Clean Eating Meal Plan

‘Clean eating’ term is getting common around the world and especially among those who belong to the community of health. This diet follows the pattern of fresh and healthy food. Your metabolic system will be on track if five small meals a day include fruits and vegetable in your recipes. The healthy eating plan provides your body with the nutrients that you need every day. There are many advantages of the clean eating meal plan, one of them is that it also decreases your risk of heart disease which is getting common around the world. With a clean eating meal plan, exercise also plays a significant role. This routine of a clean eating meal plan with exercise can reduce death rates related to heart disease by fifty percent.


The clean eating meal plan will help you to lose weight and will make your life better in many ways. Clean eating meal plan increases the quality of food. You must focus upon the quality of food rather than focusing upon calories, carbs or decreasing your fat intake. Our body will work efficiently if our meal consists of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. These ingredients are healthy and are the best option when you are looking for a low-calorie diet plan.


• Say yes to vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables contain a large quantity of fiber, vitamins, minerals and plant compounds that protects from inflammation and fights it. They are an important part of the pyramid of clean foods. It protects our cells from getting damaged. Fruits and vegetable intake will reduce the chances of getting cancer or heart disease. Fresh fruits and vegetables are on the top list on the ways to start a clean meal diet.

You can make salads of different ingredients which should include two different vegetables and must include at least one green vegetable. You can make various dishes with the addition of berries, orange, apple or any fruit. Best way to make your vegetable is chopping them and adding olive oil, it enriches its taste and makes it tastier and healthier food.

clean eating meal plan fruits and vegetable

• Keep an eye on labels

It is important to read labels when it comes to buying packaged foods which include nut, vegetables or fruits. Because packaged food may contain sugar, preservatives, and most importantly unhealthy fats so it is important to keep an eye on it. Many time nuts are being roasted in vegetable oil which is not as healthy as raw nuts would so choose raw nuts instead of these nuts.

• Refined Carbs are too bad for you

Those whole foods which contain a high percentage of carbs are incredibly healthy for your body but if we talk about refined carbs or simple ones lacks many necessary nutrients and fiber. Refined carbs can increase the risk of many diseases like obesity and heart disease. It is better to choose whole grains which will provide you with more nutrients which improve your digestion and reduces inflammation. People who have included whole grain in their diet are less likely to have fat belly because it is good for your gut health. Keep that in mind that you should not go for white bread and other types of refined carbs in your clean eating meal plan.

• Vegetable Oil and Margarine Should be avoided

Vegetable oil and margarine do not fall in the category of clean meal diet. It is not a good choice for your clean meal diet because it increases the risk of weight gain and heart disease by increasing the inflammation. If you are finding difficulty in avoiding vegetable oil and margarine then you can use olive oil as a replacement and is healthier too. The clean eating diet plan must include a small amount of fat. This fat includes fish, nuts, and avocado.

• Honey and Maple Syrup for Beginners

You must avoid added sugar in your clean meal plan because they are high in fructose. Sugar and high-fructose corn syrup are bad for your healthy life because it can cause diabetes, obesity, fatty liver and cancer. You should also avoid concentrated sugar and all its types too if you are diabetic or suffer from metabolic syndrome. You can use natural sugar like honey and maple syrup for adding sweetness to your food when you are clean eating. But it is best to avoid natural sugar too and go with the natural sweetness of fruits and different flavors of nuts.

• Water is the Best Beverage

Beverages consist of a high percentage of sugar, artificial sweeteners which can lead to diabetes, obesity and is not a good choice for a clean meal lifestyle. Water is the best choice when it comes to the beverages because it is the cleanest and the purest one. Water plays an essential role in making you healthy and helps you with weight loss. You can also go for coffee without sugar and tea but avoid it if your body is sensitive towards caffeine.

• Avoid Alcohol for Healthy Lifestyle

Alcohol is made from yeast which is added to grains, fruits, or vegetables and rest is the fermentation process. Many types of health problems like liver disease, digestive disorders, belly fat, etc are occurred due to alcohol. Moreover, inflammation occurs too due to alcohol. If you are taking steps towards clean eating plan then you should avoid alcohol too.

• Vegetable as a Substitute

There are many clean healthy ways to cook food at home. There are recipes through which you can replace refined grains. For instance, you can chop cauliflower which will mimic rice and will give you more benefit then rice. Mashed potatoes with little pepper and salt are also tasty and healthy. Spaghetti squash as a substitute for pasta and is healthier than pasta.

• Cooking Meal at Home

People nowadays prefer to buy fast food as it is the quickest and unhealthy way. Fast food is the leading cause of obesity and other health issues. Preparing fresh food at home is a lot more simple than you think. If you are cooking food at home you will know about what’s going in your body and it should be healthy.


