Top 10 Drop-Shipping Products for 2021

It is undeniable that the biggest shopping season of the year is winter, which implies it is also the best time for business people and entrepreneurs to make as many sales as they can target.

Since the concept of self-business is growing with the same rate of technology is impacting our lives, it is not wrong to say that limitless business ideas and picking one of them, is becoming a significant problem.
Most people dream of having their own business by launching a drop-shipping business, but very few of them will be ready to make the actual efforts to bring that dream real.

If you are one of the entrepreneurs looking for the best drop-shipping products to be sold in 2020, then congrats! You are exactly in the right place.
After lots of adequate research and self-analysis, I have selected the top 10 drop-shipping products that will be a significant hit in the coming years. So, let’s dive deep into the world of fresh ideas and brand-new opportunities.

List of best drop-shipping products to sell in 2021

I collected data and statistics from Oberlo, Google Trends, and some social media research, in case you are wondering how I came up with the list. The following information is also guided by my entrepreneurial experiences, which facilitated in finding the most profitable dropshipping products to make tons of profits in 2020.

Let’s explore this universe, shall we?

Wooden watches

You will want to add this product to your store if you have an interest in the fashion industry. Drop-shipping wooden watches is one of the best ideas you can put into practice in upcoming years to make a lot of profits. The reason why wooden watches are becoming immensely popular is their tendency to being not only non-toxic and environmentally friendly but also quite appealing. The estimated rise in the demand for wooden watches is considered 8% in 2021.

Wooden watches drop-shipping business is not only secure but also trust-worthy. Remarkably, Ali Express is a notable name in facilitating trade with a range of high order watches and related stuff with a strong demand for purchases. The constant incases in sales of wooden watches has been increased, giving a new business a fantastic niche to watch out for as its diversity allows you to target a variety of different audiences.

However, it should be noted that selling branded items with brand logos such as Rolex watches may result in a complaint or even closure of your business if those products are sold out without the authorization of the actual sellers. The easy way to avoid this problem is by selling “white-label” products under your business umbrella that can be quickly rebranded and resold without undergoing the complications of legal cases. Product – BOBO BIRD Wood Watch Men Women Quartz Week Date Timepiece Colorful Wooden Band logo Customize U-P14-1

Teeth whitening kits

Sales for teeth whitening packages have been soared with the new DIY movement and expensive professional dental procedures, why? Because we all have teeth and most of us like white teeth. In the modern world, the rarity of white teeth is the main reason why we need teeth whitening kits to improve the appearance of our smiles dramatically. Since everyone has teeth, and everyone cares for white teeth, you can be sure that there is no chance of your drop-shipping business to be drowned.

The benefit of this product is that a complete tooth whitening kit can be obtained from a reliable supplier in less than $5, while the retail selling price of the same kit will be about $24. Hence there are profits all over this industry. It should be noted that Germany, France, and the UK are the most popular places for these kits at the moment.

According to recent research, international teeth whitening demand is expected to exceed $7.4 billion by the beginning of 2024, making this online purchase a fantastic commodity.

No doubt, the crowded market is well dominated and controlled by names that seem difficult to be defeated, but there are still ways and opportunities to leverage on the appeal of teeth whitening kits. All you need to do is to think and work with some crafty, sharp marketing and advertisement methods. Product – Top Quality Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit Bleaching System Bright White Smile Teeth Whitening Gel Kit With LED Light Professional

Anti-aging creams

If you are thinking of starting a drop-shipping business but confused in selecting a niche, you are welcome to follow anti-aging creams blindly. Great opportunities and tons of profits are hidden in this sphere as people are ready to try out anything that is promised to make them look younger and more beautiful. That is the reason anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams, serums, and oils are seemed plentiful and dominating the marketplace in any era.

To make a name in this industry, all you need to do is to search for your target customers when considering a product range to understand their desires and requirements fully. Build customer personas, analyze trends, and look for the perfect customer’s buying patterns. After all, that, select a variety of anti-aging products and establish a targeted marketing plan once you have fully developed your audience.

Everyone agrees to this thought that they never want their skin to look old, even if it is their last day, and thus they are willing to try out a variety of different anti-aging products, which indirectly makes this niche the most valuable. Even if there is no such specific requirement, but to promote your sales, you can easily target teenage girls, adult women, and even girls who are in college. Product – Snail Face Cream Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizer Anti Wrinkle Anti Aging Nourishing Serum Collagen whitening Cream Skin Care

Printed socks

In recent years, higher statistics in the sales of stuff is seen, particularly products which have written material on them. Although socks are appreciated as a small part of a person’s closet, yet they have a significant share in the marketplace. Socks are a great product to be considered with the passing time as they are light-weighted, of routine usage, and have extra-ordinary unique designs to attract the audience.

