Top Passive Income Ideas with Little Money

Many people around the world work all day to earn a handsome amount of money. They are unaware of today’s strategies like a small amount of investment can help them earn money for a long time if only they know the right place to invest or how to invest smartly with the income, they earn through passive income ideas with little money. There are lots of ways these days to earn money via passive income ideas with little money. Here are 17 different passive income ideas with little money.

1 – Write an E-book and Sell

First, in our list of passive income ideas with little money is writing an E-book. Everyone has a talent for something. You can write a book of your favorite niche or something about coding or SEO writing techniques or you can check the niches which are highly demanded by the audience and then write according to that niche, a book of 80-90 pages and then sell that book to the Kindle directly with monthly pricing. The price should be set according to the targeted audience.

The marketing of the book is another aspect which also requires time and consistency.

2 – Make an online course (Hot in Passive Income Ideas with Little Money)

Making an online course is a substantial way to earn passive income. You can make a great amount of money by making a complete online course. There are lots of people doing that making online courses and earning through it. What you can do is you can provide with video tutorials or e-books or access to some important research papers. They can have access to those materials by paying for those online courses.

There are the number of websites like Teachable will help you how to create an online course and the pricing according to the course demand.

3 – Put up for sale on Amazon

It is very easy to earn money by selling the product on Amazon which is a great source of passive income with little money. A large number of people shop from Amazon.

You can simply sell your own product on Amazon and your product would be shipped by Amazon themselves as people all around the world buy products from Amazon.

It’s a simple and good way to earn passive income in our list of passive income ideas with little money.

4 – Make an online store with dropshipping

Online store with dropship has become so popular these days in the market in which you can earn a good amount of money with a little investment. Dropshipping in our list of passive income ideas with little money, is really helpful in generating more income.

You will need to research about the products in demand. Then look for supplier for dropshipping. Most of the people use Ali Express for dropshipping. Create your own website, or put your products on Amazon or Ebay.
When someone orders, you simply ask your supplier to ship the product to customer’s address. You will need to be skillful in digital marketing to go this route.

Read more about how to make millions dropshipping.

5 – Make YouTube Channels and Videos

In today’s world, everyone is making YouTube videos but only if we get know the right ways to use these YouTube channels. YouTube has opportunities for beginners in a legitimate way.

People are making money by Vlogging and marketing the products of brands through their videos. These people are just like us. You just have to put some effort into making some good quality videos with good content, should know the tactics that how to make your videos look more attractive to the audience.

But one cannot do that if he only makes one video and sitting back, waiting for the passive income with this idea. You have to make the number of videos up to 100 and the subscriber should be enough to make your video popular. The more the views, the more money you make.
This income idea is less risky than the others in our list of top passive income ideas with little money.

6 – Ads on Cars (Easiest in our List of Passive Income Ideas with Little Money)

It is one of the easiest and creative way to earn in our list of passive income ideas income with little money.

Don’t you want to give pick and drop services? Have your owned car? You can just earn money by doing an advertisement on your car windows or car body through different companies. It will earn you a few hundred dollars monthly just by driving your car in town. If you don’t want to drive, you can just give your car on rent for this purpose as well.

You can take help with Wrapify on how to cover your car with the advertisements.

7 – Rent a Spare Room

One can simply make money by just giving the spare room on rent with a little investment in making that room interior better for the guest. It is one of the most interesting passive income ideas with little money, to earn. The room needs to be cleaned every time a guest leave. You can hire a maid to clean or give your room to the property management company to run this passive idea in a proper manner. 

Airbnb helps people to easily find restrooms, you can simply earn money with Airbnb by renting the spare room at your house.

8 – Install Vending Machines

Installing a vending machine can be really profitable in our list of passive income ideas with little money too. You can install a vending machine to the places where there are a large number of employees work on a daily basis.

If a vending machine is placed strategically, it can generate really good income for you.

Another idea for a successful vending machine income is that you can also stock items in the vending machine according to the customer preferred items.  

9 – Sell Photos Online

You can simply sell your photos online by clicking it with your phone if it’s in good quality and catchy through several websites.