Eating clean is much better and easier when you have fresh food at home. When we talk about the food which falls in the category of the clean eating meal plan. Fruits and vegetable are at the top of list. Below we will also mention some of the recipes which will make this plan healthier and tastier.

• Fruits: Pineapple Green Smoothie

The fruit is always the best option when it comes to clean eating foods but make sure that you buy fruits of good quality, if you are buying canned fruits then read its label for added sugar and preservatives. Fruits consist of sugar but we can’t ignore that it contains vitamin, minerals, and fiber which provides our body with beneficial nutrients.
Fruit juice fulfills your body need of nutrition but makes sure that juice is 100% fruit do not add sugar because fruits are naturally sweet so enjoy its little sweetness instead of adding preservatives. Always choose clean fruits and they should be fresh. If you are buying canned fruit then look out for sugar in it.


Its recipe is quite simple. All you need are ripe bananas, spinach, creamy yogurt, and pineapple smoothie. Add chia seeds and blend it. Your healthy smoothie is ready to boost your body with nutrition. Do not add sugar in it then this will not be a clean drink. Keep it natural.

• Whole grains: Quinoa Avocado Salad

Whole grains are quite healthy carbs which fulfill our daily need for fiber and nutrition. Whole grains include brown rice, barley, oats, farro, millet, etc. They are a good choice for a clean mealtime plan because they are unprocessed. If you want to eat pasta then make it at home by buying whole-wheat kind of pasta, popcorn or pizza dough. That food will be tastier and will provide you with nutrition.


Quinoa is enriched with proteins and will be mixed with avocado with a grain salad. This dish will be full of nutrients and will be healthy and tasty to eat. This can be part of your dinner. This dish is easy to make.

• Dairy Products: Raspberry Smoothie

When we think about healthy dairy products the first thing that comes to our mind is yogurt but make sure that yogurt should be regular or Greek. It is better to avoid fruit-flavored yogurt because they contain a large amount of sugar which can destroy our clean meal plan as it can increase your weight. You can use milk and cheese in your meal plan and can make healthy dishes from it. Avoid added sugar in these products and stay close to the natural product. Also, look for dairy products with low fat and they should be plain. The clean dairy product includes plain yogurt with no preservatives, plain milk, and cheese with no added sugar.


For this, you will need 1 cup of raspberries, 1 cup of milk, ½ cup of Greek yogurt, ½ chopped cucumber and 1 cup of crushed ice. Blend it for 2 minutes and it is ready to be served. This recipe is best to boost your morning routine and refreshes your mind. It is best if you drink it after a workout.

• Vegetables: Green Shakshuka

Vegetables like fruits are an important part of a clean eating diet plan because they are enriched with vitamins, proteins, minerals, and fiber. Vegetables are good for our metabolic system. You can also buy canned or frozen vegetables but read the labels and canned vegetable must not contain the sauces. There are so many ways through which you can make your vegetable taste good. Try those recipes which contain a full serving of vegetables.


It consists of poached egg in tomato sauce. It is a healthy choice for breakfast. This recipe also includes spinach herbs and tomatillos. It’s easy to make and is perfect for a clean meal plan.

• Protein: Pork Chops with Creamy Mushroom sauce

Meat is a great source of protein. It also consists of iron and vitamin B12. If you have are a beginner and don’t know much about clean eating then here is a tip to avoid processed food and go for bologna, salami, and pepperoni. Make sure to buy good quality of meat with no artificial color or preservatives.


Ingredients you need are boneless pork chops or with bones, mushroom sauce and served with potatoes. This is the best choice for dinner and can be made easily at home and it requires no marinating.

• Desserts: Apple donuts

If you are on the path of clean diet plan then you may think that no desserts fall in this category but they do. There are hundreds of recipes for low-fat dessert which contains little or no sugar at all. Avoid sugar and refined flour when cooking dessert at home. You can use fruits or honey in your recipe as a natural sweetener.


Three ingredients are required to make this dessert. Ingredients you need are apple slices, nut butter and coconut shredded over it. This recipe does not require any sugar at all and is tasty to eat. This can be eaten as a snack.

• Drinks

When you are looking for drinks on a clean meal plan then look out for added sugar. Fizzy drinks consist of a high percentage of added sugar and preservatives which can be the cause of weight gain. Tea, coffee, and water are the best choices for drinks. Tea and coffee should be without sugar. You can make fruit juice at home without adding sugar in it or can have green-tea which is the best choice for those who have a tough workout routine.
Above mentioned foods and recipes are healthy to eat and are an important part of a clean and healthy meal plan. These recipes are easy to make and won’t consume that much time.


