10 Oldest Civilizations in the World

oldest civilizations which existed

Among the many civilizations, we have created a list of 10 oldest civilizations. For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings were essentially nomads. They hunted their food, gathered what they could and moved from place to place. But, things changed around 10,000 and 7,000 BC. They evolved and changed their way of life. The concept of community was introduced and numerous other developments take place. Yet, the human beings of today are considerably different than the ones who came before. We have technology that has brought about massive changes in our lifestyle that didn’t exist even 20 years ago. So, how did the human beings of ancient times live? Let’s take a look at the 10 oldest civilizations in the world.

List of 10 Oldest Civilizations

  • Mesopotamian Civilization

Since the evolution of humans, the first civilization ever to appear on the face of Earth was the Mesopotamian civilization. This civilization dates so far back that there is no record of Mesopotamian Civilization - oldest civilizationany other civilization existing before them. Mesopotamia is said to be the first place where civilized societies took root and their timeline is said to be around 300BC to 750BC. The concept of agriculture came to light in 8000BC and animals were domesticated to help in agriculture and for food. Art had existed before then, but not as part of a civilization. These systems were formalized and refined by Mesopotamians who prospered in the regions of Sumer, Babylonia and Assyria highlands, all of which that falls into modern Iraq today.

  • Indus Valley Civilization

The region of the Indus Valley comprises of land extending from northern Afghanistan to northwest India and Pakistan and this is where the Indus Valley Civilization formed. This was said to be one of the three civilizations in the Old World, apart from Mesopotamia and Indus Valley Civilization - 10 oldest civilizationsAncient Egypt and covered an area of about 1.25 square kilometers. The Indus River was one of the major ones in Asia and huge populations were settled around it. The remains of this civilization were found in Mohenjo-Daro and Harrappa and it is said to be at its peak phase from 2600BC to 1900BC. It was technologically advanced and sophisticated as they had urban centers. They had a rich arts and crafts culture and they made great achievements in measuring mass, length and time.

  • Ancient Egyptian Civilization

One of the culturally rich and oldest civilizations in the world is Ancient Egyptian, which was Ancient Egyptian Civilization - Oldest civilizationrenowned for its pyramids, prodigious culture, the Pharaohs, the sphinx and a majestic civilization that had resided close to the River Nile. The first Pharaoh unified Upper and Lower Egypt in 3150BC and this led to the coalescing of the civilization. This civilization didn’t just give the long-standing pyramids, the first of the solar calendars, the mummies preserving the first ancient Pharaohs, Hieroglyphics and lots more.

  • Mayan Civilization

From about 2600BC onwards, the Mayan Civilization flourished in Central America and they Mayan Civilizationcreated a timeline of the calendar. The civilization prospered after its establishment and it became quite sophisticated at its peak with a population of about 19 million. The Mayans had come up with their own way of writing by 700BC and they used it to develop their social calendars, which were carved in stone. Their calendar count started from August 11, 3114BC as they believed that’s when the world started and it was supposed to end on December 21, 2012. The Mayans were culturally rich and they and the Aztecs built pyramids that were larger than those in Egypt. But, they declined suddenly and came to an abrupt end, which remains a mystery.

  • Chinese Civilization

Also known has Hans China, Ancient China has one of the most diverse histories. The cradle of the Chinese civilization is said to be the Yellow river civilization and the legendary Yellow Chinese Civilization - 10 oldest civilizationsemperor began his rule in 2700BC. The first dynasty to rule the whole of China was Xia that came to power in 2070BC. A number of dynasties came after it and held control of China until 1912 AD when the Qing Dynasty came to an end with the Xinhai revolution. Nonetheless, the civilization introduced some of the most useful products and inventions such as paper, gunpowder, printing, alcohol, compass, cannon and plenty more.

  • Ancient Greek Civilization

While it may not have been the oldest, it is a fact that the Ancient Greek Civilization is one of the most influential. The rise of the ancient Greeks happened between 2700BC to 1500BC Ancient Greek Civilization - 10 oldest civilizationsfrom the Cycladic and Minoan Civilization. The history of this civilization is spread over such a huge time period that historians divided it into various periods, the most popular of which are Hellenistic, Classical and Archaic. Lots of ancient Greeks also came into the limelight during these periods. The concept of a senate, democracy and even the ancient Olympics was created by the Greeks. The base for biology, modern geometry and physics was introduced by them.

  • The Persian Civilization

There was a time when the most powerful empire in the world was the ancient Persian The Persian Civilizationcivilization. Even though they remained in power only for 200 years, they conquered lands covering about 2 million square miles. The Persian Empire was known for its wise rulers and military strength. At its peak, ancient Persian ruled over a good part of Egypt, Europe and all over central Asia. However, it all changed when Alexander the Great, the legendary Macedonian soldier brought the whole of the Persian Empire down to its knees in 530BC and effectively ended the civilization.

