18 Good Review For Teachers Examples to Copy & Paste

Why write a review for teacher? Giving positive feedback to your teachers is something you can do to pay off their kind services. You must share your positive experience with a teacher and recommend it to others to have the same for them. In this article, there are various examples of reviews added to help you write a review.

Review for Teacher Examples

Changes you need to Make in the review for teacher Example

  • Change the name to your teacher’s name, one whom you are reviewing.
  • Change the subject to the subject you are studying.

18 Good Review for Teachers

1.       Classes with Ms. Sofie have been fun. Her way of teaching and making difficult things easier so that one can understand and remember everything. I recommend her to everyone.

2.       I wanted to improve my Spanish speaking and writing skills during this summer vacation. I went to Mr. Jacob for an hour class twice a week. I enjoyed my classes a lot. He teaches amicably and focuses on the practice work much. He breaks the lengthy and difficult sentences into simple ones for easy comprehension. The practice exercises are great for learning.

3.       I think that Mr. Michael has helped me a lot, particularly in mathematics. Through his lessons and his best teaching methodology, my Math has improved. He gave different activities, which not only made the lesson interesting but also made it easy for me to understand the problems well. He not only encouraged me on every step but made me confident through his lessons. He is indeed a good teacher and a good guide too.

4.       I was getting difficulty in reading the lengthy and difficult paragraphs of English so, I decided to consult Mr. John to help me to read any kind of text frequently. He planned all my lessons so carefully and wisely that I improved my reading within a few weeks. Everything was running step by step. From easy text to difficult ones, I went so smoothly that it did not make it difficult to learn and to get frequent. It was always fun to listen to him. Also, his lessons urged me to read more and more. I will keep on attending his lectures to help me progress.

5.       Merry is friendly and easy to talk to. Whatever the discussion was, it went so smoothly. I was facing difficulty in dialogue writing and she was the best option around to connect with. She had a better vocabulary and was good at discussing any topic. Whatever the topic was, she was so knowledgeable that you could write or speak enough sentences on any topic. It has such an inspiring personality that will make you read more and more journals, books, magazines, and current affairs which will make you talk over any topic. I think it is the best part of her lessons.

6.       If you have a great teacher, who is kind, affable, knowledgeable, and of course helpful then you are a lucky person. So is Mr. Nick. He has all these qualities and a good option to learn something creative. I was getting stuck in the picture description. I contacted him and he helped me a lot regarding this. He better knows how to conduct lessons and make the learner pick it quickly. I liked his methodology, how he first involved the learner, made him observe and describe a picture. He listened to him carefully and wrote down everything the learner was saying. Then, he started discussing, giving ideas, and taught more vocabulary, and some natural expressions and then joined the relevant words for a better description. The best thing which I learned through his lessons was an observation sequence of making a story with the help of a picture. His lessons were so creative and useful. For sure, I will contact him for more lessons on creative writing.

7.       Finding the answer to any question is always a challenging task for a student. So is my problem. I was always facing difficulty in finding the answers from the given text unless I met Ms. Zenny. She better knows how to make the student not only find the answer but make him read and understand the text. It was her quality that urged me to take her lessons and learn how to solve the comprehension questions. She first taught me how to read and understand the text, then, made me think about the main idea of the text, what is the text about, and made me make questions in my mind and then answer by myself for better understanding. After all these steps, she went on the questions which were given at the end of the paragraph. It made it easy for me to understand the questions, then find their answers. It was a very helpful lesson. Despite reading and understanding the text first, I always read the questions and just focus on finding the answers, though I always got stuck on the comprehension and wasted my time. I will surely recommend her to others.

8.       Ava appreciates all her students for every small deed and good piece of work. She listens to their problems carefully and solves them. It does not matter if you need help with her subject or any other issue, she is always here with her sincere opinions. Someone recommended I choose her as my teacher for astronomy. I was afraid because I was not much into this subject. All my worries faded away when I attended her first class. I wait eagerly to attend her class every week. I highly recommended her to everyone who wants to learn astronomy with a joyful learning experience.

9.       In online learning during these COVID situations, it was very difficult to catch up with the schedules of all the teachers. But my experience with Mr. James was different. He was always on time with a stable internet connection. He maintained a strict but friendly environment in the class and encouraged his students to participate actively in the discussion. All the discussion makes it better to understand the topic and learn everything quickly. Rather than becoming a bookworm, he asked his students to thoroughly comprehend the topic and describe it in their own words which makes it easier to revise it. I would highly recommend him.