If you have a good quality pixel camera, you can just make money with your photographic skills by selling it online, with a particular targeted niche and audience you can even make a better amount of money.

For selling your pictures online, you can check websites like Shutterstock and Getty images if your pictures get approved by these services, you will be paid for it.

10 – Make a Mobile App

If you don’t know how to create a mobile app, all you need is an idea. Hire an app developer and get your app created based on the idea you have. Your app should solve some sort of problem or have some value, which make people use it again and again. An addictive game maybe?

Your app will have ads running on it. When people see the ads, you earn.

Once the app is created, it is all about how many people are using it. More the traffic, more the income. So you will need to hire a digital marketer to get people install the app. After that it’s all about making sure your app stays bug free, work on more apps. And then it will be all passive income for you.

11 – Design a Product (For designers – Passive income ideas with little money)

You can just simply earn by designing a product this passive income idea with little money by just designing a T-shirt or some or other products.

If you think you don’t have a platform to sell your design then you are wrong because Redbubble is helping people to sell their design of any kind of product and if someone purchases the design they give you a good amount of money and everyone, someone purchases that order you get paid for it.

12 – Start a Business and Give Someone to Run it

If you own a business and the right people are running that business for you then it is also a passive income idea with little money.

You can just start a business with little investment if it has market demand then surely it would be going to work. You just have to invest and work with the right people in order to run your business.

You can check small business ventures on this $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. These are all those businesses that are verified and make a good figure yearly.

13 – Investing in Real Estate

This idea may need some money to start. Your little investment in real estate can be a passive income idea too. You just have to purchase a property to start, put that on rent or on sale. One of the best way to make good money, in our list of top passive income ideas with little money.

The other way around is, you sell the properties owned by someone else, and you earn the commission, that won’t need any investment.

14 – Affiliate Marketing (For Digital Marketers – Passive Income Ideas with Little Money)

Affiliate marketing is among the top passive income ideas with little money. If you have your own website it is not that difficult for you to make money.

 If you don’t have a website then you can make a website in the lowest rates monthly with the web hosting sites. Web hosting sites stores your serves and it can view on the internet with affiliate links.

Anytime someone buys from your link, you will receive a commission. All you need a computer and good internet skills for affiliate marketing. If you want to go this route, taking a course in Digital marketing is highly recommended.

15 – Invest in the Stock Market

Investment in the stock market would be a one of the most known passive income ideas with little money. What you have to do is carefully manage the stock exchange rates and investment.

You have to know the techniques of trading or should hire someone to look after this stock investment market in order to get a good amount of money to earn but it needs to be done very carefully.

top passive income ideas with little money

16 – License your Idea (For Creative Minds – Passive Income Ideas with Little Money)

You can earn passive income with little idea and money if you’re technically sound. And have the ability to critically analyze any problem and have the solution to solve it.

You can earn by making a license for that idea. Every time someone wants to use it, you earn money.

17 – Rent your Stuff

It is one of the quickest ways to earn money in our list of passive income ideas with little money. You can simply rent out your home stuff to your neighbors or someone for a day or two or according to the requirement. 

Craigslist is a great place to give your stuff on rent. It helps you to get customers for your rental stuffs.

Before renting any stuff, there should a legal agreement between both the parties. Like, the current identity card and proof from the renters.

In order to secure your rental stuff, there should be a security deposit as well if any damage would be done to the rental stuff.

The product that you could be given for rental purposes are listed below

  • Tables and chairs
  • Ladders
  • Electronic items etc.

Summary – Top Passive Income Ideas with Little Money

If you are doing a 9-5 traditional job and tired of working this long then this list of top passive income ideas with little money is for you. Check them all, identify which is the most feasible for you and try that way of earning money. It is going to help you in a long way because in the passive income you will be get paid for your work again and again in a decent way.

All you have to do is play smartly with the passive income, you will have to work according to the market of the audience. You just have to work smartly and less hard then the 9 to 5 job. Try some of the ways from this list, they are definitely going to work for you if you’re consistent.

Let us know about some other passive income ideas with little money, and we will include them in our list.