What Weighs 75 Pounds | Things That Weighs 75 lbs

We asked random people the question what weighs 75 pounds? Received some fun answers that you will see in the list of things that weighs 75 pounds. So let’s jump straight into it.

List of things that weighs 75 lbs | Random Answers

  • Average or Ideal weight of 11 years old boy
  • A 75 pounds of barbell
  • Almost 250-300 Apples
  • 75 pounds of stack of potatoes
  • Average Husky Dog
  • Around 3000 comic books
  • Around 18 10 week old kittens
  • 15 adult Chickens
  • 1 Male German Shepherd Dog
  • 1 Female Giant Schnauzers Dog
  • 6 A 30-inch striped bass Fish
  • Around 9-10 Road Bicycles
  • 10 average laptops
  • 140 average cucumbers
  • Around $3.5 million in $100 bills
  • 6-9 Large Hams
  • 250 sticks of butter
  • 15 two liter bottle of soda
  • 75 footballs
  • 75 shoes
  • 75 boxes of brown sugar
  • 45 medium sized bananas
  • 33 pineapples
  • 25 steam iron
  • 25 two slice toaster
  • 5 19-inch flat screen TV
  • 10,000 paint-balls
  • Six gallons of Milk

Interesting Fact about A Woman Who Weighs 75 Pounds

Do you know a story was covered by Yahoo about the woman, named Jordan, who weighs 75 pounds, and she loves it. Her diet is one cup of cereal and a scoop of yogurt in a day.

Jordan says. “The thought of gaining weight is more scary to me than dying. I get terrified of the lotions I use, body gel in the shower, toothpaste, because it has, like, calories in it.”

Credits: Yahoo

How much is 75 pounds in KG?

75 lbs is 34 kg. And if you are wondering how much is 75 pounds in grams, it’s 34019.4 grams.


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