Fun Things to do with Friends at Home

Friends – the people with whom you share a bond of mutual affection. The people whose company you enjoy and who always seem to make you feel better. Contrary to what many ‘edgy’ and ‘friendless’ people like to claim, everyone has someone whom they can call a friend. Some people have a lot of friends, some only have a few friends while some others have way too many friends for their own good. What do you do with friends? Have fun, of course. This can be done in all kinds of ways in all kinds of places. Today, however, we shall be talking about one thing and one thing only: fun things to do with friends at home.

Fun things to do with friends at home: The Lazy Type

This is for those people who pride themselves in their laziness (not that we condone being lazy, of course). The most ‘fun’ thing you can do without having to drag yourself off your couch is play competitive video games with your friends. A good, old-fashioned game of FIFA or Call of Duty is one of the best ways to settle old scores, gain bragging rights over your friends and have fun all at the same time. At a distant second, you could watch a movie together or some Netflix, but beating your friends at a game feels (and don’t you dare fight us on this) infinitely better than watching a movie. Oh and no, gaming is not a boys-only thing,

Fun things to do with friends at home: The Not-so-lazy Type

Now, if you do manage to hoist yourself off that couch, it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities. Find a friend with a decent-sized yard, gather a few mates, find a ball (football, basketball, baseball, tennis ball, any will do) and boom, you have the complete recipe for some pure, chaotic fun. Even though these types of gatherings are getting rarer by the day, especially among older individuals, there is a certain appeal in a friendly session of sports that is found in no other activity, Not that there’s anything friendly about the bruises and cuts that are all but inevitable. No pain, no pleasure.

Fun things to do with friends at home: The Adventurous Type

Adventurous is a relative term here. What is adventurous for some may be completely mundane for others.  For example, let’s say you and your friends have absolutely zero experience with cooking and baking and one of you is gripped by a sudden urge to eat Fettucine Alfredo or the cheesiest Oreo cheesecake. You could either order it from elsewhere, or you could take a shot at it yourselves. Granted, the second option is more of a recipe for disaster rather than pasta or cake and you’ll probably end up blowing up half your kitchen, but it’ll be the greatest pasta or cake the world has ever witnessed. Point is, trying new and interesting things with your friends at your side is a guaranteed source of fun.

Fun things to do with friends at home: The Intellectual Type

Now, this may not qualify as ‘fun’ for many of us, but if you and your friends are grown up and are capable of actually holding a serious conversation, a nice, long talk about serious topics is quite an interesting experience. It can be anything like politics, current affairs, how to make money online, sports & talking about the VR headsets Rift v Vive. Once again, not everyone’s idea of ‘fun’, but still worth a shot. Alternatively, you could discuss ridiculous conspiracy theories and if you just want to make yourself feel smart, a game of Scrabble is always an option.

Fun things to do with friends at home: The Bookish Type

Fun Things to do with Friends at Home

This one is specifically for those who love books and everything about books. As cheesy as a ‘book club’ sounds, you’d be surprised how fun it is to discuss a book with a friend when you’ve both read it. Here’s an idea: select a random book from the library, tell all your book-loving friends to read it by a specific date, set up lunch at your home and make that book the main topic of conversation. Seeing how all of your review’s contrast is a very fun experience.

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So there we have it, those were some suggestions for some fun things to do with friends at home. However, it goes without saying that some people might not see any appeal in any of these things, but to each their own. The human mind is a very complex thing and fun for some might be torture for others.