Top 5 Jet Ski Rentals in Panama City Beach (PCB FL)

Are you planning your holidays this summer? It’s the best weather to feel the thrill and enjoy the aquatic life of PCB with the professional crew. The top 5 jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach will let everyone have a self-guided journey and enjoy the local wonders. The Gulf of Mexico, St. Andrews Bay, and Grand Lagoon are explored on jet skis, which are available for rental. However, your plan to spend luxury time on the water can become easier with our help from a list of top jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach. We understand that the process of finding the best Jet Ski rentals in PCB is overwhelming, especially when you are visiting the place for the first time. So let us help you with the best guide to enjoy water sports to the fullest.

Get an exceptional experience with Jet Ski Rentals

There is no doubt that jet skis are exciting and fun. They provide the ultimate way to see the Florida gulf coast. They are best for beginners and easy to handle due to the fact that jet skis are the paramount priority for visitors. For thrilling water activities and fun, jet skis are the best. Even the entire family can enjoy hours on the water by getting the great tours under professional help. There are numerous tour and jet ski rental companies in Panama City Beach, such as Suncat Watersport Jet Ski Rental, which offers guided tours and reasonable jet skiing around the bay and gulf, as well as the opportunity to see bottlenose dolphins.

Explore the island with Jet Ski rentals in Panama City Beach

Millions of people travel to Panama City Beach every year during the summer season. It is the best place to have fun and soak up the sun. There are a variety of activities for tourists to enjoy and amazing natural attractions for visitors. We have got the list of jet ski rentals covered for you. Whether it’s nightlife, eco excursions, or water sports, you can find a favorite and thrilling activity in PCB. You will surely let go of the word boredom after sailing on a PCB adventure.

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1. Suncat Watersports Jet Ski

Suncat Watersports Jet Ski is one of the finest jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach. It lets you offer jet ski tours and dolphin tours on the high end and the latest waverunners. So if you really want to have a natural sight-seeing experience, Suncat Watersports Jet Ski service offers an amazing experience with experienced tour guides.

Why Suncat Watersports?

Suncat Watersports has some of the best customer service, latest equipment, and competitive prices or packages. However, it lets you have non-stop fun for the entire family. The professional guide owns complete area knowledge and wildlife details. So you can actually have some breath-taking views and an opportunity to be personal with dolphins.

Tickets and time

For a lifetime experience, Suncat Watersports provides pricing details for solo riders and families as well. It is one of the jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach that offers a thrill experience along with Shell Island exploration with a slow ride. The dolphin tour lets you enjoy the beautiful view of Shell Island, snorkel the sugar white sands, explore the islands with grass beds, and much more. So let the waves ride with us.

With a first come, first served policy

  • A 60-minute Jet Ski rental service is available at $180.
  • The 30-minute Jet Ski ride is available at a price of $100.
  • Extra person on Jet Ski for $20
  • Service is available from Monday to Sunday.
  • Timings depend on weather, from 10 AM to 4 PM.
  • Reservations must be made in person or on the same day with debit, credit, or cash.
  • Contact them at 970 922 8552

2. AAA Jet Ski Rentals and Tours

If you want to ride with the waves, AAA jet ski rentals and tours offer guided tours with free ride time. The entire family will get a chance to enjoy PCB while visiting Shell Island and interacting with dolphins. The popular attraction do have many hit spots with an exceptional corner at every angle. Enjoy plenty of time on jet skis and have a stunning adventure with great jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach.

Unguided Jet Ski Rentals

With no guidance, you will get a chance to explore Panama City Beach yourself. Unguided services are not for reservation. However, previous  jet ski experience is a must with an age limit of 25 years. Cruise the entire Gulf with the following packages:

  • At a price of $125, jet skis are available for rent for 1 hour.
  • A 2-hour rental service for two guests is available at a price of $199.
  • A 4-hour rental jet ski service is available at a price of $299.
  • And an 8-hour rental service is available at a price of $499.

3. Sunshine Watersports of PC

Are you ready to create perfect memories on the perfect trip to PCB? For an ideal and amazing holiday experience, you need fun activities to cherish at the right place. Jet Ski rentals available at Sunshine Watersports of PC make the vacation exhilarating by riding along the emerald-clear waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is the only rental service that offers up to 2 hours of jet ski service at a reasonable price.

