What Are the Best Ethernet Cables for Gaming?

Technology is constantly advancing, so it’s hard to keep up with the gaming industry unless you game regularly. These days, gaming takes on an entirely different definition than it did just a decade ago.

Things were more lighthearted back then, but these days video games are wholly immersive and interactive to the point that you feel as though you are really in the game. Here are some of the best Ethernet cables for gaming. Whether you’re planning on gaming long term or just casually, you’ll need them.

Service Compatibility

Before you invest in any equipment for your gaming setup, you’ll need to check your internet service provider for your internet speed. Your internet speed will determine what kind of setup you need and the type of Ethernet cable that you go with.

Plan Your Setup

When you’re making plans to set up your gaming station or room, you’ll need to consider what the traffic will be like in and out of the area so that it doesn’t interfere with your lines. This means you might have to hide them behind furniture or string them around the ceiling, depending on what you’re planning.

You will need to keep in mind that the longer your cable, the weaker your connection will be and the more your bandwidth will suffer. So, a rule of thumb is to keep the modem as close to your setup as possible for the best performance.

Pick Your Cat

The standard a decade ago was to go with Cat5 Ethernet cables for your internet needs, which give you 100mbps. While that is one solid gigabyte, which should be more than enough for most setups, it doesn’t include all the things needed to keep your connection healthy.

The length of the cables is typically shorter, and while it can support up to one gigabyte, that is its maximum output. It would be taxing for the cable to function day and night that way. These days, it’s safer to go with Cat6, which can handle up to 10 gigabytes, giving you plenty of bandwidth and more extended cabling so that your connection will not slow down while you’re gaming.

Shielded and Braided

There are all kinds of options to add extra protection to your setup. You should always ensure that you select shielded cables for the most secure connection to avoid interference. You might have your eye on braided lines, which will last a long time as they are protected by their braided exterior.

You can get cables that match the theme of your gaming setup so they will be a perfect fit. There are also flattened cables to help with tight spots and longer cable lines. You can also find thicker cables for outdoor gaming when you’re traveling or camping.

Here we have listed the best Ethernet cables for gaming. Things are subject to change in the coming years, but this is the ideal gaming setup for now!