  • The Roman Civilization

Around 6th century BC, the Roman Civilization came into the picture. At the height of their The Roman Civilization - 10 oldest civilizationspower, the Romans ruled a huge chunk of land. In fact, nearly all the present day counties near the Mediterranean Sea were all part of the Roman Empire. Kings governed early Rome, but after seven kings, the Romans took over and ruled themselves and their cities. Instead, they formed a council called the ‘senate’ for ruling them. Some of the greatest emperors were also seen in Rome and the names include Augustus, Trajan and Julius Caesar. Eventually, the empire expanded so much that it became impossible to govern it and millions of barbarians from the east and north of Europe overran it.

  • The Aztecs Civilization

In the 1200s and the early 1300s, the people of present day Mexico lived in three big and The Aztecs Civilizationrival cities, Texcoco, Tenochtitlan and Tlacopan. An alliance was created by these rivals in 1325 and the new state fell under the rule of the Valley of Mexico. The name Mexica was preferred by the people rather than Aztecs and they rose within a century after the fall of the Mayan Civilization in Central America and Mexico.

  • The Incas Civilization

In the pre-Columbian era, the largest empire in North America was the Incas and it flourished in the areas that are known as Chile, Peru and Eucador in modern day. The military, The Incas Civilizationadministrative and political center of the civilization was located at Cusco, which is part of modern day Peru. The empire bloomed rapidly from the beginning and its societies were quite well-established. The Sun God Inti was devoutly followed by the Incas and their king was called ‘Sapa Inca’, which means child of the Sun. The Incas became great builders and built sites and fortresses such as the city of Cusco.

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10 Interesting Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

10 Interesting Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

It is believed that there was a time when the world was pure and the people were spiritual. The combination of the two allowed humans to do things that are now a part of fiction. A person could be healed by a touch. Sages could meditate and even lift their bodies off the ground. Some people also had the ability of controlling others. How could all this be done? It was through the power of the mind and it is said that there was a lot more that hadn’t been tapped yet. However, these days, such abilities are now only found in stories and comic books.

But, there have been incidents and cases where human beings have still demonstrated a number of these psychic abilities. Listed here are the 10 most interesting psychic abilities that humans can have:

Ability 1: Astral Projection

Astral Projection - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

Can you imagine leaving your body and traveling through your home whenever you fall asleep? This would allow you to see and hear things, which are typically out of your physical range. This is astral projection and there are some people who have actually demonstrated this ability, but it usually happens accidentally. These are more common during stressful rest periods such as after surgery when a person is under the effects of anesthesia. Doctors have reported in some cases that patients were aware of conversations that were conducted entirely outside of the operating room. It is also believed that people are not born with this power, but can develop it through practice.

Ability 2: Enhanced Vision

Enhanced Vision - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

We have all heard of people suffering from nearsightedness or farsightedness, but there are also cases where people have incredible vision. These are people who are not limited by any obstacle when it comes to sight, which includes skin. Enhanced vision is an ability that does exactly what you can understand from the name; it will provide a person with uncanny sight and enable them to see things that are not usually visible through normal vision. Natasha Demkina is a Russian woman who is said to have such an ability and can actually see inside a person’s body. She can even describe and locate bone scars, ulcers and even organs. Therefore, she is often regarded as the girl who has X-ray eyes.

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Ability 3: Channeling

Channeling - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

This psychic ability has been heavily criticized because there have been lots of fake practitioners. Essentially, it refers to the process where another spirit is allowed to enter the psychic, who is called a medium. The spirit can then control their body, which includes the use of their hands, legs and even their vocal chords. A medium tends to lose consciousness when a spirit enters their body so they are unaware of what the spirit is saying or doing. George Anderson is one of the most famous mediums in the world and he has spent decades with dead loved ones to bring closure to their grieving families. He has received the title of being the most scientifically tested medium in the country and is the only one to be invited to Holland by Anne Frank’s Holocaust-surviving family.

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Ability 4: Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

We have all heard of the idea of coming up with facts out of thin air, but this psychic ability actually gives it a new meaning altogether. Also known as the sixth-sense, clairvoyance is completely non-physical. In some cases, clairvoyance is voluntary, which means that people can gain information about an event, location or thing simply by thinking about it. There are also cases where it is involuntary, which means that people have sudden visions that provide them information about location, events or even people. In 1784, Victor Race, a dull-witted peasant was seen entering into a trance by medical professionals and he came out of it suddenly articulate. He knew information about places he had never visited before.

