Legitimate Dropship Companies

Nowadays drop shipping has become one of the most favorite business models by the businesses. It is due to the flexibility of management and low capital investment. You will find a number of legitimate dropship companies in the market. Through drop shipping, the retailer sends the goods directly to the buyer.

 Being in the e-commerce business, it is important that you make sales. One is option to make a selection on your own – either to opt for a wholesaler or select a DIY approach. No matter whichever system you select, it should satisfy the needs of your customers.

This makes drop shipping one of the most effective and workable methods today. The pros are many. One is not supposed to deal with old or unsold stock. One is not supposed to store inventory. This way storage and shipping cost could be saved. One can choose the suppliers by choice. There is no hassle to track down the products since that will be done by the suppliers and site owners. There is no worry to deal with too many suppliers since the wholesalers order products from its warehouse.

People from all over the world can access goods from the internet at a fair price. With the reduced risk of online transactions, a business can now be carried out conveniently and at ease.

Many legitimate dropship companies involved in this business and provide free drop shipping wholesalers’ services. With becoming a trending way, drop shipping also enable the young entrepreneurs to setup their businesses and get established.

How to find legitimate dropship companies?

With the continuous development of e-commerce business, the drop shipping business has fairly risen to its peak. These days legitimate dropship companies are in great demand. As a result, the cross border business has proven to be of great profit.

Finding legitimate dropship companies can be tricky but below are some of the points to keep in mind.

Step 1: Search thoroughly:

As a vendor, you have to thoroughly search before finalizing. There are thousands of legitimate dropship companies out there. However, in order to avoid the scams, you have to surf through the web extensively before making a decision. You can use the targeted keywords as well, to get the desired options. Sometimes, one might get it on the first click while other times, it is not possible even find any option at the hundredth attempt but you get the gist of it. Never choose anyone on the basis of their websites outlook only. Some of the best legitimate dropship companies have 90’s look alike websites. They might not appear pleasant at the first site but they provide the best services.

Step 2: Get an access to the manufacturer:

In order to establish a smooth and successful business, contact the manufacturer directly. This way the role of the middle man is finished. It is helpful in a way that it saves a good bargain that goes to the third party. It also gives a surety about the quality of the products. The manufacturer will also help in giving leads about the possible and trustworthy suppliers.

Step 3: Contact the suppliers:

One of the main steps in finding legitimate dropship companies is contacting the suppliers directly. It helps in building a healthy relationship for the business. In return, your business will flourish. Most of the suppliers facilitate in the best way and provide contacts of the customers as well. This helps in making a final decision and commitment.

Step 4: Ask for the samples:

You can ask for the samples and evaluate them. It is done to make sure that the quality matches your niche.

Step 5: See the trade shows:

Trade shows as a quantum leap for the businesses as one builds connections and network with the manufacturers and suppliers. This in return helps to strengthen the business.

Step 6: Check reviews:

Always check reviews of the free drop shipping wholesalers before going ahead with the decision. You can check them by looking online. They can help you about the credibility and genuineness.

Step 7: Customer care should be considered:

It is important to take customer care into consideration. Good wholesalers always respond to the customers at their earliest. It shows the commitment towards work and proves the authenticity.

Step 8: Look into online B2B marketplaces:

Another sure way to get access to legitimate dropship companies is to look for them on B2B marketplaces. These are certain sites and they can help you in finding a suitable pick. You can select any of your choice from a vast database of suppliers based on your niche. There are various options and it will help you to pick the most suited one. Once you are able to find them, you can send to the point mails addressing your needs.

Step 9: Taking help of online directions:

One of the most effective ways to find legitimate dropship companies is to use the online directions. Directories are convenient because they provide you with a wide array of options to choose from. The directories are databases of suppliers and are loaded with all relevant details like product, niche, location or market. It is a sure way since the information here undergoes various screenings before it is put up. Hence, the wholesalers and companies are legit and could be trusted.

Some of the best & legitimate dropship companies:

Some business starters are eager to find legitimate dropship companies to establish their first impression in the world of drop shipping. It is fairly popular because in drop shipping the seller has an access to a variety of tools that helps in adding large quantities of product on the website where they are sold. This helps in saving time. One is not supposed to use the old marketing strategies for selling the goods. Also, other time consuming retail fulfillment processes can be avoided too.

Following is the list of some of the best legitimate dropship companies.