Dolphin tours

For dolphin tours, the latest Yamaha Waverunners are provided for jet ski rentals. No tour guide will follow you so that you can ride as a captain. The dolphins are protected by Florida law, so do ask for proper beach instructions and adequate ways to swim and interact with dolphins. The experienced and professional crew will even make the novice riders drive professionally, so you can have most of the fun.

Why choose Sunshine Watersports of PC?

Sunshine Watersports lets visitors drive their own jet ski for a 20-mile adventure. The adventure covers the Gulf of Mexico, St. Andrews Bay, and Grand Lagoon. However, you will get a chance to swim with bottlenose dolphins at PCB. The tour involves a snorkel trip and sand dollar search, as well as a trip to Shell Island that enables you to gather souvenir shells. So don’t miss the chance to have an amazing experience .

Tickets and time

Visitors can pay online to confirm the ticket, but a call is necessary to confirm the time. The 2 hour Jet Ski is available at PCB for $120, but it is also available online for $100.A Jet Ski can only carry 3 passengers, including 2 adults or 1 child weighing up to 400 lbs.

  • 30 minutes of waverunner for 1 or 2 riders at a price of $60.
  • 1 hour of waverunner is available at a price of $90 for 1 or 2 riders.

4. Adventures at Sea

PC’s Adventures at Sea provides the best dolphin and snorkel tours. It is one of the top 5 jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach and is available for 30 minutes or 1 complete hour. Adventures at Sea is a reliable jet ski rental company that offers a family-friendly experience everyone will surely love. All you need is to have a good time instead of being a daredevil. Enjoy the view by being on the water, and the view will surely be relaxing and thrilling.

Latest Jet Skis

Adventures at Sea uses the latest model of Jet Ski Yamaha VX- Sport. It lets you have fun along with the waves and enables you to explore conveniently.

The Jet Ski rentals are placed behind the main resorts and in beautiful locations. All you need is to call or visit the website to book the tickets. Our experienced and skilled staff will make you feel like a professional on the water.

Safety Measures

Make sure that young children are of an appropriate age and size to join an adult on the jet ski. However, kids under 5 cannot participate in Jet Ski rentals. Otherwise, skilled staff members will guide every visitor properly and accommodate 400 lbs. of weight safely on a jet ski. A kill cord will be provided and stops the machines if you accidentally fall off, along with life jackets that will help you to float, or you may easily hop on.


For reservations or online tickets, book now online at the best times to ensure guaranteed fun.

5. Panhandle Watersports

Panhandle Watersports is the official beachside jet ski rental company that lets you enjoy the weather with plenty of opportunities and activities. You can have the ultimate experience of your lifetime, including single and double rides, ensuring everyone in the group makes memorable moments. The adventure and tours are provided by the panhandle waters of PCB, featuring an adventurous, knowledgeable, and professional crew providing detailed instructions to guarantee safety.


The staff of Panhandle Watersports is ready to assist every visitor from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Get online tickets for Jet Ski Rentals

Are you ready to have fun? Then riding a jet ski is great. Many individuals prefer to ride for 1 hour and 30 minutes with their children. Follow the step-by-step procedure to avail the tickets online.

  1. Get the tickets
  2. Choose a beach location and decide which beach is convenient for you to reach on time. All you need to do is to show the receipt to the attendants or staff members.
  3.  Jet Skis Riding safety instructions are provided by the experienced staff. Even instructions and regulations are completely described by the staff.
  4. If you are ready for the fun, life jackets and a wrist band is provided to everyone just in case you are going very fast or want to dive.

Rent Jet Skis in PCB

Safety is the priority of Panhandle Watersports, and before renting a jet ski, every rider gets instruction and is notified regarding safety rules. Kill switches and life jackets are also provided. However, we follow all local and state laws. We rent brand new and latest Jet Skis that are easy to control and have all of the necessary safety features, including no speed limiting authorities.

Final Words – Jet Ski Rentals in PCB FL

One of the best ways to get some experience of PCB is on a jet ski. There are several local shops, but the top 5 jet ski rentals in Panama City Beach, as mentioned above, will narrow down the options for you. The list will help you decide what sort of experience you would like to have. You can also go on a self-guided tour to relish the natural attractions, or rent a private pontoon for the celebrations. Families can, however, enjoy parasailing, fishing charter boats, deep-sea fishing, and many other one-of-a-kind experiences. So, are you ready to have a relaxing and thrilling vacation this year? Make your trip memorable by adding a jet ski, so you won’t miss any must-see spots.