How does diet affect your health

How Does Diet Affect Your Health?

If given the chance to jot down a couple of things that scares the crap out of people in this age and era, it would be safe to say that clean eating would make...
oldest civilizations which existed

10 Oldest Civilizations in the World

For hundreds of thousands of years, human beings were essentially nomads. They hunted their food, gathered what they could and moved from place to place. But, things changed around 10,000 and 7,000 BC. They...
10 Interesting Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

10 Interesting Psychic Abilities that Humans can Have

It is believed that there was a time when the world was pure and the people were spiritual. The combination of the two allowed humans to do things that are now a part of...
Top 10 Extinct Animals

Top 10 Extinct Animals

There are natural factors such as changes in sea levels as well as climatic heating and cooling that often lead to animal extinction. However, in modern times, some human activities have also caused extinction...