10.   The manner of Emily’s teaching is light and delightful. She has a great grip over all the concepts of thermodynamics. I was afraid of choosing this subject because of the boring and vague experience I had with my previous teacher. My friend asked me to attend her class at least one time. All my misconceptions went away and I chose her as my teacher for thermodynamics fearlessly. Her dedication made me more confident and encouraged me to learn. Thank you for everything you did for me!

11.   Despite his calm and sweet nature, Mr. Charlie handles all the reckless students with his attitude and maintains discipline in the class. With his thought-provoking method, the learning environment built in the class is amazing. He explains everything concisely and ignores the useless background knowledge. He is the best teacher I have ever got. It was not possible to get through this tough subject of the semester but I did it with your help. I would highly recommend him.

12.   In this pandemic era, where you could not go out of your homes to attend an academy, or If you could go, only limited slots are available. So, the Zoom meeting or any other social platform is the only option to go for. The same was the problem for me. I had to learn derivations of relativity. I searched for many online teachers. I also watched short clips of lessons from many teachers but was not finding the best one. I got upset, then I found a random comment from an online teacher, I just contacted him. Without watching a sample lecture, I took the whole lecture of Mr. jack. And it was the best one I went for. He was amazing and his teaching methods were great. Every point and every step were clear and concise. I would highly recommend him.

13.   A debate competition was going to start in a week amongst our school’s branches. It was a very pressurizing situation for me. Though I prepared well, my confidence level was getting low day by day. For that, I searched for random motivational speakers, influencers, and mentors that could help me regarding this. It was very useful. They not only made me more confident but it helped me to improve my communication skills. It helped me a lot to better interact with the audience while speaking. Moreover, it made me deliver everything concisely and maintain the interaction of the audience throughout the session. All these things enhanced my professional skills.

14.   I moved to America from a South Asian country where I was not very familiar with the English language. I was facing many difficulties in interacting with the people around me. Wherever I went, I always talked through gestures or moved quietly from a store. Only a few months to go to get admission in a school. I was so worried about this. One day, I met Mr. Simon in the park. He was talking to me and I was dumb. Then, he solved my problem and got ready to teach me English. From English alphabets to words to sentences, everything went so smoothly. It was his hard work and my dedication that made me learn English in a few months. Now, I was confident and much better able to move and interact in society. I would recommend it to those who are facing language issues.

15.   I always wanted to be a professional chess player but never got an environment. I read about Mr. Stephen, an ex-chess champion, who was teaching his tricks to the young generation. I went to him this summer and my experience with him was great. He taught me everything from scratch and it was so good that I am playing chess on the state level just because of him. The tricks he taught me were so good to get me through any difficult round. All my opponents became amazed at my skills. I am grateful to him for being there for me every time I needed it. If you are enthusiastic enough to learn, he is never going to disappoint you.

16.   History has always been a boring and difficult subject for students. So, it was for me. My school teacher always scolded me and made me more tired of this subject. I tried my best to cope with this problem but all in vain. One day, I asked my friend how he could get full marks in this subject and did not feel bored. He gave me the contact number of his tutor Mr. Jack. I asked Mr. Jack for help and told him my problem. He was so kind and polite that he accepted my request on the spot. I was so nervous at first but he made me feel relaxed and comfortable. He taught every lesson like a story. It was so fun taking his lessons. I was so overwhelmed. Thank you, Mr. Jack.

17.   I always had trouble making compound and complex sentences for essay writing. My vocabulary was good enough but putting the words together into a sentence is a bit difficult. I wanted to be a writer but these things were blocking my way to the dream destination. Miss Penelope owns a small academic institution to teach creative writing to learners. I read reviews about her on social media and decided to give it a chance. My experience with her not only improved my grammar but also made me more enthusiastic to achieve my goal. Her classes were interactive and enjoyable. I will recommend her to everyone who needs to improve his or her writing skills.

18.   My previous learning experience of biology was just reading a lengthy textbook and cramming all the information in a limited time. I was losing my interest in this subject. In my last few years in high school, I got Mr. Jasper as my biology teacher and it changed my notion about this subject completely. Instead of just theoretical work, he focused on practical work too. The video clips and concise presentation helped me to learn every topic quickly. He developed my interest in this subject and now, I am fully confident about my admission to the medical college. He is my favorite teacher. I would like to recommend him to everyone.