Ability 5: Psychokinetic Abilities

Psychokinetic Abilities - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

Also called telekinesis, psychokinesis is defined as the power of physically manipulating matter. A psychic can make use of this ability to reach out with their minds and be able to move objects without needing to touch them. One of the most renowned psychokinetics in the world is British healer and author, Matthew Manning. While the scientific community has often been skeptic about his ability, a lot of things he has demonstrated cannot be explained otherwise. Psychologist William Braud tested Manning in the 1970s and concluded that the results couldn’t be concluded as chance.

Ability 6: Psychic Surgery

Psychic Surgery - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

Why go through invasive and expensive procedures when a psychic can just pull a tumor from your body? Psychic surgeons are renowned worldwide for their ability of reaching right into the human body and remove anything that shouldn’t be present. People with such psychic talents are mostly found in the Philippines and Brazil and they tend to have a very strong and powerful connection with the spiritual world. Therefore, they don’t have to enter the body in any way. A large number of people who believe in their ability have been amazingly affected and have seen improvements in their health.

Ability 7: Telepathy
Telepathy - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

This is simply the ultimate ability of passing secret notes in class as it only uses the mind for transferring an image, message or other information from one person to another. The term telepathy comprises of two Greek words; tele, which means distant, and pathos, which means experience or feeling.

Ability 8: Psychometry

psychometry - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

If you are interested in learning your family history or you want to know who owned the antique table that you bought, how would you find the answer? In typical situations, you ask a grandparent or you do a search on Google. However, if you possess the ability of psychometry, you just need to touch the table. This psychic ability allows a person to learn another person or object’s history just by placing a hand on them. Stefan Ossowieki from Russia is known for this ability and he proved it by simply touching a sealed envelope and identified its contents and also revealed that it had been guarded for eight years.

Ability 9: Precognition

Precognition - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

When you hear that someone is psychic, you automatically assume that they can provide you information about events that are yet to take place. But, this is only true for people who have the ability of precognition, which allows them to sense the future of an animal, person or even object through description or touch. Sometimes, they need a focus item like a classic crystal ball, a bowl of liquid or a jewel. Not only do precogs receive visions of the future, but they may also receive information about steps that should be taken to stop something from happening or ensuring it.

Ability 10: Hypnosis

Hypnosis - Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

Hypnosis is defined as a process in which a person with this psychic ability can make suggestions to the subconscious of another and control their mind. The user can directly command the mind of the hypnotized person and they can control their actions as well as what they say. This tool is considered as a very helpful tool for psychological treatments and for finding out truths. There has been considerable scientific data collected to show that hypnosis actually does work and is used widely in treatments.

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Top 10 Extinct Animals

Top 10 Extinct Animals

We created this list of top 10 extinct animals to create awareness, as humans we are responsible for their extinctions. There are natural factors such as changes in sea levels as well as climatic heating and cooling that often lead to animal extinction. However, in modern times, some human activities have also caused extinction of some species. Hunting, over-fishing, the introduction of alien species and habitat destruction due to the expansion of farming land and cutting down of forest have all contributed to this process. Some of them were magnificently unique, but it is a sad reality that these astounding features no longer exist. Here is a list of the top 10 extinct animals who are no more to be found on this earth.

A List of Top 10 Extinct Animals

10) Sabre-Toothed Cat

Extinct animal - Sabre-Toothed Cat

The sabre-tooth cats were found about 55 million to 11,700 years ago. These carnivores are also known as Sabre-toothed lions or Sabre-toothed Tigers. They had elongated canine teeth, which resembled a blade and earned them their name. In some creatures, the teeth were nearly 50cm long. Their build was bear-like and they were said to be great hunters. The primary prey of these felines included mammoths and sloths. They had the ability of opening their jaws at an angle of 120 degrees, which is twice that of a modern lion. The Sabre-toothed cat became extinct due to several reasons. Firstly, the decline and extinction of the large herbivores they hunted was a factor and competition with humans and climate change did the rest.

9) Woolly Mammoth

Extinct Animals - Woolly Mammoth

Said to be closely related to modern elephants, the woolly mammoth was an enormous mammal that could weigh over 6 tons and was about 4 meters tall. About 3.5 million years ago, the ancestors of the woolly mammoth migrated out of Africa and spread across North America and northern Eurasia. Their entire body was covered in fur and had curved tusks that could be nearly 5 meters long. Nearly 10,000 years ago, the Woolly Mammoth disappeared due to the disappearance of its habitat caused by climate change and they were also hunted by humans. It is believed that the last of the Woolly Mammoth population vanished in 1700BC from Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean.

