Vehicle Purchase Tips for People Who Know Nothing About Cars

Purchasing a new vehicle can mean dealing with pushy car salespeople offering confusing prices and add-ons. It can be hard to understand which car will be the best bang for your buck. If you know nothing about cars, use our tips to ensure you make the best possible purchase for yourself and your family.

Get Pre-Financing From the Bank

Many car dealerships offer their own financing options, but this can come with higher interest rates and more hoops to jump through. First, try contacting your bank or local credit union for a car loan. Speak with a knowledgeable loan officer and see what deals they can offer. Take your findings and documentation to the dealership and use them to negotiate for a better price and even a lower interest rate at the dealership.

Shop Around

Don’t immediately purchase the very first car you find, even if it meets all your wants and needs. And never stick to one dealership; spend the day shopping around and going to a few different places to understand the price differences between dealers. If you are not finding good price points within your vicinity, try going to dealerships outside your current location.

Always Negotiate

As we said before, car salespeople can be pushy, so be firm in telling them what you’re looking for in a car. When you are discussing a deal, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Try throwing a lower number on the table for the price and see how the salesperson responds. At the very least, it’s a great starting point for negotiations.

Test Drive the Car

A good deal might be tempting enough for you to accept without testing how well the car drives. Always test drive the vehicle before making a deal. During the test drive, some issues might present themselves that you wouldn’t have found if you had not driven the car first. The test drive is also an excellent time to determine if the car feels “right” and if you can see yourself driving it for years to come.

Bring a Friend

If you’re nervous about going to the dealership alone, consider bringing a friend or loved one who has experience buying cars. This eases some of the tension you may have and allows you to make a clearer judgment call when it comes down to a deal. Plus, this person might catch something the salesman says you might have otherwise missed.

Purchasing a car does not have to be scary, even if you know nothing about them. Take your time and go over the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicles you like. You never have to decide right away, so allow yourself time to mull over the prospects to make the best possible decision for your safety and your wallet.