Clean eating meal plan is not only for losing weight but it is a step towards a healthy lifestyle, It improves your health and protects you from obesity and many heart diseases. Below are the reasons why you should start a clean eating meal plan today.

• Helps in Weight Loss

A clean meal plan helps you to lose weight and keeps your body healthy. Losing weight has itself so many advantages. It reduces the risk of chronic conditions because an overweight person has a higher risk of developing such conditions like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and also leads to breathing problems. Vegetables, whole grain and fruits decrease the percentage of calories which helps in losing weight. Moreover, fiber which is present in vegetables which regulate the hunger in our body so the person intake of food is in right quantity because fiber makes people feel that they are not hungry and they feel fuller.

• Shield against heart diseases

Heart diseases are possible to be prevented by the intake of healthy food and positive changes in daily routine which includes exercise. It reduces the chances of suffering from heart diseases by 80%. For instance almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts, green vegetables, and sunflower seed has a high concentration of vitamin E which prevents the formation of blood clot; blood clot can lead to heart attacks in the future.

Coronary heart disease can occur due to trans-fat. People should avoid food which contains trans- fats because they increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. If a person reduces or eliminates its intake from the diet plan then it reduces the level of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body because this cholesterol can lead to the formation of plaque within the arteries which will be the cause behind a heart attack. Avoid such foods and start healthy eating today.

• Strong bones for good life

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis weaken the bones. To prevent this condition intake of calcium and magnesium is necessary. This will make our bone and teeth strong. Intake of calcium supplements is also a good option to prevent this condition. Foods like dairy products, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, fish, tofu and legumes contain calcium in it. So intake of these foods will fulfill the daily need for calcium in our body. Make these clean food a vital part of your meal. Moreover, green vegetables and whole grains are enriched with magnesium which is also essential for our body. Green vegetables can be part of your salad during dinner.

• Dementia and healthful diet

A healthy diet plays a vital role in improving our memory and we feel active and energetic all day long. A healthy diet helps our body to prevent conditions like dementia in which a person suffers from memory loss. Vitamin D, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, fish, flavonoids and polyphenols.

• Good gut health

There are bacteria found in the colon which plays a vital role in digestion. These bacteria play a vital role in producing vitamin K and B which is beneficial for the colon. These bacteria fight harmful bacteria and viruses. To improve gut health one needs to avoid food with a high concentration of sugar. Instead choose a diet like vegetables, fruits and whole-grain which provides our body with prebiotics and probiotics which are good for bacteria in the colon to produce vitamin K and B. Foods that are rich in probiotics are yogurt, kimchi, and miso. Also, fiber is enriched with prebiotic which are present in vegetables.

• Improved mental health

The healthy diet plan has a great impact on our mental health and is best for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. Other than medicines to treat depression clean meal is also important with an exercise routine. Glycemic is one of the causes behind these mental problems which also includes mood swings. Avoid soft drinks, cakes, and biscuits because they have a high amount of glycemic. Vegetables, fruits, and whole-grain have a low amount of glycemic which is good for mental health. It can improve our mood and helps people to live a healthy life. With healthy diet plan also visit your doctor for better advice.

• Treats diabetes

Diabetes is getting common around the world. The reason behind this is not many people go for the intake of clean and healthy food. To avoid diabetes one should use vegetables and fruits in their diet. Diabetes is prevented by using natural foods. These foods help a person to lose weight, controls the cholesterol level and blood pressure at a suitable targeted range, and prevent diabetes. People who suffer from diabetes should avoid that food which contains added sugar and salt.

• Prevents Cancer

Healthy and clean diet prevents conditions like cancer because a person who intakes healthy diet will not suffer from obesity which increases the risk of cancer. Diet plan which contains fruits, vegetable, and whole grains acts as a shield against cancer and decreases the risk of developing it. Since fruits are good for gut they reduce the risk of cancer gastrointestinal tract. The diet which contains fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. A diet which contains fiber, it reduces liver cancer. We can’t deny the importance of clean eating food in our lives.

Moreover, there is the presence of phytochemicals in legumes, nuts, vegetables, and fruits which are important for our body. Because they act as antioxidants which is useful to protect cells from getting damaged. Those damaged cells in the future can lead to cancer.

The clean eating meal plan is important for our health. It is beneficial to choose water over soft drinks for good gut health. You can make healthy recipes with the help of fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain which will be tastier and better for your health. With clean eating, exercise is also necessary for an active life. Start your day with fresh fruit juice with no added sugar and for snacks, the salad will be best for one’s health. Eliminate preservatives and added sugar and salt from your diet plan. A healthy diet is a shield against cancer, diabetes, and depression. So start your clean meal plan today for a healthy lifestyle.