you sleep, anything is possible but an overnight success. And the only way to pass the hurdles is to get through them with an open mind and brave heart. 

You would be surprised to know that in most cases, the one keeping you back from your success is no one but ‘You’. Concerns, stress, and worries – all are common when you face a challenge, but to stick to the plan and not lose hope are the attributes of a victorious enthusiast. 

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It is worth noting that many people fail because they focus too much on the brighter side. The journey, the destination, and the major and minor steps need to be equally focused. Instead of triumphing the milestones one by one, all these people try is to jump and consequently fall!

That is precisely why it is imperative to keep your eyes steady and open. Even if the path is rough, you can still survive only if you make a start!

That was all! Now it’s up to you what you want your destination to be. You can live a miserable life polishing others’ shoes, or you can decide not to surrender and live on your terms! 

So… what’s your answer going to be? Re-read it and decide:

Dreams don’t work unless you do.

John C. Maxwell
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