8) Dodo

Dodo - Extinct Animals

Weighing about 10 to 18 kg, the Dodo inhabited Mauritius and was about one meter tall. However, the exact appearance of this extinct and flightless bird remains unresolved because the only account that can be found are the written accounts and varied illustrations from the 17th century. It is presumed that factors such as the absence of predators and availability of abundant food sources in the form of roots, seeds and fallen fruits caused the Dodo bird to become flightless. A mention of the Dodo was first recorded by Dutch sailors in 1598. Sailors and the domesticated animals they kept hunted the bird into extinction. The last sighting of the Dodo was witnessed in 1662.

7) Great Auk

Great Auk - Top 10 Extinct Animals

Found in the North Atlantic and as south as Northern Spain, the Great Auk was a flightless and large bird that weighed nearly 5kg and had an average height of 75cm to 85cm. The bird was an extremely powerful swimmer, which allowed it to hunt underwater as well. By 1835, the last colony of the Great Auks, which had been residing on the island of Eldey, were killed. Three men killed the last of these birds who caught it in 1844 on St Kilda, Scotland. The men killed the Auk because they thought it was a witch that had caused a large storm to surge suddenly.

6) Stellers Sea Cow

Steller's Sea Cow - Extinct animals

Discovered in 1741 by naturalist George Stellar, the creature was named after him. Stellers Sea Cow was an herbivorous and large mammal that weighed around 8 to 10 tons and was about 8 to 9 meters long. It is believed that the mammal inhabited the Commander Islands in the Bering Sea and the Near Islands southwest of Alaska. The mammal spent most of its time eating kelp and was tame in nature. Human hunters targeted it because the Stellers Sea Cow was unable to submerge its enormous body in the water thereby remaining vulnerable. It was hunted to extinction 27 years after the Europeans discovered it.

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5) Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmanian Tiger - Extinct Animals

A large carnivorous marsupial, the Tasmanian tiger was native to Tasmania, Australia and New Guinea. The creature was not related to tigers at all and in fact resembled a medium to large sized dog. It was about 2 meters long measured from nose to tail and weighed nearly 30kg, but it resembled a tiger due to dark stripes on its body. It is believed that the tiger became extinct as it was widely hunted and bounties also encouraged the activity. But, some contribution was also made by disease, the introduction of dogs and encroachment of its habitat by humans. Between 1910 and 1920, the last wild Tasmanian tiger was killed and in 1936, the last captive creature died in Hobart Zoo in Tasmania.

4) Passenger Pigeon

Passenger Pigeon - Extinct Animals

Since the early 20th century, the Passenger Pigeon has been extinct. A native of North America, it is also called the Wild Pigeon and estimates indicate that about 3 to 5 billion of these creatures existed in the US when the Europeans came. But, the Passenger Pigeon lost its habitat due to their arrival as it led to mass deforestation and this reduced the bird population considerably. They were also hunted on a huge scale in the 19th century as pigeon meat had been commercialized as inexpensive food for the poor. Around 1900, the Passenger Pigeon died out with the last one dying in 1914 in captivity.

3) Pyrenean Ibex

Pyrenean Ibex - Extinct Animals

This is one of the four species of the Iberian Goat or Spanish Ibex found in the Iberian Peninsula and it fed mostly on herbs and grass. The Ibex weighed about 24 to 80 kg and had a height of 60 to 75 cm at the shoulder. Historically, they were thought to be 50,000 in number, but their numbers had reached 100 by the early 1900s. The exact cause that led to the extinction of the Pyrenean Ibex is unknown, but scientists believe that their inability to compete for food with other mammals and poaching were important factors. The last one was killed in 2000 in Spain by a falling tree.

2) Baiji White Dolphin

Baiji White Dolphin - Top 10 Extinct Animals

Also known as the Chinese River Dolphin, the Baiji White Dolphin could only be found in China’s Yangtze River. They weighed about one quarter of a ton and could grow as long as eight feet. They had tiny eyes and very poor eyesight so they relied on echolocation for hunting purposes. For 20 million years, they lived in the Yangtze, but from 1950 onwards, their numbers declined. The industrialization of China led to fishing in the river and it was also used for generating hydroelectricity and transportation, thereby affecting the mammal. While they are not considered extinct officially, they haven’t been seen since 2002.

1) West African Black Rhinoceros

West African Black Rhinoceros - Top 10 Extinct Animals

In the southwest region of Africa, the West African Black Rhinoceros was found in several countries. Measuring 1.4 to 1.7 meters in height and about 3 to 3.8 meters long, this rhino weight between 800 to 1300kg. The rhino had two horns and mostly relied on leafy shoots and plants for their food. The last of these animals was seen in 2006 in Cameroon and was officially declared extinct in 2011.

Let us know who do you think is responsible for the extinctions of these top 10 extinct animals? Ever wondered about the 10 oldest civilizations of the world? Give it a read!