The reason why the socks industry is getting more prominent is that they just don’t rely on a selected range of audiences, but rather, they involve a variety of different audiences. For example, if your socks have shapes of cats printed on them, you will quickly grab the attention of cat lovers. The same stands true for famous fictional words, designs, and other visions that are prevalent, particularly in teenagers.

Hence with printed socks drop-shipping, you can reach a large number of customers without any loss.

Research has shown that the socks industry is expected to raise $11.6 billion by the end of 2023. For new business owners, no doubt, socks are a successful beginner product. Just like printed shirts and phone cases that are highly in demand, printed socks are also an easy way to build a new business in 2020. Product – Cotton funny Socks Women &Men New 2019 cute Autumn Winter New Year Santa Claus Christmas Fruit Animal Fish Happy Socks PEONFLY

Facial masks

Face masks or facial masks are classified as a skincare product that aims to brighten, hydrate, and thoroughly clean your face from dust and dead skin. With the rise of the film industry, the efforts in making the looks younger and more beautiful have also been going.

Not only stars but random people are also seen as taking part in this glamorous game. That is why selling facial masks would help you in fulfilling all the makeup requirements of your customer, and hence it this niche opens the door for a successful business.

Face masks have been typical for a long time because there is always an opportunity to make money by keeping ahead in the game with innovations arising every few months. A simple Instagram search for #facemask shows hundreds and thousands of individuals playing with different ingredients, from charcoal to platinum, coffee, and clay, just to make their faces fresh and long beautiful.

Recently, the trend of peel-off face masks, cream masks, and clay masks has seen a sharp and significant rise. This is mostly due to the stream of videos created by beauty bloggers that showcase a variety of face products. Such face masks have become a success to drop-shippers interested in selling such items. These are light-weighted and well-appreciated products. They are a fantastic complement to any drop-shipping store that sells beauty products. Product – 24K Gold Facial Mask Hyaluronic Acid Mask Moisturizing Hydrating Anti-Aging Depth Replenishment Skin Care 1pc

Eyelash extensions

Ever wondered how all these celebrities and famous pop stars get their long-lasting beautiful lashes spread all over their eyes? Well, apart from having natural lashes, people also tend to “purchase” and apply for eyelash extensions. These are usually made of plastic, but more expensive ones also include organic hair. A study that was done to estimate the top ongoing products in the world declared eyelash extensions as the most popular product for future drop-shippers.

As with other beauty products, there is also an increase in the popularity of fake eyelashes. Although not suitable to declare them as false, they are one of the top hits in the market. The presence of extended eyelashes is as significant as the eyes itself. On one side, where the world is full of eyelash oils, serums, and other stuff to make them organically longer, beauty bloggers and makeup influencers are also keeping up with false lashes to change their look.

Since eyelashes have now become an integral part of the glamorous world and no beauty haul is ever completed without their existence, they can be very beneficial to be sold in the coming years. Along-with fake eyelashes and lash extensions, you can also consider eyelash utensils, and thus, it becomes a whole new world of drop-shipping eyelash related products. Product – Eyealsh Extension 3D Individual Lashes Further, False Eyelashes All Size Natural Long

Tote bags

Tote bags, in simple words, are large bags to carry things. They are usually made of canvas with two large handles to take several items. The thing about them is that they are eco-friendly, which means they do not harm nature as much as plastic bags do. Although paper bags are also in demand, their inability to carry heavy items makes then a lesser appreciated item. On the other side, tote bags are not only able to take multiple things at one time, but also, they are very stylish.

Across the globe, with the international awareness of “save the world,” which is the basis of the promotion of tote bags, people are getting more and more conscious about how their shopping patterns are affecting the natural world. And the best option at which they can look upon rather than plastic or paper products is tote bags.

If you are thinking about starting a drop-shipping business that can stay longer than others, considering tote bags will worth it. They are going to be super useful in the future as plastic bags are in the process of being banned in many areas, and once their use is completely prohibited, tote bags will dominate the marketplace. Product – GAWBE Unisex Handbags Custom Canvas Tote Bag

Baby Carrier

The world is full of babies, isn’t it? And so are the baby items which range from their food to accessories. Even though babies like to be carried in the hands of their parents or others, their carriers are now on the rise. As more and more people are engaging in jobs and business, it is not an easy task to take care of their babies while being at home. So why not just purchase a baby carrier and take the baby where ever you go?

