13 Foods that Boost the Immune System

5. Ginger

Ginger is an essential food item for the cure of inflammation and an effective immune system. It is effective against sore throat, nausea, and other inflammatory diseases. Many antioxidants are present in the ginger, too, that are beneficial against stress and DNA damage. It helps our body fight against high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and many other chronic diseases.


The daily uptake must not exceed 4 grams per day; otherwise, it can have some side effects like heartburn, diarrhea, and other problems. People suffering from heart diseases and diabetes should be careful while taking it as a supplement and should consult their doctor.

6. Spinach

Spinach is enriched in Vitamin C, K, A, and beta carotenes and contains a large number of antioxidants. So, it is a good vegetable to boost our immune system and protect our body from infection-causing microorganisms.

spinach | Foods that Boost the Immune System

It is one of the healthiest vegetables among other green vegetables. Like broccoli, overcooking can result in the loss of essential nutrients, but light cooking is essential. Doing so makes it easier for our body to absorb Vitamin A and other minerals.

7. Yogurt

Yogurt contains microorganisms called probiotics that help our body fight against microbes by stimulating our immune system and beneficial for various gastrointestinal issues. It has many proteins and vitamins, especially Vitamin D, that increase the efficiency of the natural defense system of our body but is also good for our bones.

Yogurt | Foods that Boost the Immune System

The lactobacillus bacteria present in yogurt effectively fight against candida that causes a serious infection in humans. It normalizes the metabolism and helps in weight control. While buying it, go for a plain one because flavored yogurts are packed with high sugar concentration. You can enhance its taste by adding honey or different fruits.