Chinabrands is one of the best legitimate dropship companies. It is not only offering a wide range of products with competitive price. But also have optimum and the best customer service facility. If you are looking for 100% full category occupation, great variety, best customer service, suitable technical support, no member cost and reasonable price – Chinabrands should be your pick. The process of setup and getting started is simple and only takes a few minutes to create the account. For the emerging entrepreneurs, Chinabrands can be trusted with optimum support offer. Other than that, it doesn’t ask you to make an investment of hefty amount and is a friendly domain to use.


It is one of the best places which are preferred by most online marketers. One is free to source any product on Aliexpress. The suppliers can be chosen on the basis of their ratings. The sign up is free for the new entrepreneurs. It reduces the amount of risk for the establishing businesses. The payment methods are convenient and enable the process smoothly. One can use credit cards easily. The customer team is stellar and serves all sorts of queries and orders. The orders might take some while to be delivered to the recipient. However, other than that, it is one of the most popular in the list of legitimate dropship companies and can be trusted for guaranteed services.

Dropship Direct:

A free drop shipping wholesalers’ source, you wouldn’t need to invest a single dime while signing up for it. Alongside the free services, there are many additional features for the customers as well such as the warehouse facility. It is always having an updated inventory list at the warehouse so the shipment can be made instantly when booked. Customers can select products from a wide array of range including health related products, electronics, kitchen, beauty related items, sports and much more. If the order is not confirmed by the customer, you can cancel it conveniently.


The largest wholesaler drop shipper, Amazon has been the top choice of most of the customers. Customers enjoy free shipping in a wide range of units of their products. Amazon offers millions of new and refurbished products. The mainly include books, accessories, house-hold items, clothing, bags, watches and much more.


One of the most popular and successful legitimate dropship companies source, eBay has been in the commerce and business since long. Working as an online auction and shopping platform, it has been managing online shopping for people around the globe. No matter what the product customer will purchase, it may be sold on eBay. It provides its customers the solution, boost, services and support they need to establish and run their new businesses.

Wholesale 2B:

It offers help to sell through the platform of your choosing, also a drop shipping wholesaler. You can have an access to a huge variety of products. Their mission is to help the users by providing friendly and easy tools.


It is a good place for consumer electronics. It is serving about 1 million consumers ever since 2005. The products have been collected from a variety of suppliers and they will offer you some great ideas on the drop shipping items.


Providing free membership it is one of the best places for those concerned about healthcare. If one is interested in healthcare products, certain supplements and other items, this is the most suited option. Premium quality herbs, vitamins, minerals and other products could be easily found here.


One of the most popular legitimate dropship companies’ points for electronic goods, TinyDeal comes up with a wide range of variety. You can find smart phones, gadgets, accessories, car items, game gadgets and much more.


Another great spot for millions of wholesalers online, products can be purchased here directly.

How to spot legitimate dropship companies?

Following points should be kept in mind in order to spot the scam.

how to spot legitimate dropship companies
  1. The legitimate dropship companies would not ask you for any monthly fee. Never should a supplier ask the vendor for any fee. If it happens, take it as a red flag and report.
  2. A genuine wholesaler applies for a wholesale account and not a retailer account. If you spot a supplier selling goods to the public at a wholesale price, report it. That is a retailer making profit at a bargain.
  3. Any wholesaler that is reluctant in signing a contract is a fraud and should be avoided at all costs. No business can be run without guidelines. Make sure your supplier is comfortable with your terms of service. Templates could be used to come up with a contract.

Pros of using legitimate dropship companies:

The pros of using legitimate dropship companies are many:

  • Low startup cost.
  • Good boost for young entrepreneurs.
  • Accommodative of new emerging businesses.
  • Maximum support for the freshly started startups and businesses that will help them in establishing and making a name in the industry.
  • No risk of time and money wastage.
  • Low risks of loss as already validated products are being dealt.
  • In case of dealing with legitimate dropship companies, there is no need of any membership cost.
  • Goods are shipped in time.
  • Great customer care.
  • Excellent services.


It is sometimes difficult for resellers to find legitimate dropship companies because of the fraud out there. Many who claim to be providing free services end up being a disaster. As a result, one can have a distasteful experience. However, one should be cautious. It is important to choose the services of those who have excellent efficiency as any loophole can end up a loss as well as decline in customer influx. Whichever service is acquired, it should be providing you enough tools to optimize your business. Also, you should be able to increase your profit by using minimal capital and should face fewer risks.

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