Honestly speaking, the global demand for baby carriers is exceptionally high all over the world. Along with the increasing number of babies born each year, this product is highly in order because it allows mothers to move freely and comfortably without getting worried about the baby. There are estimations that demand for baby carriers will be increased by 3.68% by 2021.

The dropshipping business of baby carriers is one of the best options as it will get more and more attention with the time because, we all know, babies won’t stop. You can take into account different sorts of baby carriers too, the most popular of which are baby slings, wraps, and soft structured carriers. Product – SUNVENO Ergonomic Baby Carrier Infant Baby Hipseat Waist Carrier Front Facing Ergonomic Kangaroo Sling for Baby Travel 0-36M

Fitness tracker

A gymnasium is a place that never gets deserted. From January to December and in all seasons, people are conscious about their fitness and dietary plans, which on one side gives rise to the fitness industry but also to the appliances and products which help people in burning their calories and keeping track of their routine workouts.

Fitness trackers are small devices that work just like watches. Instead of telling time, they can keep track of things like heart rate, steps taken, distance traveled, and elevation gained. They are hugely popular among sportsmen, body-builders, and athletes as they are better than phone apps in measuring. Worldwide demand for fitness trackers is expected to rise around $3.33 billion by the end of 2022.

This question might pop up in your mind, if the fitness industry runs throughout the year, then why to start this drop-shipping business in winter? Think of it, with every new year along-with purchase of unique journals and other stuff, people also set their fitness goals, and that is the main reason why fitness tracker can be the best product to be sold in 2020 as it is not only the bestselling product but also a future top hit. Product – Smart Band Blood Pressure Measurement Pedometer Fitness Tracker Watch Smart Bracelet Women Men Waterproof For Android Ios

Smoothie blenders

Why are smoothie blenders getting popular? More precisely, because they are indirectly associated with almost all spheres of human life, particularly health one. As more and more people are becoming health conscious and are returning to the natural world rather than using dry powders, smoothie blenders are also becoming immensely popular.

Another reason why smoothie blenders are in high demand is because of the impact of technology we all are having in our lives. Life is becoming faster and requires everything to be done in seconds; the main reason people are adding smoothie blenders in their home appliances. Whether it is a quick breakfast or lunch to be given to children, smoothie blenders are always there to help in making different types of shakes and smoothies.

If you want to add smoothie blenders in your drop-shipping plans, you are least likely to face disappointment as emerging demand for these blenders is undoubtedly making them the best option to be sold in 2020. With targeted marketing and a little effort, you can run your drop-shipping business as it is an excellent product offering a unique opportunity. Many platforms are selling smoothie blenders. People like to have things that bring comfort to their lives, and thus, they like smoothie blenders because of their easiness. Product – IKOHS MOI SLIM G.L.A.S.S BLENDER Pink 400ML Portable Blender Juice Automatic Vegetable Fruit Juicer Orange Electric Cup Smoothie

The best Products and Market Research Tools

There is no concept of having a well-settles business in one or a few nights and those who believe that remain in distress forever. Everything takes time, specifically if it is a new business in the market.

After having a close look at the products listed below and selecting one of them, I would strongly suggest you, before launching your business, to do your adequate research about both product and market strategies. It’s better to learn before experimenting in the real world.

The following are some essential tools that you can consider in approving or terminating your business ideas.

Google trends

Google trends is a powerful tool that allows you to have a look at the pattern of a search term or brand over time. It gives you a notion of how much value your desired brand or market has, and thus, you can conclude if the product is up or down in trend line.


Quite a famous name, Amazon is considered as the best seller platform. It is full of sales information and displays the most popular titles for each niche, leaving you all surprised. It is also the best popular site, as top sellers published every hour.


You might be surprised by the presence of Pinterest under this category. But the fact that besides being a famous social media platform, Pinterest is also one of the significant trend-makers on the internet. Considering Pinterest can be valuable as you can quickly get an idea about trends that people like the most.

Ali Express

In last, there is Ali Express, a top-rated China-based platform for online shopping, but also an indirect tool in showing you the products which are in high demand. Here, you can surf and browse to get an idea about the current popularity of your product or niche.

That’s it; the top 10 drop-shipping ideas to start a new business! Here’s a list of genuine dropship suppliers I hope you like them and find them useful.